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Tori Roloff Net worth: How Rich is The TV Personality?

Tori Roloff's net worth
Tori with her husband Zach and children, Jackson and Lilah.

Tori Roloff, 29, is an American television personality and a key cast member of TLC’s reality show “Little People, Big World.” The Roloff family’s life is the focus of the show. The Roloffs are an uncommon family with members that are both small and average in height. This is the most comprehensive televised account of Little People’s lives. For six months and ten hours each day, the series chronicled the family’s everyday pleasures and tribulations. The show created quite a stir and the fans are eager to know more about the lives of the key cast members, like Tori Roloff’s net worth, family, work, and other things.

Tori Roloff, 30, was born in 1991 and is married to Zackary Roloff. After 14 months of engagement with one other, the pair married in 2015. The couple has two children, a son named Jackson and a daughter named Lilah. Amy and Matt Roloff are the parents of four children and the owners of a 34-acre Oregon farm. They are the lead cast of the TLC’s reality show and head it. Zach’s the only one among 4 kids who have caught dwarfism from their parents.

Being born in Portland, Oregon, Victoria Elizabeth Patton(Tori) is quite an audience favorite for her kind, loving personality and care towards her family. Fans are quite enthusiastic to know more about Tori’s life and much here. Worry not we are here to feed your enthusiasm with content from authentic sources and sites. Hang on with us a bit to know more.

Tori and Zach

Zach and Tori first met in 2010 when the latter came to work on the Roloff’s farm during the pumpkin season. Word spread and reaches Tori’s ears through a co-worker that Zach had a crush on her. Tori responded with a green signal and the pair soon started dating and have been together ever since. The couple got hitched on 25th July of 2015 amidst a crowd of 200 guests and near ones. The couple parents two beautiful children, a baby boy Jackson and a girl Lilah. Being a mother in itself is quite hectic but Tori still manages to fulfill passion through work.

Tori Roloff's net worth

Tori and her husband Zach


Tori Roloff's net worth

Tori with her husband and children.

What is Tori Roloff’s net worth?

Tori Roloff’s net worth estimation might be around $500,000 at one point. Each episode of TLC’s reality show brings in something from $1,500 to $3,000. The income drastically shifts from $15,000 to $30,000 if it’s a 10 episode season. Most often there’s a chance for two seasons to be launched in one year which brings a lot of profit to the Roloff’s. If the same continues that means the income is doubled.

Even though the reality show takes up a notable amount of time Tori still manages to accomplish her responsibilities as a professional photographer. She takes forward her enterprise ‘ Tori Roloff Photography’ by taking up projects related to portraits and maternity shoots. Her additional interest lies in capturing landscapes all over the world. Her photography sessions cost around $200-600 which brings her quite a good figure. Tori sells licenses to photographs from costs ranging from $10 to $25 per unit.

The couple faced a rough phase regarding their finances in the past but things have been working out since then. Zach and Tori’s combined net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $300,000 as of 2021. Zach also contributes through soccer coaching. The couple is said to have bought their dream home with two-story, five bedrooms, and three bathrooms including an adequate outdoor space and lounge area with a pool and firepit. 

Tori Roloff's net worth

Tori with her son and unborn baby girl.


Tori after high school attended Washington State University for almost a year and later went on to work as a teacher at the woodland primary school. She taught there for two years from 2013-2015 and moved to become a kindergarten teacher at the Beaverton School District. In 2017 when Tori was pregnant with her first child she took a pause from her teaching profession with an intention to continue it later but was never seen since.

She rose to fame with her photography firm and also while dating Zach, the main cast of ‘ Little people, Big world’. After that, she continued teaching even after taking up a small role in the reality show of the Roloff’s. She is also known for starring in ‘ Little people, Big world: Wedding farm’. Tori is famous on Instagram with a packed 1.6 million followers. She uses the platform to promote her business, health and beauty brand ‘Function of beauty, and also line selling products for babies and parents ‘ Petunia Pickle Bottom’. She is known for promoting an artist named DeAnn Hebert.

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