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Tower Of God Chapter 514: Release Date & Spoilers

Tower Of God Chapter 514

The revival of White’s powers begins with Tower Of God Chapter 514, with Rak and Khoon saving Bam. The chapter begins inside the control room where a guy is working on something his boss has told him to. Tower Of God is about to reveal White’s new powers and Khoon’s new powers. We also learned that the Lighthouse got consumed. From the chapter of Tower Of God, the higher-ups had no clues to what happened in the field since everything turned white. Bam continues to wield White powers, but no one has clues about what is happening. After everything gets cleared, Bam falls unconscious as he falls from the sky, and Khoon rushes to rescue him.

Rak was also there, standing at the tall tower. On his way, we saw Khoon’s body getting lighter, and he began to fly. He learned that he had acquired some of White’s powers that gave him wings to fly. Bam lands on Khoon’s hands, and Khoon puts him on the floor. Rak also welcomed the two as they believed that they had defeated White. Bam is still unconscious as they two wait for him to wake up. Khoon had noticed that he and Rak gained White’s powers, and they have grown stronger.

Bam had also changed, and Aria joined the trio. Aria believes that Bam is unconscious due to oversing his powers. But Bam is breathing to show that nothing is wrong with his health. But a mysterious incident begins to take place, leaving them surprised at what is happening. White emerged out of nowhere as he showed his new form and new powers. That was a massive surprise for Khoon, who noticed that White had evolved to his younger form.

Previously on Tower Of God Chapter 513

After massive lightning, White floats midair looking at his body checking how powerful he is. But he is worried that the powers that he has gathered have vanished, and he has returned to a lower level. White acts weird thinking about his throne next to his father. Aria and the other watch to see what White will do next, but they are worried about his new form. Khoon and Rak had their say about White, who is unleashing his powers on midair. Something emerges on his head, and the trio wonders if it is a symbol of new powers.

Tower Of God Chapter 514

Tower Of God

They heard a voice thanking them that White grew smaller and White seems to be glad about it since there is the hidden mystery behind him evolving into his younger form. Aria learned that the trio had allowed White to break free and escape into his mind. Rak notices what White had become and it is revealed that he is the White Turtle’s Clone. Cut to Doom and Yama’s side; the mini pet calls Yama an idiot since it was not expected for Yama to be around. A guy rode on that mini pet that grew into a beast.

The two face their opponent, and that opponent wonders if they think it will change when they bring one extra guy. But it is like an extra load since the guy claims to be more potent. Doom wonders how powerful that guy is, and Yama is confident that he can beat that guy even he has an extra load. The guy and Doom seem to know each other quite well. The guy reminds Yama about some debts and that he must not be a disappointment. Doom promised he would make sure such things never happened.

Tower Of God Chapter 514 Release Date

Tower Of God Chapter 514 will be released on 24 October 2021. The guy is revealed to Yasratcha, who scolds the two asking them if they are not trash. Yama and Doom tried to develop something, but Yama decided to fight the way he liked. Yasratcha survived all the strikes that Yama landed since they both missed. Doom is worried about Yama, who rushed into battle, and he keeps on getting beaten for that. Yama had improved, and it feels like he is a sparring match. Yama Vs Yasratcha continues. Let’s look at Tower Of God Chapter 514 official details.

Tower Of God Chapter 514

Tower Of God

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Read Tower Of God Chapter 514 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Tower Of God Chapter 514 online on other websites. Tower Of God Manga is yet to reveal its official platforms, and the latest chapter releases every Sunday. We will update the Tower Of God Chapter’s latest updates every week, but the spoilers arrive when the manga is about has already released, a few days or hours after the latest chapter releases. Let’s meet when Tower Of God Chapter 514 releases

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