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Spoilers & Recap: Tower Of God Chapter 502

Tower Of God
Tower Of God

Twenty-Fifth Bam is working his way to reach the top of the Tower of God. Bam possesses the powers called Irregular and wants to meet with Rachel. Meanwhile, Lord Yama clashed with Demon Yasurachya. The battle went intense where Yama got dominated by Yasurachya. Yasuracha mocks Lord Yama since he can’t even land a single strike or touch him. Yama is fatally wounded, and Yasurachya continues to shower him with hammer skrikes. He told Yama to give up since he can’t even move his hands. Let’s find more about the recent chapter of Tower of God and the updates of the battle below.

Lord Yama suffered a beating from the begging of the fight. Yasurachya proves to be more robust and realizes that Yama stands no chance against him. He vows to kill Yama and his comrades while sending hit to the ground with a powerful blow. Lord Yama lands on his back on top of a pool of his blood. Yasurachya teased Yama and told him to lay there since the fight will end with death. Inside the Cat Tower, Paul’s brother noticed something wrong with Paul and decided to help him.

Paul collapse because of excessive use of mimesis. Paul’s brother decided to help Lord Yama while Paul is recovering. Paul’s brother is Doom, who went near Acid Tornado. Doom is trying to make his way to Lord Yama, but he wonders if this Acid Tornado is a trap. Cut to Lord Yama and Yasurachya; the two felt mysterious powers as a strange man lands on the ground. Lord Yama comments that it is Doom and realizes that Doom went through the Acid Tornado. The brawl between Doom and Yasurachya is about to begin as Doom plans to protect his Lord.

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Tower Of God Chapter 501 Highlights

Koon received a message, and she replies that she got it for most past. They reveal that White is in Baam Field and Lord Yama is in critical condition. Koon never thought that While would catch up with Bam. She realizes that if they buy a triangle coin, they will remain with Zero points, but they decide to reduce the coin’s value to purchase an item. Rak and his friends are working on something, and Koo told them that she would send them the plan.

One of the girls wonders what Koon and the silver-haired guy say she gives them a risky plan. But they have to cooperate, and the lady wonders if all 100 great families behave in this manner. Rak scolds the two for talking without including him. The trio realizes that their priority is to save Lord Yama. The enemy they are facing decided to develop a tremendous Wild Intuition since the trio has set their goal. Rak receives orders to toss his spear and make the fish run away from the crab.

Tower of God

Tower of God

King of Slayers

They begin to punish the crab, and Fuu unleashes a Lighthouse and tells Rak to throw the spear according to the instruction of his lighthouse. Rak tosses the spear straight to the target, and the crab got surprised when the trio passes the first mission. Fuu is glad that after succeeding, the value of the triangle has dropped. They realize that they can purchase a triangle symbol for half its price. Fuu traded the points for ”symbols” and bought the item.

They received a message to use the ”item” now or later, and they press the yes button. Meanwhile, at the battlefield, Doom vs. Yasurachya continues. Doom reminds Yasurachya that his brother didn’t get raised by his father’s will but by the ”will” of the Lo Po Bia Family leaders. They don’t share the same mother meaning that they are half-siblings. Yasurachya told Doom to shut up since they are all brothers from the same parents. But Doom and Paul are the guys who inherited their mother’s blood and not the breed of dogs.

Lord Yama realizes that Doom is a pure breed dog, Mongrel. He realizes that Doom will never share his powers with anyone; Lord Yama explained everything to a surprised Doom. Yama comments that let a simple half-breed call himself King of Dogs or Slayers. Yasuracha decided to kill Yama, and Doom tried to protect him. Doom promised that he would get more robust than Yama. But he betrayed Yama and Yasuraya stab him, thinking that if Yama dies, they will get over everything.

Tower Of God Chapter 502 Release Date

Tower Of God Chapter 502 release date is 3 August 2021. Tower Of God releases a new chapter every three to two days of the week. We have no official website to read recent chapters of Tower Of God. The manga will keep on releasing new chapters every week. Don’t miss the upcoming chapter since they will be available as soon as the manga releases.

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