Tournament Of Power’s Possible Shocking Ending

The Tournament of Power has a long way to go, with 34 minutes of time remaining. Only less than half of the warriors remain. And only the strong warriors are standing in the tournament arena. Just like how Toppo coined it before, there is only “Erasure” or “Survival.” Things will get more intense, as players will go down to business. Not like the picture below, but close enough.

Theories are spreading down the Internet like wildfire about the possible ending for Tournament of Power. Some things are impossible to happen, like Goku fighting the Grand Priest. That would be awesome, but there are more possible theories than other. Here are the top three:

Universe 7 will be erased

Most of the viewers are rooting for the Team Universe 7 because Goku and the rest of old characters from previous Dragon Ball were there. And not only that, they have a solid chance of winning the Tournament of Power because there are still nine members. But even though Universe 7 members are powerful individually, a battle royale is a great stage to make teamwork work. And that’s something Universe 7 lacks.

Theories point that it is possible that Universe 7 will get erased. But instead of getting wiped out, Universe 7 will find themselves transported to another dimension where the other erased universes are thrown. There could be another tournament where all erased universes are given a chance to get back, thus, making another DBS arc.


Universe 7 will win the tournament, but the erased Universes will stay erased

Zeno is the “King of all”. If he wants a universe destroyed, he will destroy it. And that is the purpose of the Tournament of Power, to make the Universes have a chance to save themselves. Whoever wins will take the Super Dragon Balls. Even though the winner can wish for the revival of the erased universes, this is unlikely. It is quite impossible that the Super Dragon Balls will be able to revert the destruction that was made by Zeno’s power.


There will be trouble before the Tournament of Power Ends

This is the most popular theory in the Tournament of Power. The Grand Priest and the angels might be scheming something to overthrow the King of All. Eliminating possible allies of Zeno-sama might be the reason for the Tournament.





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