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Tower Of God Chapter 510: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Tower Of God

An unending duel between Bam vs. White begins with Tower Of God Chapter 510, Bam dominating White, who seems never to give up. Tower Of God has been of this duel since Bam and White encounter unknowing encounters each other. From the latest Tower Of God Chapter, Bam recalls what he has seen when he revives. Aria realizes that what happened when she wakes up with Bam. A monster with flaming blue hair looked at the souls that were hidden in the abyss. The beast noticed that those souls were trying to climb on top of each other to make their way.

He realizes that those souls want to avenge their death from White, who assassinated them. The blue-hair flaming guy realizes that those souls are trying to escape from the great power that is obliterating them. Back to Bam vs. White, White notices Shinsoo all over the sky. The Black Shinsoo rain begins to attack White, but he jumps back before he gets struck. White witnessed an overwhelming power from the orb near Bam, and the Shinsoo of the area around is changing. The Shinsoo begins pouring like Torenmtial Rain.

Bam sent that massive Shinsoo, but White blocks them while trying to survive. White notices that Bam cut that Shinsoo and wonders what Bam is planing. White use His Majesty to block the attacks, but he notices that the brat is stronger than His Majesty. Cut to Koon’s side; he continues to run away from the enemy since he planned to send someone to help, but it can’t happen now since handing over the mouse will cause trouble. Koon decided to head to that location while his opponent was locating the sound of three real lighthouses.

Previously on Tower Of God Chapter 509

Koon comments that he is not a fool since Koon attempts to imitate the lighthouse’s sound. The guy chasing Koon sensed the sound of his footsteps and the sound of the lighthouse and vowed that he would catch Koon faster. Koon notices that he is about to reach his destination after using his magic. He is excited that if he grabs that mouse, he will get an opportunity to head out to the field. Koon is surprised to see his enemy keep up with him and wonders why it has to happen so soon.

Tower Of God

Tower Of God

The guy told Koon that he would die since he would swallow him. Koon saw Blue Rat a huge thunderstorm emerged, but he managed to take cover before it struck him. After the light, Koon sees a spare and wonders what is happening. The voice of a guy who recently arrived comments that he was trying to capture a mouse, but now he has encountered a giant rat that falls on his trap. The guy apologizes to Koon if he has scared him, but he sees Koon is in danger and jumps in to help.

Koon replies that he understands and wonders if this guy is going to faint. The guy removes his coat and greets Koon while calling him a little brother from the Koon Family. He reveals that he is Asensio. White vs. Bam continues as Bam dominates him and Aria watches while White continues to use His Majesty to his advantage since it is the only thing that can help him during this clash. The chapter didn’t have much to over since there were many back and forth and barraged exchanges between Bam and White. Bam has become more vital than White has expected.

Tower Of God


Tower Of God Chapter 510 Release Date

Tower Of God Chapter 510 will be released on Sunday, 26 September 2021. Note that the recent chapters of Tower Of God arrive late and get translation on the following day; the new chapter will be released every week. The spoilers of Tower Of God release a day before the chapter release, but they are not in English. Bam vs. White continues while Asensio and Koon will get along in the next chapter of Tower of God. Don’t miss the intense duel as it continues this Sunday.

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