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Top Emo Anime Girls That You Will Fall In Love With

Are you familiar with who an emo girl is? A girl wearing dark clothes and make-up, who usually has a gloomy or quiet personality, is an emo girl. You will often find an emo girl enjoying her own company as she likes to stay out of the crowd and out of the spotlight. Emo girls will also, very often, have dark hair – usually cut short. Some emo girls are also misunderstood as being depressed or suicidal, although that is not always the case. Their personality just makes it seem like so.

Hmm, would you like an emo girlfriend of your own? A sensitive, pretty girl who also has a specific edginess to her style. Maybe she has a badass attitude but also knows how to show affection towards her loved ones. If so, we are here to give you a preview of the top 8 emo Anime girls that have been handpicked especially for you! Keep scrolling to find out how these girls behave and what they like.

1. Rukia Kuchiki From ‘Bleach.’

Rukia Kuchiki is a girl who is extremely down-to-earth. She has black hair with beautiful purple eyes. Even though she is extremely humble and likeable, she chooses to be alone. She does not like sharing her problems with her friends. Although, she is very good at making up stories or convincing other people. Funnily enough, she is never able to think of what to wear. Most of the time, she ends up borrowing clothes from Yuzu, who is Ichigo’s sister. She is an exceptionally cute girl who gets sad when anybody causes offense to her obsession with rabbits. In all totality, she is genuinely a very nice and simple person. All you need to do to win her heart is to feed her dumplings and get her a rabbit stuffed toy!

Rukia Kuchiki From ‘Bleach,’ (Pierrot) 

As mentioned above, Rukia is a character from ‘Bleach.’ This Anime television and web series are available for you to watch on online platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

2. Saeko Busujima From ‘High School of The Dead.’

Saeko Busujima studies at the Fujimi High School. She later becomes a part of the group which takes down the zombies to save the world. She has dark purple hair and is pretty tall. Throughout the series, she dresses up in various different ways – sometimes in traditional outfits and sometimes in suggestive, skimpy outfits. Saeko has always been a kind-hearted person who would give off a very protective, motherly vibe to all of the others in the group. She also has a one-track mind and is able to stay calm, even under pressure. But, she also has an evil and sadistic side to her which is only showcased when she uses her powerful sword to kill the zombies. In any case, she is a strong, beautiful, and confident woman who is not easily deterred.

Saeko Busujima From 'High School of The Dead'

Saeko Busujima From ‘High School of The Dead,’ C (Madhouse) 

As mentioned above, Saeko is a character from ‘High School of The Dead. This Anime television and web series are available for you to watch on online platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and AnimeLab.

3. Touka Kirishima From ‘Tokyo Ghoul’

Touka Kirishima used to be a student at the Kiyomi High School. She is also a ghoul. Touka is a good-looking woman who has short dark purple, almost black, hair. Nobody can imagine that such a sweet-looking girl would be a ghoul. As the story of the Anime series progresses, it is noticed how almost every man is shocked to see how gorgeous she is to look. Touka was known to be a very mean person, but this was all just a façade as deep down, she was an emotional, sweet-hearted, and kind girl who had gone through a traumatic experience at a very young age.

She does not know how to control her emotions and ends up having an outburst very often. She does not like the fact that she is a ghoul and thinks she is pretty useless. Over the years, Touka becomes a much caring person who knows how to express her emotions well. She is even able to finally admit that she is in love with Kaneki.

Touka Kirishima From 'Tokyo Ghoul'

Touka Kirishima From ‘Tokyo Ghoul’, (Pierrot) 

As mentioned above, Touka is a character from ‘Tokyo Ghoul.’ This Anime television and web series are available for you to watch on online platforms such as Hulu, AnimeLab, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Netflix.

4. Mikasa Ackerman From ‘Attack on Titan’

Mikasa Ackerman is a deuteragonist. She had an extremely tragic life as her parents were brutally murdered. Even though she was an extremely peace-loving person, her fate led her to be one of the best soldiers in the military. Mikasa is a strong and tall woman, and she also has short dark hair. In her childhood, she used to be a very happy kid. As she grew older, she started masking her emotions as she gradually started to lose all her loved ones, and so, she was always very protective of her friends. She even guides her friends and tells them what should be done and what should not be done. It is always seen how she keeps a black scarf close to her, which was given to her by her late lover, Eren.

Mikasa Ackerman From 'Attack on Titan'

Mikasa Ackerman From ‘Attack on Titan’, (Wit Studio And Mappa) 

As mentioned above, Mikasa is a character from ‘Attack on Titan.’ This Anime television and web series are available for you to watch on online platforms such as Netflix, Adult Swim, and Prime Video.

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5. Dalian From ‘The Mystic Archives of Dantalian’

Dalian is known as the ‘Black Reading Princess’ as she is obsessed with reading books. One can often find her drinking tea, feeding on some dessert, or reading books in various other languages. Dalian is a little girl who looks a lot like a doll. She has bright red eyes with long black hair. Dalian is not a very gentle and caring girl and is often very rude to the people around her, especially Hugh. Moreover, because she probably has a tiny crush on him. Even though she acts tough, it is understood how she is actually feeling.

Dalian From 'The Mystic Archives of Dantalian'

Dalian From ‘The Mystic Archives of Dantalian’, (Gainax) 

As mentioned above, Dalian is a character from ‘The Mystic Archives of Dantalian.’ This Anime television and web series are available for you to watch on online platforms such as JustWatch, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.

6. Shirahoshi From ‘One Piece.’

Shirahoshi is a huge and beautiful mermaid who is the princess of the Ryugu Kingdom. Being an emotionally sensitive person, she cries about every little thing, which is even remotely upsetting. Being the youngest child of her Kingdom, everyone loved and cared for her deeply, and hence, she was not used to getting scolded or yelled at. Therefore, whenever anyone slightly raises their voice at her, Shirahoshi starts tearing up. She is a polite girl who always thinks about her family and loved ones before she thinks about herself. Since she was always protected, she greatly lacks experience and judgement. She also makes a promise to Luffy that she will try not to cry as much as she does. Nonetheless, Shirahoshi is a kind person who does not hold any grudges against people.

Shirahoshi From 'One Piece'

Shirahoshi From ‘One Piece,’ (Toei Animation) 

As mentioned above, Shirahoshi is a character from ‘One Piece.’ This Anime television and web series are available for you to watch on online platforms such as Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Hulu.

7. Mizore Shirayuki From ‘Rosario To Vampire’

Mizore is a depressed, suicidal, and lonely girl who was always found with a lollipop in her mouth. She would also be harassed by one of her teachers until Tsukune saved her. She joined his newspaper club after that incident as she started falling for him. Mizore would barely express her emotions and would talk in a very low volume. She, without any shame, would stalk Tsukune by hiding in unusual places in order to get a glimpse of him. Mizore did not like fighting for Tsukune’s attention and had threatened him many times about not adding any more women in their newspaper club. It is evident how badly she wanted to marry him and have his children. She would also occasionally flash Tsukune to try and seduce him. Overall, Mizore was a nice person who knew how to fight for what she truly desires.

Mizore Shirayuki From 'Rosario To Vampire'

Mizore Shirayuki From ‘Rosario To Vampire’, (Gonzo) 

As mentioned above, Mizore is a character from ‘Rosario To Vampire.’ This Anime television and web series are available for you to watch on online platforms such as Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation, AnimeLab, JustWatch, and Hulu.

8. Izumi Takanashi From ‘Working!!’

Izumi never leaves her room and has become pale because of that. She is obsessed with using fountain pens, and so, at times, she gets a little dirty and stains herself by mistake. Izumi, like other typical women, does not care about how she looks or what she wears. Her appearance is always in a mess, just like her room – always overflowing with books. As she does not do any other physical work apart from writing books, she falls extremely sick or faints whenever she holds anything apart from her fountain pen. She depends on other people to take care of her, almost as if she was a child. In any case, Izumi was a delicate human being who needed attention and probably a day off from her work.

Izumi Takanashi From 'Working!!'

Izumi Takanashi From ‘Working!!’, (A – 1 Picture) 

As mentioned above, Izumi is a character from ‘Working!!’. This Anime television and web series are available for you to watch on online platforms such as Crunchyroll.

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