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Top 10 Fastest Rappers in Kpop

Fastest Korean Rappers
Featuring G-Dragon and T.O.P from Big Bang (Credit: YG Entertainment)

South Korea is only known as the land of dramas and K-Pop from the perspective of an outsider. However, one may also find themselves Korean rappers with their best works if you go in deep search of something quite provocative. Their work is eye-catching and worthy of attention. Reality shows are one of the best ways to pave the way, especially in singing and rap talents. Many hottest talents of the world take such a way to make their name and fame. One such reality rap competition program in South Korea is X-Factor-styled Show Me the Money, also known as SMTM. While others are working online or via the club scene to make their name.

South Korea is full of amazing and interesting rap talents. They are bringing a change to the world of K-Hip-Hop and exerting global influence. I must say that South Korea has full of stunning talent, even in the world of rapping. Some of the female rappers from South Korea are Giant Pink, Jennie, Chaeyoung, Andy Lee, Moonbyul, Soyeon, etc. Likewise, some of the male rappers from South Korea are Min Yoon-gi, Minho, TOP, Chanyeol, Zico, Bobby, Jinjin, etc. Now, let’s have a look at the top ten fastest rappers from South Korea.


Outsider is one of the fastest rappers from South Korea, despite his name not being mentioned in most of the lists nowadays. However, Outsider is only his stage name, and his real name is Shin Ok-Cheol. His rapping speed is outstanding, and he could rap more than 22 SPS slightly. Outsider is not under any idol groups and is associated only with labels. Initially, he was associated with Sniper Sound until July 04, 2013. However, he left the label due to some disagreements. Later on, he went to form his label, ASSA Communication, in 2013 itself. The rapper has been active since 2004 and released a lot of singles.

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Chang Bin from Stray Kids

Top ten South Korea Rappers

Promotional pictures for Chang Bin (Credit: JYP Entertainment)

Chang Bin from Stray Kids is second, topping the list among the top ten fastest rappers from South Korea. K-pop fans got impressed with his fast rapping when his appearance took place on the 2017’s Mnet’s Stray Kids survival show. He went viral for his rapping and is still managing his reputation for the same. Chang Bin has a record of rapping at 11.13 SPS upon asked to do fast rapping without messing up on the Weekly Idol show. Apart from being a rapper, he is also a singer, composer, songwriter, and producer. He is under the JYP Entertainment and is 3RACHA, the hip hop unit group’s part. Chang Bin is also popularly known as SPEARB.

Zico from Block B

Zico from Block B is on the third, topping the list among the top ten fastest rappers from South Korea. However, Woo Ji-ho is his real name, and he is popular with his stage name, Zico. Interestingly, Zico is also Block B’s band leader that saw its debut in 2011. In 2012, he showed his speed in rapping with the solo track, Cocks. He showed his impressive skill of rapping in 10.13 SPS. Zico dedicated the song Cocks for the people without any dreams and ambitions. He is one of the multi-talented persons, noteworthy for his maintenance as a Korean Idol in the mainstream appeal and an underground reputation in the area of Korean hip-hop.

Zelo from B.A.P

Fastest South Korean Rappers

Choi Jun-Hong (Zelo) in a promotional picture.

Zelo from B.A.P is on the fourth on the list among the top ten fastest rappers from South Korea. His full name is Choi Jun-hong and, not afraid to show his rapping skills. He made his debut in the South Korean Band Best Absolute Perfect (B.A.P) in 2012. Their debut song, Warrior, shows the rapping skills of Zelo with 10.12 SPS. Zelo left the idol group, B.A.P, after his contract got over with TS Entertainment in 2018. Later on, the group got disbanded in 2019. In 2019, Zelo signed a contract with A Entertainment. But, he did not stay with the company for a long period due to non-payment of wages. Since then, he has been a single artist or did collaborations with others.

Suga from BTS

Suga from BTS is the fifth number on the list among the top ten fastest rappers from South Korea. His full name is Min Yoon-gi, and Agust D and Suga are his stage name. BTS is one of the most popular boy band idol groups that saw its debut in 2013. They are still going on in full swing. Furthermore, they have a large fan following, known as the ARMY. Suga displayed his rapping skills in the Cypher Pt. 2: Triptych of BTS, with 9.83 SP. BTS rap line would release cipher tracks in their past albums. Suga still manages to impress his fans, although his cipher track is six years old.

T.O.P from Big Bang

T.O.P from Big Bang is on the sixth number on the list among the top ten fastest rappers from South Korea. Choi Seung-Hyun is the real name for the idol. DOOM DADA, his solo song, shows the rapping skill of T.O.P. He did an impressive rapping of 9.40 SPS for a song. It is still one of the most iconic solo tracks of the singer, although the track was released six years back. Many fans were left wondering at that time about his breathing time during his rapping time. T.O.P is not only a rapper but also an actor, singer, record producer, and songwriter. He was a rapper from underground before debuting in the boy idol group.

RM from BTS

Top ten South Korea Rappers

Kim Nam-Joon (RM) in one of his promotional pictures (Credit: Big Hit Entertainment)

RM from BTS is the seventh number on the list among the top ten fastest rappers from South Korea. Kim Nam-Joon is the real name of the idol. Joke, a solo song of the singer, shows his rapping speed of 9.24 SPS. Both old-school fans and long-time fans praised the same song of RM. He got the name, RM, meaning Rap Monster, after appearing in the 2014’s Mnet’s documentary 4things Show – Rap Monster. Moreover, he is BTS’s leader. RM, a debut mixtape, is the first solo of the idol released in 2015. In Billboard 2000, Mono, his second mixtape, was a Korean soloist’s highest-charting album.

G-Dragon of Big Bang, Bobby of iKON, and Han from Stray Kids: Tie

G-Dragon of Big Bang, Bobby of iKON, and Han from Stray Kids are on a tie for the eighth number on the list among the top ten fastest rappers from South Korea. Three idols belonged to three different groups. However, their rapping speed is impressive, with the same for the three persons. They got a rapping speed of 9.0 SPS. G-Dragon shows his rapping speed in She’s Gone feat. KUSH, a song that is almost ten years old. Bobby performed the YGGR#HIPHOP song for showing off his rapping speed in Show Me The Money show. Han showed off his skills in the group’s TMT song. 

Mino from Winner

Mino from Winner is on the ninth number on the list among the top ten fastest rappers from South Korea. His real name is Song Min-ho. Minho performed the Machine Gun song to show his fast rapping skills on the Show Me The Money. He went out to 8.50 SPS and, as the song’s name suggests, he went like a machine gun. Mino is also a producer besides being a rapper. He made his debut in the boy group Winner in 2014 after joining YG Entertainment. He started with the stage name Tagoon as a rapper in the BoM, a ballad boy band. However, in 2013, the same goes for disbandment.

Hyunjin from Stray Kids 

Hyunjin from Stray Kids is the tenth number on the list among the top ten fastest rappers from South Korea. The song TMT displayed the rapping skills of Hyunjin, with an impressive rapping speed of 8.38 SPS. His rap is like an explosive, so it often gets compared to the dynamites. Hyunjin made his debut with the Stray Kids group in 2013. Stray Kids announced their debut in 2017’s reality show of the same name. Apart from being a rapper, he is also the group’s main dancer, visual, and sub-vocalist.

 Thus the above are the top ten rappers of the K-pop idol. However, the list may get change with the appearance of more new K-pop idols or groups. Following the above list is G-Idle’s Syeon, Stray Kids’ Felix, Twice’s Chaeyoung, BTOB’s Huta, Seventeen’s Wonwoo, Monsta X’s Jooheon, Blackpink’s Jennie, EXO’s Chanyeol, Fiestar’s Yex-Zi, NCT’s Taeyong, AB6IX’s Woojin, and Monsta X’s I M. 

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