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Tower Of God Chapter 513: Release Date, Spoilers & Preview

Tower Of God Chapter 513

White losing his powers begins with Tower Of God Chapter 513, with White who tried to get his Blade, while Rak and the others arrive. White seems to be a formidable opponent for Bam since this duel is far from over. Tower of God has been revealing White vs. Bam for a while, and they had back and forth that almost killed one of them. From the latest, Tower Of God Chapter, we saw White recalling what had been through his life and the mistakes he had committed. But one day, it was revealed how White saw a blade on his way home.

White also revealed the Shinsoo that had the power to crash into the sword and split to swirl. That Blade also had some words after seeing a poor kid calling him poor son of the Blade. It was also revealed how White tried to get that Blade, but his impatience failed him and drove him away. That made White go suffering since he sinned the universe. His punishment was also revealed; White had to suffer through unquenchable thirst and unfulfillment for the rest of his life.

We saw White revealing why he never cared to be a sinner since thirst is like a curse that he held since birth. What worries him is what the Blade had not revealed to him since they had few words, but not everything was revealed. Meanwhile, Rak worries that he can’t use the weapon he came with even though he has a carrier. But a good opportunity had come for him to use that weapon, thinking about piercing through everything. We saw Rak making some moves, but the spear was too big for him, and he couldn’t balance himself.

Previously on Tower Of God Chapter 512

White is trying his best to stop the likes of Bam from taking his powers. White considers Bam and others as fools who are not worthy of taking his powers, and he scolds them for messing up with him. Bam had his moment, and White vowed to devour their powers and reach great heights. That will be the place that White has wanted to reach ever since he was born since his life has been swallowed by darkness, and he wants to reach the light that will lead him to his father.

Tower Of God Chapter 513

Tower Of God

White wants to end the unquenchable thirst for power even though he has taken some souls in the past. But if he succeeds with his tactics, he will end everything and never suffer from burning thirst. White wants to be freed from that pain by devouring Bam and his friends since they are his final depravity. Rak also unleashed something and applied 100% Accuracy. Rak’s goal is to help Bam finish White, but Khoon also saw that and called out Rak’s name. White is ready for that, but Khoon believed that they had a chance.

White began to scream after a huge blow complaining about his powers. Albelda also appeared on the scene had his say on that matter. Rak was also surprised after seeing something and had a few questions in mind. But it seems as if the plan is working since we saw White’s power flowing into Bam. That leaves Khun amazed, and Rak also feels his powers filling him. Khun realizes that he had to tell Bam something and talks about his body and asks about the light. On Yama and Doom’s side, the two discussed the turns left for them, and they couldn’t relax.

Tower Of God Chapter 513 Release Date

Tower Of God Chapter 513 will be released on 17 October 2021. Yama and Doom agreed on the same thing and decided to go; we heard some voices revealing that participant Yama had arrived at the finishing point. It will be time for Yama to be teleported to the destination. We saw the prisoner Yasratcha imprisoning himself in the mothership of the fifth army. Yasratcha had some comments about two brothers, and they had arrived inside the mouth of the beast. Let’s look at Tower Of God Chapter 513 details below.

Tower Of God Chapter 513

Tower Of God

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Read Tower Of God Chapter 513 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Tower Of God Chapter 513 online on other websites. Tower Of God Manga has yet to reveal its official website, and the latest chapter is released every Sunday. We will update Tower Of God Chapters every week, but the spoilers arrive late, a few days before the latest chapter releases.  Let’s meet when Tower Of God Chapter 513 releases.

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