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Tower Of God Chapter 509: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Tower Of God

Bam’s resurrection begins with Tower Of God Chapter 509, with White landing a decisive blow to finish Aria, but a mysterious incident happened. Tower Of God has been on Bam vs. White for a while. Bam is about to wake up for round two since Bam got punished and sent to sleep. Aria interferes and gets punished, but she is surprised to wake up alive when she thinks she is dead. From the latest Tower Of God chapter, Aira has no clues that she has revived, and White is surprised to see Bam waking up.

The chapter begins on the other side, where Koon continues to chase Mouse. They cause a massive explosion as they try to kill each other. Mouse landed a tremendous blow thinking that Koon was dead and said he is an idiot looking at the blast after the attack. He is surprised to hear Lighthouse sounding and wonders if that bastard is alive. Meanwhile, inside the Cat Tower, Koon appears, and he is happy that he left Lighthouse as bait and realizes how he hid his Lighthouse. But he got surprised that he got exposed so quickly. Koon wonders who the enemy is, but he has laid some traps.

Koon realizes that the enemy will locate him soon since he can hear the familiar sound from the Lighthouse. He wonders if the Wave Trap got activated. Koon decided to change his tactics. Cut to Bam vs. White; White dodges massive strikes and jumps back. Bam is back with new powers, and White notices that Bam has improved. White wonders if Bam can resurrect the dead. He wonders what kind of spell Bam uses that also made Aria revive. But his magic can’t break the limits between Life and Death.

Previously on Tower Of God Chapter 508

Aria wonders what is happening since White almost consumed her soul. White is surprised to see that Aria has no injury and is in good shape with a soul returning to her body. White realizes that the powers of Outside Laws of that Woman’s Tower worked to make this possible. That woman (Aria) delayed Bam’s death, and her soul settled back within her after it got sewed. Bam looks at White, who is still figuring what happened since he was sure that he assassinated Bam. White thinks that a ridiculous miracle has happened. He comments that Bam looks like Messiah who makes wonders come true. But it can’t be that since his true nature is different.

Tower Of God

Tower Of God

Bam decides to teach White a lesson. White thinks that Bam is daring to do that to His Majesty. White attack using his blade and Bam wave his hand and White realizes that Bam is doing it again. He wonders if the Shinsoo is not the same as the previous one. White put all of his powers and enhanced his sword to cut Bam with a single slash. Bam surprises White by appearing in front of him before he wields his sword to strike. White wonders how did Bam move from such a distance within a second.

White notices that Bam is a different opponent who has improved in all of his combat skills. They begin to exchange thunder’s strikes, and White is shocked that Bam uses his bare hands to block all the attacks. White wonders if his sword will become dull if he cuts it and thinks Bam is getting tired. He got surprised that Bam’s Shinsoo could decay his sword. Bam is using his punches and kicks to smash White. He begins to dominate White, who saw a black Orb.

Tower Of God

Tower Of God

Tower Of God Chapter 509 Release Date

Tower-Of-God Chapter 509 will be released on Sunday, 19 September 2021. The next chapter continues with Bam vs. White round two, and Bam is back at his best. We have no official website or pages to read the latest chapters of  Tower Of God, but the new one will arrive every week on Sunday and be updated the next day. Let’s meet after the Tower Of God release on Sunday.

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