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Top Deadly Women in Anime That Became Iconic

Top Deadly Women in Anime That Became Iconic

When it comes to women in anime, the modern-day trend has been to include most of them in almost anything. Because from the best fighters to the best overlords, Women are really making it out there in anime. We even have them as part of the deadliest villains you can come across. So soon we will be looking at deadly women in anime and how powerful and fearsome they have become.

We have seen a growing trend where it is no longer just about men being deadly and executing their evil plans. But women also factor in almost anything that men can do in anime. We have seen this in several classic anime like Naruto and even One Piece. So it has now become the norm to see a woman emperor just like Big Mom is in One Piece anime and manga.

We have a list of the most deadliest or dangerous women in anime and they have shown this character several times. We have seen this from characters like Tsunade from Naruto and even Boa Hancock from One Piece. So we will get to know in detail what makes them behave in the manner that they do.

Mikasa Ackerman: Attack on Titan

Mikasa had a tragic childhood as her parents were murdered by human traffickers and were rescued by and lived with Eren and his parents before the collapse of wall maria. Whilst in the scout’s training, Mikasa was a genius and had prodigious skill in vertical maneuvering equipment. She has proved her skills as a scout regimen member as she was also the best of the 104th training corps.



She went to develop as a strong character along with the likes of Levi Ackerman and the two of them were known for their ruthless attack on the titans. They would easily take out all kinds of titans with the right coordination be it one of the nine impure titans or just pure ones that have no intelligence. Mikasa has proved to be one of the deadly women in anime throughout the series.

Maki Zenin: Jujutsu Kaisen

As a very headstrong and straightforward woman who tries to drive herself forward without needing anyone else’s help. She is very strong-willed and is capable and motivated to escape the standards that have been set by her family members. Due to her personality and skill in combat, she can be a deadly opponent as she has demonstrated several times in the anime.

Deadly Women in Anime


Even though she can come off as cold at times she is the leader type and is very tough on others and would tend to be impatient and hot-tempered. She doesn’t have respect for Satoru Gojo due to his very goofy attitude even though Gojo is her teacher and senior. At most times, she would have a chip on her shoulder and is always determined to prove herself for the Kyoto Goodwill Event as she needed strong teammates to help showcase her abilities.

Akiko Yosano: Bungou Stray Dogs

Akiko is a woman that carries herself with grace and dignity and she prides herself on being a strong woman and a capable doctor. This is one of the reasons why she does not go kindly to those who belittle her in both respects. She is a feminist and believes that men and women should be treated equally. She is always calm and composed but when she is angered, she becomes dangerous and deadly and becomes a force to contend with, and would often be sadistic in her relationship.

Deadly Women in Anime

Akiko Yosana

Even though she is prone to prominent and sadistic aggressive tendencies. This is amplified by her ability conditions and as a result, most members of the agency flee when she arrives at a scene. This is because they view her as one of the deadly women in anime and newcomers would be usually advised to avoid getting injured to avoid her unique brand of treatment.

Busicuit Krueger: Hunter X Hunter

Busicuit Krueger appears as a child but she is actually 57 years old and has completed the hunter exam prior to the events of the anime and manga. She met Gon and Killua in Greed Island and is later revealed to be a middle-aged muscle-bound woman in disguise. Then she became their trainer for the rest of the arc and helped them to refine their nen and helped them in their search for Gon’s father while she had her own aligning goals.

Buiscuit Kruiger

Buiscuit Kruiger

She later met them once again during the Chimera Ant arc training them further. Buiscuit likes to act and appear like a child and her overall aspect is also reminiscent of a doll. Biscuit’s true ability is mainly on recovery through massages and she can also transform into her true form and become taller and muscular.

Nobara Kugisaki: Jujutsu Kaisen

Nobara has the capabilities to contend even with Jujutsu users that are ranked leagues above her in terms of grading. She had a solid understanding of how to exorcise curses with her techniques by the time she entered school. She demonstrated the ability to defend herself adequately until she ran out of weapons to attack with. Afterward, Maki noticed her capabilities and took her under her wing. Later, she would then train her physical prowess.

Deadly Women in Anime


Even though she was eliminated from the Goodwill event, Nobara managed to demonstrate her potential to combat special grade curses. When she teamed up with Yuji, she was able to fight on even terms with Eso and Kechizu despite being poisoned by Death painting’s blood techniques. Her personality always gives her off as a lady that will give most people a hard time. This makes her a bit difficult to approach.

Annie Leonhart: Attack on Titan

Even though she has become an isolated and exclusionary person, Annie has proved to be one of the best combatants in the series and her skills make her deadly in battle. She tends to have a mocking sense of humor even though at times it leaks partial truth. We saw this when she was cornered by the survey corps in an underground passage and she claimed that she was just a feeble maid and also lashed back at Eren for being a suicidal blockhead.



Annie can be very concentrated on her mission and as a fighter, she can reach a point where she can be willing to kill in order to reach her goals. She hesitated a bit when faced with her former comrades and would shed tears when she failed to capture Eren. She is seemingly indifferent towards her abilities on hand to hand combat and she still remains proud of her skills and enjoys the notion of fighting. She easily makes the list of deadly women in anime and we have seen this several times throughout the series.

Mai Zenin: Jujutsu Kaisen

As a crude and very straightforward character, she takes her desire not to be a sorcerer on others. One thing that makes her a bit scary. When she met Nobara and Megumi, she insulted them just for the sake of school rivalry. She would most often call her sisters useless and weak and all this comes from the desire to lead a normal life.

Mai Zenin

Mai Zenin

She is a grade 3 sorcerer and a very good sniper with her handgun. She is capable of infusing her bullets with cursed energy, one thing that makes her dangerous. She managed to shoot momo unconscious with just a rubber bullet, one thing that shows her proficiency with guns.

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Hange Zoe: Attack on Titan

Hange appears as an energetic and freethinking researcher and has a very unique way of conducting herself. As a soldier, Hange was an extremely valuable asset to mankind. Her different approach to titan helped develop an impressive amount of information and research. She has shown great leadership skills and would stop at nothing to berate her subordinates should they get out of line with their duty.

Deadly Women in Anime


Most of them see her as a very strict individual and when serious can be scary which makes most people respect her. She is also humble as we saw when she was no longer the leader of her squad. She immediately relieved herself of the responsibility and accepted herself as an equal to everyone else who was present.  So despite making the list of deadly women in anime, deep down she is also a kind-hearted person.

Bishamonten: Norogami

Bishamon appears to be a generous individual and would willingly accept any troubled spirit and adds them to her family. Because of her past with Yato, Bishamonten was bent on vengeance and decided to destroy anything that she held dear to herself. She went as far as to almost disown Kazuma when she found out about his association with Yato.

Deadly Women in Anime


And after she found out the complete story about the death of her previous family of Shinki. She eventually lets go of her vengeance against Yato and slowly began to start accepting him as her ally. She is also a powerful goddess and she has a huge following in the human world as she is one of the Gods of fortune and she is also known as the goddess of war and battles.

Fubuki: One Punch Man

Having earned the name “Blizzard of Hell” due to her personality. She is the B class rank 1 professional hero and also an esper. On the outside, she appears cold heated, and ambitious. She is confident and does not show any doubts about her abilities but she also understands her limits well. She is a rational individual and would do all it takes to secure her position as the top-ranked hero in B Class.



We saw this when she decided to invite possible threats such as Saitama to join the Blizzard group. And in cases where she is refused anything she wanted, she would attempt to ruthlessly take the person down and she has now become the prominent source of newbie crushing. This made her to be seen as one of the deadly women in anime. Despite her psychic talents and potential, Fubuki also has an inferiority complex that he hides well.

Vanessa: Black Clover

Vanessa is always in a relaxed state and does things at her own pace. She is clever and convincing as she deftly maneuvered her opponent into a trap set by her threads. she also offered herself to the witch queen in return for healing Asta showing what she deeply cares about her comrades. We managed to confirm her cunning side more as she planned to use Asta’s anti-magic to flee from the queen so she only went there so she could help Asta and escape.

Deadly Women in Anime

Vanesssa Enoteca

With her thread magic, Vanessa can attribute and generate threads that she often uses to mend and alter clothing for her squadmates. But the true powers of her thread magic were not visible until she awakened the red thread of fate. This ability seems to be useful for escaping tough situations, especially if her opponents do not know about it and what it does.

Shizuku Murasaki: Hunter x Hunter

As the 8th member of the phantom troupe, she seems to be very calm at first. The scariest thing about her is her personality combined with her powers. Because even when she knew that she was going to die within a week, she did not show any emotion about it at all.

Deadly Women in Anime


She can conjure a vacuum cleaner that she has named Blinky. It can inhale almost anything and in infinite numbers as long as it is not a living thing. Her ability is also rare and valuable and on top of that, it is scary deadly and suitable for cleaning up the evidence. Although she seems calm and innocent, she still ranks amongst the deadly women in anime.

Ryouka Izumi: Bungou Stray Dogs

When she was still with the Port Mafia, her personality was similar to that of a doll as she would only act under orders. She lacked all emotions and was ruthless when she was ordered to perform a duty. This would change after she joins the agency and try her best to minimize her casualties.

Deadly Women in Anime

Ryoka Izumi

It is this characteristic that made her a dangerous woman because she would even kill without hesitating. she has a shaky sense of morals and she would even admit that she is willing to become a criminal or to dispose of her opponents just to preserve herself and the agency. This was similar to the morale of many of her colleagues and she can also be quite vengeful and is not above killing Ryunosue just to prove to herself that he was wrong about her.

Mereoleona Vermilion: Black Clover

Mereoleona exhibits a hostile attitude with a short temper and a louder demeanor. She believes that actions show more than words. Despite all this, she has proven to have a deep understanding when it comes to understanding and motivating other people and this even goes as far as the total strangers. She has a lot of respect for anyone who is willing to get strong and does not judge others based on their upbringings or lineage.



One thing that has shown how dangerous and deadly shi is was when she barged into the Black Bulls’ base and presented Yami with a gift of alcohol as a means to let him take Asta, Noelle, and Luck for their harsh training within the mountains. As the Royal Knights captain, she is capable of a lot of things and her strengths are what really make her scary as one of the deadly women in anime.

Touka Kirishima: Tokyo Ghoul

As an ukaku ghoul with one wing and the ability to harden and soften it at will. Touka appears as one of the powerful ghouls and during her time when fighting Shuu Tsukiyama, she formed a single ukaku wing and managed to control her kaguen with ease. As time went on, she gained a second wing with projectiles of a larger size. Her kagune also stopped powerful projectiles such as Mougan’s higher mind upon emerging and even canceled the attack for a brief moment.

Deadly Women in Anime

Takage Kirishima

Touka possesses superhuman speed and durability. We saw this when she was engaging Tsukiyama in battle as she traveled fast enough for Tsukiyama to lose track of her location. When she fought Ayato during the 11th ward battle, she maintained consciousness even when her kagune was devoured by her brother.

Nezuko Kamado: Demon Slayer

Nezuko is a demon and is also Tanjiro’s younger sister making them the two remaining members of the Kamado family. When she transforms into her awakened form, she becomes curvaceous and grows bigger. She is also very powerful and her most prominent traits include her extraordinary growth rate due to the high amount of blood she received from Muzan when he tried turning her into a demon.



She has also displayed great combat proficiency and skill in overpowering demons and her accelerated growth seems to have mirrored that of Tanjiro as a demon slayer. She has grown to a point where she could even take on the members of the twelve kizuki and match upper-rank demons in months and with the ability to conquer the Sun then this might just have made him immortal. So she clearly stands out amongst the deadly women in anime

Siesta: The Detective is Already Dead

Siesta is a highly accomplished detective and is a very intelligent woman and has claimed to be able to solve a case before it even happens. She is skilled at using her musket gun as we saw when she shot Bat with high accuracy and only hit his tentacles from his left ear despite being several meters away from him.



She also possesses greater physical abilities and she has easily surpassed human standards. she was also capable of carrying Kimihiko while running and this made her wonder if she was an android. She has also demonstrated the ability to dodge multiple tentacles from bats and has high levels of mobility in a fight.

Esdeath: Akame Ga Kill

As a high-ranking general of the empire, Esdeath became the leader of the Jaegers from the orders of the prime minister. She is also a manipulative and barbarous sadis and she lacked empathy for other people, especially those she deemed weak. She enjoys putting her enemies through great pain be it emotional or physical pain. She also had no qualms about killing innocent people so she gets what she wants as she would often rationalize her behavior through her father’s old creed.



These are the characteristics that made her dangerous and deadly. But despite all this, she would treat her subordinates well and let them do as they please. This in turn inspired them to have intense loyalty and devotion to her. Her followers have proven to be the strongest offensive force of the empire and she has demonstrated genuine care for her subordinates.

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Kasumi Miwa: Jujutsu Kaisen

Kasumi is a kind girl who is hardworking and isn’t jaded as some of her classmates would think. Interestingly, she became a sorcerer just so she could make money and is also a big fan of famous sorcerers like Satoru Gojo. As a grade 3 sorcerer, she is capable of using the new shadow style swordsman technique and her lack of innate technique also makes it difficult for her to stand up to her fellow Jujutsu students.

Deadly Women in Anime

Kasumi Miwa

She wields a katana and it is her first weapon of choice in battle. She has also studied the Lai sword drawing technique and has already incorporated Jujutsu techniques into her techniques. This makes her a formidable opponent and one of the deadly women in anime.

Makima: Chainsaw Man

Makima is a cunning and manipulative control devil and her powers also embody the fear of control or conquest. She has controlled Denji through her promises of a romantic relationship while also threatening him with extermination if he disobeys her. She also possesses a lot of physical strength and it allows her to fight effectively in hand-to-hand combat without having to rely on her subordinates.

Deadly Women in Anime


She is strong enough to have overwhelmed Pochita and managed to shatter his chainsaws with her strikes. With her control devils abilities, she has a variety of abilities that could be inherent from her as a devil or borrowed from another devil. She is capable of controlling any being that she believes is inferior to her and can force them into making contracts with her on another devil and the victim would subsequently lose their memories.

Erza Scarlett: Fairy Tail

Being the S Class mage and having also served as the 7th guild master upon Makarov’s absence. Erza is very strict and often criticizes the bad behavior and habits of other guild members. Most of them are afraid of her and would not want to invoke her wrath as she also doesn’t like people who don’t respond to her quickly.

Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet

She has also described herself as a cool, beautiful, and warm person who is full of passion. She is strong and a little scary but everyone in the guild relies on her. She also serves as a disciplinary officer of her guild in case people are getting out of hand. She would usually do this to Natsu and Gray who would usually quarrel over every little thing. So this has also set Erza as one of the deadly women in anime that we have seen so far.

Tsunade: Naruto Shippuden

Dubbed as one of the legendary Sanin by Hanzo after the second shinobi world war. Tsunade appears as arguably the strongest woman in Naruto world save for the Otsutsukis. When it comes to raw strength no one would compare to her and she has mastered lots of skills alongside Jiraiya and Orochimaru.

Deadly Women in Anime


Tsunade easily defeated skilled shinobi like Kabuto and went don’t to fight Orochimaru and defeated him almost by herself. After these feats, she later became the fifth Hokage and is the only female Hokage in history to date. In fact, she was the first-ever woman who became a Kage, and later on, other nations would follow through and appoint women for their Kage positions.

Maki Oze: Fire Force

Even though she appears calm at times, Maki is very courteous to her teammates and those she meets for the first time. She also has a great code of respect as a former soldier and even though she is a kind-hearted person. She has the physique of a capable fighter as she easily defeated Shinra and Arthur without any hesitation.

Maki Oze

Maki Oze

She also likes to use her fire abilities for fun which makes her even more deadly and dangerous. She is very strict in her methods of training as seen when she was sparring with both Shira and Arthur. She told them to go all out and was still confident that she can take them on without any difficulties. She has also proven through several battles that she is really deadly and scary as an opponent in a fight.

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