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Trick Daddy Net Worth: How Much Does The Rapper Make?

Born Maurice Samuel Young he commonly goes by the name Trick Daddy. He is an American rapper born on 27th September 1974. He comes from Miami, Florida. Born to parents Pearl Brockington of South Carolina and Charles Young, he comes from a big family of eleven children. He grew up along with his ten siblings in the Liberty Square apartment complex in Liberty City. He and his brother Derek moved in with their father when they became teenagers. During this time they started dealing drugs around their neighborhood.

When he was just fifteen years old, Trick was arrested by the police for illegal drug dealing and also for the possession of a gun. He spent some time in jail and as soon as he was released, he got arrested again. This time, he got into a fight with a man and fired a shot at him. He was convicted of attempted murder charges. This was when he was just twenty years old. Clearly, he struggled from his childhood days and did not have a good upbringing. Later that year, his brother Derek was murdered. Keep reading to know more about Trick Daddy’s Net Worth in 2021.

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Trick Daddy Net Worth

As mentioned earlier the net worth of Trick Daddy is 150 thousand dollars. Trick first collaborated with Luther Campbell in his track called “Scarred”. This track was part of Luke’s album titled Uncle Luke which was released in 1996. This song especially Trick’s part garnered recognition from the public and producers alike. Trick signed his first record deal after this with Slip-n-Slide Records. Slip-n-Slide Records was newly founded by Ted Lucas at that time. Trick’s debut album was titled Based on a True Story and was released a year after in 1997. The album gained popularity in his hometown Miami.

Trick Daddy Net Worth

Trick Daddy

A year later, Trick released his next album which was called This album was a breakthrough in his career. After that, he earned a record deal with Atlantic Records in 2000. With them, he released his third studies album title Book of Thugs: Chapter AK Verse 47. From this album, tracks such as “Shut Up” and “America” became hits and gained popularity for their versatility and the political statement they provided. His next album was released in the year 2001 and was called “Thugs Are Us”. One of the tracks from this album peaked at the seventeenth position in the Billboard Hot 100. Trick has also starred in a movie called Just Another Day which came out in 2011.

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Trick Daddy Personal Life

Trick Daddy has revealed to his fans that he has been battling with Lupus. Recently he has said that he was dealing with a shortage of money and was in debt. The forty-six-year-old is undergoing the process of divorce from his wife Joy. Trick has been arrested several times and spent a considerable amount of time in prison. The first time he was arrested was in 1993 for the possession of illegal drugs. For this crime, he spent fifteen months in jail. He was arrested again almost ten years later for attempting to murder a man and also for the possession of drugs and weaponry. He declared in court that he was arrested falsely for the drugs and weaponry charges. This lead to him being granted probation.

Trick Daddy Net Worth

Trick Daddy

They saw old habits never die. This is probably true in the case of Trick Daddy. Almost a decade later in April 2014, he was arrested by the police again. This time for running a grow house. They found a large number of illegal drugs from his house and even a gun was found. He was arrested for these and also for driving even when he had his license suspended. He was released the next day after paying a fine of 6100 dollars. Again in 2020, he was arrested for cocaine possession and drinking and driving. He was released after paying a fine of 6000 dollars. That is all about Trick Daddy Net Worth.

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