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Training Day Ending Explained: Does Alonzo Get What He Deserves?

Training Day Ending Explained
Training Day Ending Explained

Last Updated on June 11, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Today, we are going to unpack the Training Day ending explained. This intense, fast-paced crime drama set in Los Ángeles tells the story of one day with narcotics officer Alonzo Harris and his trainee, Jake Hoyt, on his very first day. What ensues for officer Hoyt is a dramatic struggle between his morals and ideals in the worst possible way.

Directed by Antoine Fuqua and written by David Ayer, this movie stars Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke. The film became a cult classic of Los Angeles crime films. Moreover, the movie has lots of famous cameos like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Cliff Curtis, Macy Gray, and Eva Mendes in the cast. Now, without further ado, let’s take a look at the movie’s denouement.

Training Day Ending Explained

Ethan Hawke as Jake Hoyt

Training Day Plot

Detective Alonzo Harris, a decorated narcotics officer, is partnered with LAPD officer Jake Hoyt. Harris and Hoyt begin their day by apprehending teenagers who have marijuana. Harris coerces Hoyt into taking the drug, claiming that refusing to do so on the street could result in his death. Hoyt reluctantly follows Harris’ orders. Hoyt and Harris visit Roger, a cop-turned-drug dealer, and Hoyt prevents a sexual assault on a woman after their visit.

Harris then steals $40,000 from drug dealer Kevin “Sandman” Miller using a forged search warrant. He then visits Sara, his mistress, and his son. Harris is advised to flee town because the Russian mafia is looking for him. On the other hand, Harris trades the money he stole from Sandman for an arrest warrant. Harris, Hoyt, and four other officers used the guarantee to break into Roger’s home and seize $4 million. Hoyt is disturbed by his seniors’ dubious methods and stands up to them, but their schemes trap him.

The Mexicans

Harris then introduces Hoyt to Smiley, a Hillside Trece street gang member. The corrupt officer abandons Hoyt and pays Smiley to assassinate his trainee. Smiley realizes that Hoyt had saved his cousin (the girl he keeps in the alley) from a brutal assault and decides to let him go. Meanwhile, Harris must pay the Russian mafia $1 million after killing one of their men. In Sara’s apartment, Hoyt confronts Harris. The ensuing brawl between the two cops devolves into a battle between the righteous and the corrupt.

Training Day Trailer

Training Day Ending Explained: What Happened To Alonzo?

Hoyt confronts Alonzo Harris for his wrongdoings in the end. He is troubled by his corrupt ways and sees how far they have infiltrated the police force. He attacks Harris but is outmanned, and Harris attempts to flee. During the ensuing chase, Hoyt can stop his senior and take his money and badge. Despite Harris’s attempts to murder him, Hoyt does not retaliate similarly. He decides to use the money as a witness to expose Harris’ shady dealings.

Harris is well-versed in the gang’s operations. When cornered, he offers money to the residents watching the fight. However, none of them shows up to collect the prize money. The street gangs disapprove of Harris’ scheming ways in this scene. The crew members despise his methods and appear to enjoy Harris’ predicament. Furthermore, they allow Hoyt to leave.

Training Day Ending Explained

Alonzo got his

Alonzo’s Commeuppance

Harris threatens the people even in the face of a dire situation, indicating that he is consumed by his desire for power and has seemingly forgotten the softer methods of a bargain. For his indiscretion and failure to pay the compensation money, the Russian mafia kills Harris. It’s a cathartic conclusion that allows Hoyt to make amends for his unethical behavior.

The climactic act, essentially a showdown between the two cops’ moral beliefs, takes us through the ramifications of corruption. Regardless of how charismatic Harris appears, his approach does not justify his pursuit of justice on the streets. The depiction of Harris’ death in the news is a clever narrative device that declares the victory of uprightness over corruption. It goes precisely as Harris predicted in one of the earlier scenes for Hoyt. Harris is, in essence, a victim of his machinations and unquenchable desires. It is challenging to redeem oneself once caught in the dilemma of corruption, which can even lead to death. Thats it for the Training Day Ending.

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