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Top Shows Like Biohackers To Watch

Top shows like biohackers
Top shows like biohackers

Biohackers happens to be one of the newest series from Germany that fans have created a liking for. The main genre of this series is technology as well as thrill. There also are some hints of the science and fiction packed beneath the drama. The show has been created by Christian Ditter, and it was released on Netflix back on the 20th of August 2020. Just after the launch of the show, Netflix analyzed the growth and renewed the show for a second season which came out on the 9th of July 2021. The show throws the entire spotlight on Mia Akerlund. She happens to be a student of medics at the University of Freiburg.

While she is here, she comes in contact with Jasper, who is also a biology student and is very talented. Other characters in the show include Niklas, his bizarre college roommate. As for Mia, she gets involved in the process of illegal genetic experimentation. It is because she is pretty passionate about biohacking technology as a whole concept. On the other hand, she also needs answers to his brother’s death. Mia starts to work upon her skills as a professional biohacker. She even gets involved with the research results, which ultimately lands in the wrong hands.

The story is all about she discovers her true self while working as a student. Also, Mia will have to decide about either protecting friends or avenging the death of her brother. As per the reviews of some fans, it is said that the plot does not have more scenes that give an insight into biohacking technology. Although, the focus in the revenge is appreciated by all because this German show surely does some experiments of its own with the various blended genre and has handled it well.

As for most of the reviews, they have been mainly positive. People are all amazed by how well the show has been made and directed, given the scientific aesthetics. Now that we have completed the second season of the shoe as well and there are no possibilities of a new season coming out anytime soon, we have something to help you throughout. Here we have wrapped up some of the similar shows that have similar genres and concepts as to what Biohackers is.

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1. Travelers

The story of the show is set in the future, that is, hundreds of years from the present time. The human dynasty is on the verge of extinction. Although, these people have excelled in science and inventions. They somehow have the power to send their consciousness back through time. They are directed into the minds of people who are still alive in the 21st century. Also, these future humans have also formed some of the secret teams. They are working together to save humanity to have a disappointing future. This show surely dies presents a very unique concept in front of us.

As we see, these travelers are actually trying to save us all and are armed with the knowledge of history. They also have access to the social media profiles of the people who were alive a very long time ago. The travelers who go back to the 21st century in order to find some clues to save their side of the world become involved in their own personal drama while being in the new timeline. Now, you guys should also know that three people have decided to jump time through consciousness. The list includes an FBI agent, as well a single mother, and a student studying in college. They find out that the relationships in the past are as tedious as the mission that they are trying to be a part of. If you liked the Biohackers, then I am pretty sure you will be in awe of Travellers.

Top Shows Like Biohackers To Watch

A still from Travelers

2. The Rain

This series came out back in 2018 and created a whole new buzz around the internet. The plot focuses on the world, which has now come to an end. The reason behind it happens to be a rain carried virus. It is responsible for wiping out half of the people in Scandinavia. The story starts from the point we see two Danish siblings coming out of a bunker after six years of this massacre. The two have been staying in their safety for a long time. They are joined by a group of other people who have also survived this killing in some way possible and have recently discovered that the rest of the civilization is gone. Together, we see them heading out for an adventure that is full of danger as well as violence.

They are trying to find within the abandoned lands some source of remaining life apart from themselves. After spending loads and loads of time trying to discover who they actually are, the group finally decides to stop. They come to a realization that they have been set free from the rules of society that used to exist in the past. Thus, they all decide to start fresh and to live a new life. Although, it becomes very clear to them that the world still consists of jealousy as well as love and other problems that a person used to have usually. They also face the teenage drama that they all have been wanting to ignore. Well, if you are looking for shows like Biohacker, this series is more or less the similar one with original concepts and science and fiction.

Top Shows Like Biohackers To Watch

The Rain

3. Another Life

Well, this series has been released by Netflix originally a while ago and gives us the thrills that you might be looking forward to. The show also consists of the necessary science and fiction that was held within Biohackers as well. Now, the story is all about an astronaut named Niko Breckenridge who wants nothing but to search for alien intelligence in the world itself. Well, when we see Niko as well as other members present in her group, we come to realize the fact that the venture they are setting out on is actually very dangerous. It might prove fatal to them, even though there is a possibility that they never make it out of it.

As for the cast, we have actress Katee Sackhoff starring in the role of Niko. She is also present with her off-screen friend Selma Blair. Their characters are all fond of the various bizarre artifacts that have been found on the earth by scientists. You guys should also know that when they leave for this mission, there also is a strong possibility that they never return back. This show has been created by Aaron Martin and is majorly appreciated for its cast as well as the plot by the audience and critics.

Top Shows Like Biohackers To Watch

Another Life

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4. Into The Night

If you are looking forward to watching shows like Biohackers and have not watched Into the Night Yet, then my friend, there is a great deal of plot that you are missing out on. This show portrays a group of people who have been hijacked while being on a plane. The person who has hijacked this plane is Terenzio. He used to work as an Italian NATO soldier. When he gets on the aircraft, he wants nothing but the command over the people in here and an early takeoff.

Now, even though hijacking is an illegal crime, it actually proves beneficial to the handful of people who are still on the crew aboard. There is a deadly global event happens, and the people living in the world are killed due to exposure to sunlight. As for the plane, which obviously wants to be safe from this catastrophic trouble, heads west. The people want to be safe from the sunlight, which kills all the people present on the Earth.

The hijacker, including the lead members of this story, are asked to work together as a team to save themselves from the sunlight pandemic. They all have to deal with the miseries of fuel shortage as well as no food. They have to do it before heading out to an underground military bunker. This is truly a survival show just like Biohackers.

5. 3%

This series is set in the distant future over a decade which instantly makes it one of the shows like Biohackers to watch. Now, the characters who are displayed in this setting are all broke. They are currently residing in an area known as the Inland. On the other hand, just like the poor has the rich, we have the elite group. They get the chance to live in a virtual paradise called the Offshore. Well, the people from the Inland have a chance to start living on the Offshore as soon as they turn 20 years in age. All they have to do is pass through a series of tests.

Only three percent, as the title of the series already suggests, get a chance to pass through this barricade posed at them and live in the luxurious Offshore. Now, the story begins, and we see the individuals taking the very hard test. This competition determines the worth of the students and whether they shall be sent to their new life or not. The story focuses on the character named Michele. She is one of the women who get to live Offshore after passing the test. Although, she has no family. On the other hand, we will see her adventure as a rich woman with a new sense of justice. The series is available to watch on Netflix, the streaming giant.

6. How to Sell Drugs Online

How To See Drugs Online happens to be one of those shows which have made a name for themselves among the audience already with an amazing storyline. The story of the series is set in the fictional town of Rinseln, located in North-Rhine Westphalia. This series is again from Germany, which makes it one of the similar shows like Biohackers to watch. This tale is focused on the point of view of Moritz Zimmermann. He happens to be an outcast studying in high school. We see the spotlight being thrown on Lenny Sandler.

The two are trying very hard to get Moritz to have a chance with Lisa Novik once again after the two have broken up in the past. They are trying to do so by selling ecstasy on the internet. Well, the show might not be as similar in concepts to Biohackers, but it is made in Germany. Now, we see that these two kids started on the internet in the form of small businesses. Although, their business skyrockets through the web and gives them a lot of popularity among the people who take drugs. Well, soon enough, the two learn the consequences of their actions of trafficking drugs on the web. Also, you guys should know that the series has taken some major inspiration from the event which happened in Leipzig back in 2015.

7. Control Z

I personally recommend watching this amazing series with its unique sense f thrill as well as mystery. From the start, we see a social outcast named Sophie. She will be the center of the plot in all instances. Now, in the series, we see that a hacker aims at exposing the biggest social secrets of the very popular group at Colegio Nacional, the high school. As it so happens, the person whose secret discloses is transgender and gets humiliated in the entire school. Well, this surely creates panic among all the students, and we see that they start to turn on each other.

Soon enough, the hacker starts to roll down the secrets of a lot of students. Then we see Sofia again, who is trying to get to the bottom of the whole hacker mystery. It is because this mysterious person also has dirt on her. The images of her meeting her dead father (who actually faked his death and is alive) are contained by the hacker. Also, she falls in love with Edward first but then goes on to be with Raul. The first season is available to watch on Netflix right now. A second season has also been provided with the green light, which will release soon on the 4th of August 2021.

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