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Top Dubbed Romantic Anime To Watch On Netflix!

Romantic Anime Series On Netflix

If you are missing your loved ones and are longing for that same comforting touch that they provide, try watching these sweet, innocent, cute, and adorable little love stories blossom! They will surely put a smile on your face. Not only will these romantic animated television and web series comfort you, but they will also make you feel safe and affectionate. Netflix is one of the best worldwide online platforms to stream these series, and they include a dubbed version, as well!

We have handpicked these animated series with various genres, but the theme of romance prevails in all of them! Be it a science fiction, a forbidden love, a high school drama, or a polygamous relationship, you will find the element of romance in each of the names that we have mentioned below. Feel free to browse through this lovable compilation of pure and light-hearted fun!


This famous Anime series consists of a single season, with 26 episodes and a filler episode. Directed by Hiroaki Sakurai, the plotline of ‘Maid Sama!’ revolves around two young love birds. Formerly known as an all-boys high school, the Seika High School has recently been turned into a coeducational institute. Evidently, even now there are more number of boys in the school than there are girls. Misaki Ayuzawa was deemed to be the first female council president at the Seika High School. Unfortunately, Misaki did not have a very easy life.


‘Maid Sama!’, C(J. C. Staff)

Since she was financially unstable, she had to secretly work at the maid café to support her sick mother and little sister. She did not want her classmates or schoolmates to find out about her part-time job, hence, she kept her identity hidden. The plot unravels when Misaki falls in love with Takumi Usui, the stud of the high school. Thankfully, he had the same feelings towards her, and they soon got into a relationship. Although Takumi’s parents did not approve of their relationship, the two were able to get married ten years later.

Use this link to watch ‘Maid-Sama!’ on Netflix today!

Ouran High School Host Club

As she was introducing herself to the boys, she accidentally drops an expensive vase and breaks it. Naturally, she was made to pay off the debt of the vase and hence, she started working as the errand boy of the Hosts! Her short hair and gender-fluid facial features made the Hosts feel as though she is a boy. Nevertheless, the secret of her actual gender was soon out of the basket, shocking everyone to see a girl getting along with those older female clients.


‘Ouran High School Host Club’, C(Bones)

While exchanging names, her clumsiness led her to break an extremely expensive vase. She obviously had to replace the vase, and hence, started to work as the club’s errand boy. Her tomboyish looks with short hair and sharp facial features were enough to fool all the Hosts into thinking that she was a boy. Nonetheless, when her actual gender was eventually revealed, everyone was very shocked to see how well she was getting along with the female clients.

Use this link to watch ‘Ouran High School Host Club’ on Netflix today!

Kaguya-sama: Love is War

This romantic comedy consists of two seasons, with an expected third season to be released soon! The first two seasons include 24 episodes and one filler episode. Directed by Shinichi Omata, ‘Kaguya-sama: Love Is War’ follows the cute love story of two students at the Shuchiin Academy. Miyuki Shirogane is the student council president of the academy and the child of one of the wealthiest people of Japan. On the other hand, Kaguya Shinomiya is the vice president of the academy and is famous for his intellect in all of Japan.


‘Kaguya-sama: Love Is War’, C(A – 1 Pictures)

Every student at the academy thought that they were perfect for each other. Fortunately, the two had feelings for each other but were too proud to confess. Nonetheless, they finally got the courage to admit their feelings and soon were in a relationship! The plot unravels by showcasing the daily problems faced by the new couple.

Use this link to watch ‘Kaguya-sama: Love Is War’ on Netflix today!

Kiss Him, Not Me!

This animated series consists of a single season, including twelve episodes and zero filler episodes. Directed by Hiroshi Ishiodori, the plot of ‘Kiss Him, Not Me’ revolves around the main protagonist of the series known as Kae Serinuma. Kae loved reading manga comic series, especially the ones that focused on the genre of ‘Yaoi’. This genre simply highlighted the homoerotic relationships evolving between two males.


‘Kiss Him, Not Me!’, C(Brain’s Base)

When her favorite Anime character is killed off in one of the mangas that she was reading, she gets so upset that she does not leave her room for an entire week. When she does eventually come out, she realizes that she has lost a lot of weight and has become very beautiful. She automatically attracts four good-looking boys from her school who compete with each other in order to date Kae. Even though they knew that Kae wanted to probably watch something spicy and sexual happening between the boys, they still do not stop trying to impress her.

Use this link to watch ‘Kiss Him, Not Me!’ on Netflix today!

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This romantic Anime series consists of a single series, including twenty-five episodes and zero filler episodes. Directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai, the main plot of ‘Toradora’ revolves around various sorts of love stories that occur in high school. Ryuji Takasu and Taiga Aisaka were the main protagonists of the animated series. They originally had two different love interests and did not like each other’s company. They would fight all the time. Especially Taiga, she was excessively violent with Ryuji even though he tried to help her, sometimes.


‘Toradora’, C(J. C. Staff)

Nonetheless, this hatred soon turned into love after they were rejected by their initial love interests. They used to spend a lot of time together in helping each other in impressing their crushes. This naturally created a sort of a strong bond and connection between them. They gradually started dating while slowly falling in love. The series then showcases their daily life as a couple and how they tackle obstacles that get in their way. The two decide to get married by the end of the series.

Use this link to watch ‘Toradora’ on Netflix today!

Fruits Basket

This romantic series consists of a single season, including twenty-six episodes and zero filler episodes. Directed by Akitaro Daichi, the plot of ‘Fruits Basket’ revolves around the main protagonist known as Tohru Honda. She is a high school student who had to relocate and live with her grandfather after her mother died. Due to unavoidable circumstances, she was forced to switch houses and start living with one of her classmate’s family – the Soma family.


‘Fruits Basket’, C( TMS/8PAN)

Gradually, Tohru realizes something strange about the family that she was living with. They were cursed, as twelve members of the family were possessed by evil spirits of the Chinese zodiac. Tohru makes it her life’s mission to defeat these bad spirits and their leader, known as Akito. The narrative moves forward as it is highlighted how the brave Tohru figures out a way to free the family from this curse while also simultaneously developing feelings for someone.

Use this link to watch ‘Fruits Basket’ on Netflix today!

Teasing Master Takagi-san

This romantic animated series consists of two seasons, including twenty-four episodes and one filler episode. Directed by Hiroaki Akagi, the main plot of ‘Teasing Master Takagi-san’ revolves around a very cute, innocent, and childish love story between two middle school children. Nishikata and Takagi were two middle school students. Takagi was a bold and naughty girl who would usually play a lot of pranks.


‘Teasing Master Takagi-san’, C( Shin-Ei Animation)

On the other hand, Nishikata was a shy and quiet boy who did not like being the center of attention. He had no idea that Takagi was madly in love with him. She would irritate him by teasing him and playing pranks on him. This was really annoying for him, so he would tries to take revenge on her, but fails each and every time! Eventually, a strong bond is created between them as Nishikata also starts to fall for her.

Use this link to watch ‘Teasing Master Takagi-san‘ on Netflix today!

The Testament of Sister New Devil

This erotic yet romantic animated series consists of two seasons, including twenty-two episodes and three filler episodes. Directed by Hisashi Saito, the main storyline of ‘The Testament of Sister New Devil’ revolves around a young boy named Basara Tojo. He was shocked to hear the news of his father getting remarried all of a sudden, nonetheless, he was very excited to find out that he will get to meet his two beautiful step-sisters known as Mio and Maria.


‘The Testament Of Sister New Devil,’ C[ Production IMS]

After Basara’s father leaves town, the two sisters disclose their true identities of being a part of the Demon Clan. Although Basara was from the Hero Clan! Being inherently evil, they try to enter Basara into a Master-Servant contract, making Basara the servant but instead, he ends up becoming the Master and Mio becomes his slave. He keeps getting himself into naughty situations with his stepsisters, mostly to protects them.

Use this link to watch ‘The Testament Of Sister New Devil’ on Netflix today!

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