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Top Most Powerful Characters in Harry Potter Movies – Ranked

If you were born in the late ’90s, chances are that you have spent most of your childhood growing up in the universe of Harry Potter and analyzing every book and movie with your friends as they slowly release. In the golden era of fictional movies, as you might call it, there is something about Harry Potter that keeps us attracted towards the whole plot effortlessly. Now, we know how the universe works, right? Every wizard in the tale does not have similar powers despite belonging to the same house. They have their own Patronus charms and a power that sits at different levels for each individual. The Harry Potter franchise has a vast set of characters and distinguishing each and every wizard can be a tough task when you are arguing with your friend about who is actually the strongest character here. But, here is the deal, when it comes to dueling, the main thing is, which wizard will survive? With the addition of the Fantastic Beasts spin-off, there are even more set of characters that we have to pick from.

Also, the biggest salute to J. K. Rowling for creating the books we so fondly adore and read. This author just decided to change the whole scene of fictional characters one day and there is no denying the fact that we love it more than we can ever love anything else. Harry Potter is now something that no kid can grow without and it is Rowling who gave us the chance to peep into her mind and see what goes on for good. If you are a Potterhead, and want to know about who is actually the strongest character in the Harry Potter Universe but only from the main story, not the spin-offs, then here we have wrapped up some names for you. Note them all down before you decide to dual with your friends.

1. Albus Dumbledore

You can not argue with me on this one. Albus Dumbledore was, is, and will forever be the strongest character in the entire universe of Harry Potter. It is literally impossible to defeat this man and even when he died in the Half-Blood Prince, we all knew the purpose behind it. We all knew why our beloved Principal of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had to die because he already knew the consequences. And how does he know the consequences? Because he is the most powerful wizard. Albus was the only reason why Voldemort could not hurt the pupil inside Hogwarts was because of his presence. And did you all notice how after Albus Dumbledore died, that Voldemort finally had the guts to even enter inside Hogwarts? He was the one The Dark Lord feared the most.

The first time we met, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, was in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and he looked like just a normal, nice school Headmaster who adores kids. But his character arc could not be developed in a better way, I promise. As the movie progressed by and Harry was bound to kill Voldemort at one point, it was Dumbledore who spilled out all the secrets and taught Harry the major keys to attain his goal. Everyone also has to accept the fact that Harry would never have even killed Voldemort if it was not for Dumbledore standing at his back and giving him the proper knowledge at the right time. Also, I personally adore Dumbledore for not telling Harry everything at once because no doubt that would have been easier, but it would also break him and cause mental stress on a teenager.

2. Lord Voldemort (Tom Riddle)

Well, even if he is the bad guy in Harry Potter, we all know about his powers. No wizard has ever broken his soul into seven pieces and survived but Voldemort was able to do so. His wizardry skills were insane and we saw how he literally reincarnated himself in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire after Harry was transported to him upon the end of The Triwizard Tournament. No one can match the power that his wand holds and how much destruction he can cause with just a swoosh. Nit going to lie, but at one point I genuinely felt bad for him. We know how his mother was a witch and had to force his father into loving him.

But soon after his birth, she died and his father left him too. Given the tough childhood, and literally living in a small cell at the orphanage where kids used to bully him, Tom was really shaped into this way. But we know how he truly found himself while at Hogwarts among his Slytherin mates. But obviously, no one can accept him for the evil he has done, for the snake he left within the walls of Hogwarts that petrifies any creature. I believe that no one, literally no wizard or witch, in the whole wizard world would have defeated him alone if not for the combined effort put in by many. Harry would have died on day one if it was not for his mother, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, Neville, Sirius, and all the friends, family, and teachers who assisted him during the Battle of Hogwarts. Voldemort was surely evil but no one can say he was weak.

3. Salazar Slytherin

Hogwarts was found by four of the most powerful wizards in the world. In this way, young children could easily be grouped into their respective houses according to the qualities that they most resemble too. But you can literally debate with me on this topic but I legit believe in Slytherin supremacy. Not because of fact that I am a Slytherin myself but because Salazar was literally the strongest wizard among the founder wizards. And don’t even get me started on how he could have easily defeated Godric Gryffindor if the two were ever set to duel. Godric was a nice person and strong too, but he never thought of pushing his limits. This was something Salazar was never afraid to do.

He took pride in the fact that he is a Patseltongue and can converse with snakes. And when it comes to that, Salazar was not even afraid to try out the dark magic and holy Merlin’s Beard, he even created a full Chamber of Secrets inside Hogwarts without the knowledge of the other three founding members. How cool is that? Now, he even hid a fully grown basilisk inside this place and you ask me why is he the powerful wizard? Salazar has abilities that no wizard could ever show to this day and his legacy is something all the wizards and witches should be made aware of.

4. Professor Severus Snape

Well, I know he is the third Slytherin I am listing here but we can all just sit back and realize for a moment that, Severus Snape was really one of the most powerful wizards to walk in Hogwarts. It is agreeable that the audience has emerged with various sets of controversies regarding him but where there is power, there is trouble. All that he put up his students against was just a show as was revealed in the book later on. We all understand how much of a hero this guy was and did not want anything but to save Harry after all. We can all do nothing but agree that Severus Snape did the right thing even at the end and I could do nothing but lose a tear or two when Voldemort killed him ruthlessly just for a wand that did not even belong to him. Well, we know Snape could have told Voldemort about every plan that Dumbledore set him up for, but he didn’t and even lost his life because of it.

Oh how much the fans adored him when Dumbledore asked about Lily and Snape just had one word, “Always”. He and Lily even have the same Doe patronuses and his soul was sent to a deep satisfaction as he died while looking at Lily’s eyes through Harry. Apart from the fact that he was softy inside, Severus Snape is a powerful wizard. Remember in Half-Blood Prince, we saw how he has even developed a whole deadly spell such as Sectumsempra as well as Levicorpus. Also, his book had everything that a kid needed to know about potions and also how he was a master in Occlumens. We know Voldemort could have killed him if he knew earlier that Snape is actually good, but he was easily able to fool The Dark Lord himself into believing him.

5. Hermione Granger

You might be wondering about what is she doing on the list, she is just a student how is above all the powerful witches and wizards that can top her up easily. Well, the fact that power comes not only with strength but with knowledge, is what puts Hermione above all. Given the fact that Harry Potter did kill Voldemort, but he would have been nowhere if Hermione was not by her side guiding her at each step and protecting her. And whoever believes that Harry Potter is more powerful than Hermione Granger, needs to check their facts again. This character literally took our heart out of the body and melted it all down when Harry was like, “Hermione, you are a great witch because of your books and cleverness” and he had the perfect reply by saying that friendship and bravery are more important than that. This proved that the Sorting Hat really does know where to put a person and Hogwarts is really her house.

Also, we will keep on standing Hermione for the fact that she has every quality that a person can possibly imagine and still is able to balance her head as well as heart perfectly. Later in the books, in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, we got to know that Hermione had now become the Minister for Magic and we all know that this woman is quite capable of everything. I also believe that the books did not do her enough justice with the fact that she was never able to duel any powerful wizard and defeat them. Honestly, it would have been so amazing to witness her and Bellatrix Lestrange in a duel and we know Hermione would have won.

6. Bellatrix Lestrange

Well, she just had to be placed after Hermione because we know her great strengths even though she was on the side of the evil. She is also the best warrior that Voldemort could ever have and stayed by his side till the very end. We also got to know later in the books that Bella really loved Tom Riddle and we can not blame her for that. Also, never forget, that Bellatrix is not any less of a fighter just because of her feelings, she is an equally dangerous death eater and the most powerful member of the Voldemort squad. The woman is highly capable of undertaking any magical spell with ease and oh well, we all can remember that she has broken out of Azkaban, the most powerful and secure prison of the wizarding world which makes her even more dangerous.

Bella was really defeated by Molly because, at that time, she threatened Ginny, Molly’s daughter right after her son was killed. Apart from that, no one can even touch Bellatrix nor has the power to. She is one of the most powerful members of Slytherin and could not be defeated. Also, she was the right hand of Voldemort and he trusted her with almost all of her tasks. This has to prove her value as an evil witch. We can remember that at one point she even took down Hermione and is the killer of Sirius Black, a very powerful wizard who escaped Azkaban on his own. Although, we can do nothing but feel a bit sad for her when we see that Voldemort could never the feelings that Bella has in store for him. Majorly because his only aim is to assert the dominance of the dark world upon the muggles and make them slaves. But, here’s a theory, that if Voldemort would have won, he might have married Bella after settling down in his world.

7. Alastor Moody

We have seen much of him back in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire but in the end, we got to know how it was actually Barty Crouch Junior working for Lord Voldemort. But still, the amount of respect his character was given by other wizards and witches in Hogwarts was undeniable proof of how the man was actually a very powerful wizard. He was an Auror in the Potter universe. Now, for those who don’t know, an auror is a person who is trained with magical charms as well as spells to be able to fight off a death eater or any dark force for that matter. It was very sad when in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, we saw that he died while trying to escort Harry to the Weasley household. Popularly known as Mad-Eye Moody, there is no denying the fact that he was one of the most powerful wizards in Harry Potter.

Also, in books, we read once that Harry was told that Alastor Moody is the reason why half the cells in Azkaban are full. This ought to give you the impression of how very talented and a fearless auror Mad-Eye Moody used to be. Also, there might be some people who would argue that he was not seen as strong in the series. But that is something we can assume was because of age. I mean, he really was old at the time this series started and had we met him 10 or 15 years before, Moody might have been seen in his true form. All in all, a list of powerful wizards would be empty if we do not include his name in it.

8. Sirius Black

Now, in Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, we know who this prisoner was being talked about. None other than Harry’s godfather, Sirius Black himself. Now, if you have read the book closely, you will know the whole tragic story of Sirius Black and how he had to be in prison for a murder that he did not commit. But the fact that proves his power is that he was able to escape out of Azkaban, and well oh well, this is not an easy task for any prisoner held there. Most of the time in this tale, we were not able to see him because he had to hide from the ministry but that does not mean he was not a powerful wizard.

It was sad that his family used to despise him because he got into Gryffindor and was friends with James Potter. It is because his entire family members belonged to Slytherin and were ready to serve The Dark Lord whenever they wanted to. Also, we got to know that Sirius Black, along with his three friends, was an Animagus. He was able to transform himself into a dog but one with the size of a bear. Another point that proves his supremacy is that when the original Order of Phoenix was made years ago, he was invited by Dumbledore to join it despite the fact that he was freshly out of Hogwarts. If a wizard as great as Dumbledore trusted him, then there is no denying that he truly was a powerful wizard.

9. Harry Potter

Well, he is much lower in the list of powerful wizards even though the whole franchise revolves around him, is because he was fully dependant on other wizards and witches for his success. For example, Harry would have died in the first film itself if it were not for Hermione at each step solving the riddles for him in order to get to the Sorcerer’s Stone. Then he would have never been able to kill Voldemort if it was not Dumbledore telling him that he was one of the alive Horcruxes of Voldemort and has to destroy each of them before. But that does not mean Harry is not talented. We see how he was able to fly a broom even though he had not seen one in his entire life. The guy has the power to love deeply and we can see the courage and strength he possesses.

All the time in the story, he opted for the decisions that were right instead of giving a second thought to the consequences that might fall upon him. It is kind of a tragedy that Harry is not far up on this list but he is surely a great wizard. After all, he is the one who defeated Voldemort in the end. Also, you guys should know that when Harry was just 13, he learned how to produce a Patronus Charm, and at 15, he started teaching his fellow pupil about how to do the same as he formed the Dumbledore’s Army. He isn’t placed up but that is only fair.

10. Minerva McGonagall

Minerva is the Headmistress of Hogwarts and also the official teacher of Gryffindor. When it comes to handling her students, she is pretty strict and knows how to teach them correctly. Despite the fact that Minerva is quite old when we see her in the series, she is still one of the most powerful characters on the map if not the most. Well, there are some theories that argue that Minerva is an Animagus too because she can shapeshift herself into a cat, and then boom, she is back to a human. Also, it is mentioned in the books that becoming an Animagus is really tough because no wizard can easily have the ability to do so.

Also, Dumbledore trusts her with all her gut and even has handed her over with the responsibility of the whole Gryffindor house. This trust that he has over her, makes us believe even more in her abilities. Now, while the Battle of Hogwarts was about to start, we saw her standing at the entrance of the school and call upon the iron soldiers to serve the place and protect the pupil inside. If that scene did not give you chills, I have no idea what will. She is so talented and terrifying in the series that imagines meeting her when she was a young witch.

11. Lily Evans Potter

Now, we never properly got to meet her in the series apart from Snape’s memories and the praises Harry used to hear about his mother. But nevertheless, it was Lily who had the power of canceling Voldemort three times. It is not described how she defied him but it is popularly suggested that Tom Riddle wanted her to join the Death Eater army. Well, this is a big thing because we know how much Voldemort hates the pupil who was born in a muggle household. Also, she joined the Order of Phoenix at a very early age and this shows the trust that Dumbledore had in her and her ability. Given the fact that the whole series questions how did Harry survive the death spell of Voldemort, it is told to him that Lily’s love protected him from the evil wrath. This means Lily was so strong that she protected her child from The Dark Lord himself.

12. Molly Weasley

For an entirety of the Harry Potter series, Molly was seen as a loving motherly figure who at one point, gave Harry the maternal love he deserves. Also, we could see how strong she was when it came to running a household with seven children that include Fred and George. I mean, we know what kind of a nuisance they were, and managing them is a pretty big task. We all know Ginny has got all her talents from her mother. We have not seen her do much magic in the series apart from the last book. But obviously, she never got a chance to do so.

Her husband works at the ministry and she has children to take care of. Molly is a wizard mother and takes pride in that title. She knows the virtue of family even though the financial situation of the Weasleys was not as good. She was not put to duel against anybody for the longest time but well, she just lost Fred and Bellatrix Lestrange had the audacity to threaten her daughter. In a mind full of rage, she took down this powerful dark witch. Well, we totally agree that if it were not for the circumstances, she wouldn’t have been able to do so but this just shows the love and power she carries within herself as a mother.

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