Tower Of God Ending Explained: Why did Rachel Betray Bam?

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As yet another manhwa gets adapted into an anime, fans of the source come around with mixed reactions. Tower of God was taken in quite well by many viewers. Despite the few negative ratings, the anime flawlessly made its way into being one of the most successful anime adapted from a manhwa. It is dark fantasy anime based on the manhwa by the same name, written by S.I.U. The manhwa was published by Young Com in June 2010 and has been serialized into Naver Webtoon (in Korean)and Line Webtoon (translated in English). An anime adaptation was released on 1 April 2020, which ran for 13 episodes. On its release, the anime streamed on Crunchyroll and Aniplus. With the manhwa still ongoing, we can expect many more seasons. Fans are definitely expecting more with the juicy Tower of God ending, which left several fans with curious questions.

Tower of God is an action anime with mainstream art and animation. The anime comes with some really great music and a fantasy setting that leaves behind quite an impression on its viewers. But what took many fans (myself included) completely hooked to the series were the brilliant plot twists that make it such an amazing piece of art. The show makes one think and rethink the ideologies we are so often fed about the right and wrongs of our world. Tower of God has some of the most creative characters that carry a certain significance to the story. The complex storyline leads to the Tower of God ending, which in its own way was a satisfying finish.

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The protagonist of Tower of God is Twenty-Fifth Bam, and the story revolves primarily around him. Bam lives in a vast and mysterious tower and has spent most of his life living here. He meets Rachel and grows close to her. But one day, she announces that she is going to leave the tower and climb to the top. Managing to open the doors of the tower, Bam looks for Rachel and climbs up the tower, determined to stop at nothing. As he moves higher, he meets new challenges, new allies, and unknown enemies.

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bam tower of god
Bam: Tower of God

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Tower of God Ending

Rak and his team break into a fight with the goblins while Lauroe seals underground tunnels to attack the goblins with the striped ground pigs. Bam and Rachel take the opportunity to escape safely. Lo Po Bia Ren almost defeats Anaak. Endorsi comes to Anaak’s aid, but even together, they are unable to defeat their enemy. It is only with the assistance of Princess Yuri and her team that Lo Po Bia Ren is defeated. In his last breaths, he reveals that he has sent the bull to kill Bam and Rachel. As he reveals so, the bull does arrive to kill Bam and Rachel, but Bam uses his Shinsu and defeats it. The two continue to move upwards, but shockingly, Rachel pushes Bam over.

We are given a look at Rachel’s back story. In the past, we see Rachel believing that the tower had called for her. However, Headon tells her that the tower had never called for her and that she was too weak to even enter it. But Rachel wanted to be special and begged for a chance from him. As she watches Bam pass tests flawlessly, she grows envious of him and wishes to be more special than him.

Hearing her pleads, Headon gives her another chance and tells her that she would be allowed to climb if she could defeat Bam. Seeing Bam’s weapon, she asks him for a special weapon too, and Headon gives her two lives. Overwhelmed by jealousy, she looks for an opening to kill Bam. She finds it and pushes him into the Shinsu lake. Rachel lies to the others that the bull got Bam and faints.

tower of god ending
Rachel Pushes Bam.

Towards the Tower of god Ending, we see Rachel laughing while Bam wakes up in a cavern.

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Tower of God Ending Explained

The first season of Tower of God was sure one hell of a ride. Rachel coming off as a jealousy-struck villainess could not have been foretold, but that is what happened. As she pushed Bam down the tower, we see many possibilities open up, and anticipation of a second season grows in us. They are both determined to climb the tower now, Rachel seeking to be special and Bam seeking his answers. Rachel’s jealousy knows no bounds as she constructs an entire plan to kill Bam, all to gain the Caretaker’s favor and enter the Tower.

However, Rachel was hesitant to put her motives to action at first. But when she saw Bam use his special Shinsu, it was like she flipped a switch or like the ultimate wave of jealousy overcame her. She pushed him off the very edge he was standing in, all for her. Rachel even lied to the teammates and told them that Bam had been defeated. They believe her and, in his honor, decide to fulfill his goal and take Rachel to the top of the tower. I admit this was frustrating, and fans want to see nothing more than Bam to climb up and face Rachel’s true face.

bam disbelief tower of god
Bam’s disbelief at Rachel’s Betrayal.

Khun is still suspicious of Rachel, but he decides to move ahead with her and his team. Bam meets Hwaryan at the bottom of the tower, who urges him to climb up again.

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