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Top Basketball Anime You Should Watch Right Now

ahiru no sora
Ahiru no Sora

Are you a sports fan or a person who likes watching sports-themed anime? Usually, from anime and manga series, you will learn various aspects of sports, and basketball is one of the most popular anime themes in the world. Basketball anime series are usually not only about matches but also about the relationships between the main characters, their dreams, and their struggles to be on top of the game. there will always be a battle between each character that people like to see. Each character will also be likely to have its own distinct character with a unique persona and its own great skills while playing sport.

From the time that they practice seriously and give the message never to give up but wrapped in a lot of comedy and emotional scenes that many people love. Here are the best basketball-themed anime series that you must watch!

13. Onagawa Chuu Baske Bu

We are starting off the list with a beloved anime with a Basketball theme that is so famous in Japan. Moreover, it is also based on real-life events. Prepare to be inspired, thrilled, and bamboozled by the resilience shown by the little basketball team of Onagawa Junior High. It’s a special released in 2017 depicting how the Onagawa earthquake destroyed the lives of the people there. Regardless, these young children were still able to keep thriving despite everything that was happening around them.

From the ashes of destruction, the deaths of innocent people, and the crisis, the High School’s basketball team is rising up to glory even when their team has to be reduced to five members.

This is one of those anime that shows if what it truly means to thrive and try our best to surpass our limitations.

12. Barangay 143

The Philippines is the country that stands out in the game of basketball. Evidently, this country has already competed in the FIBA ​​competition. Inspired by the totality and love of the Philippines in this regard, Philippine basketball will be represented in an anime titled Barangay 143.

As reported by Anime News Network, this anime will air on October 21, 2018, through the GMA 7 network. The project initiated by Synergy 88 (Philippines) with August Media Holdings (Singapore) and TV Asahi (Japan) was first announced in July 2018. Uniquely, the series This anime was designed in Manila involving support crews from Japan, the Philippines, and Singapore.

Barangay 143 tells the story of a character named Bren Tondo Park, who loves basketball. He rejects his destiny to become a great player when tragedy strikes his family. While traveling to the Philippines, he met a legendary coach, Coach B, who encouraged him to return to playing basketball.

He vows never to play basketball again and travels to the Philippines, where he finds his way back to himself, his heart, and his game.

In Manila, the legendary basketball coach, Coach B seeks justice for his son’s death. He began by using the game that took his son from him to find the culprit and bring down the syndicate. But he needed a captain, a leader who would lead his ragged team of unsuitable players to victory.

Bound by their tragic defeat and by a game that takes everything from them, Bren and Coach B soon find through basketball peace, justice, forgiveness, redemption, and love.

On the other hand, Coach B also has a sad past. He takes advantage of the game of basketball to avenge the death of his son. Both bound by past tragedies and feelings of loss, the two slowly discover the meaning of peace, love, and forgiveness in basketball.

11. Breakers

Breakers tell about athletes with disabilities who take part in the paralympic championship. The main character is Ren Narita, who is known as a sports expert who is kicked out of the world he likes because of a problem. However, he did not give up because he then tried a career in the paralympic world.

There, Ren meets Paralympic athletes who have their individual fears that need to be overcome so that they can shine on the field. Becoming an athlete with a disability is not easy because not only physically but mentally, they must be strong. This anime will definitely make you touched because the story is quite deep.

10. Buzzer Beater

Buzzer Beater

This series tells of a basketball team whose players still contain humans. They have a goal to become the best team by defeating a team that is already filled with aliens. If you are looking for a different story, this anime can be an option. This anime is very strange and unnerving. You will see humans playing basketball with several weird skills in order to win the game.

The main character Hideyoshi is a homeless boy living in New York in the near future who survives by taking other kids to play basketball.

But now he’s been drafted into a pro-team with a unique goal. There was a time when humans dominated the game of basketball. Times have changed, and now a physically superior alien player has taken over the game, and there are hardly any human players left.

But Hideyoshi’s team-the first all-human team to compete in the Space League – intends to change all that and bring the championship home to earth.

basketball with the aliens. The time setting in Buzzer Beater is already in the future that the meeting between humans and aliens is not impossible.

Broadly speaking, Buzzer Beater tells of a very advanced civilization where aliens are now competing in a basketball tournament. It is Hideyoshi and the basketball team whose players are “still” humans trying to return the basketball to its proper direction.

Even though it sounds strange and unimaginable, take it easy. Through the series, you will be presented with a fierce match between humans and aliens. The premise of humans and aliens is normal to encounter in this genre.

9. I’ll/CKBC

This OVA-format anime has an interesting story. The two main characters are basketball rivals for a long time, but one day they can become a team. Even though they didn’t get along right away, their feud was enough to make people laugh.

I’ll / CKBC is a 2 episode OVA that is an adaptation of Hiroyuki Asada’s basketball manga. Unlike other basketball anime, the story in this series focuses more on the interactions between team members outside the basketball court and also the action scenes on the court.

Akane Tachibana is a high school student who has a talent for basketball but decides to leave the sports club. But since reuniting with his rival, Hiiragi Hitonari, who turns out to be in the same school as him, he has decided to join the Kouzu High School basketball team to reach the top.

8. Kuroko no Basket

a still from the anime kuroko no basket

Kuroko no Basket is probably the most famous basketball anime in the world. Wrapped in a cool and funny scene about a group of young people with various basketball abilities. This series is probably one of the most popular sports-themed anime.

It tells the story of Kuroko, a member of the “invisible” Seirin High school basketball club, who has a unique perfect baiting ability to help his school become the best team in Japan. This anime is often criticized for being unrealistic, but of course, we watch it for fun, not for technical things.

7. Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk is another basketball anime about the Shohoku High School team and the struggles of its members. If you like sports anime series from the 1990s, then you should watch this anime. The story is a little harsh and more realistic than Kuroko no Basket, but of course, it is wrapped in lots of funny scenes and dialogues.

This anime has a unique story and unique characters. The main character Kuroko is a basketball player who lousy. He can’t shoot; the ball must bounce straight from the basket. Kuroko also runs slowly so opposing players can chase him. But he is very good at passing. Besides that, because of his small body, many people are not aware of his situation. He also used this to pass without being caught by the opposing player.

6. Dash Kappei

Dash Kappei

This is a very old anime series from the 1980s whose story centers on Kappei, a short high schoolboy, and his struggle to become a basketball player. If you like series from the 1980s and their story style, you might like this anime.

This basketball-themed anime carries an implicit message about self-acceptance; whatever its shape and body shape is not an obstacle to achieving success. A deep message, this is what Dash tries! Kappei says. Old anime that you must see. It tells about a skilled basketball player named Kappei. Unlike most basketball players who are synonymous with big and tall bodies. This Kappei is relatively short and very tiny, my friend. But try to imagine, with such a small body, Kappei is very good at playing basketball.

The whole story takes us to watch Kappei take on other basketball teams. Friends will be presented with cute and funny appearances from Kappei Watching Dash Kappei even though it seems old school, but the execution of the basketball match is chaotic. What you need to remember is that this anime is full of ecchi and fanservice elements

5 Dear Boys

Dear Boys

Dear Boys is another anime series about a high school basketball team struggling to be the best team. This anime tells the story of former captain Aikawa Kazuhiko who transfers to Mizuho High School, where he faces a basketball team member who does not really have enthusiasm about training. Can he change their perspective and start practicing again?

It tells about the struggles of a high school basketball team trying to be number one in matches between prefectures. This anime involves a lot of relationships between its members, especially Kazuhiko Aikawa and Takumi Fujiwara.

At first, the Mizuho High School basketball team couldn’t compete because they didn’t have enough players, especially since the coach left them after getting into conflict with Takumi. But the arrival of Aikawa, who encouraged them, finally started to raise their enthusiasm to compete. The story chronicles around just that, and you will be entertained through every minute till the end.

4. Ahiru no Sora

Ahiru no Sora

It tells the story of a high school boy named Sora Kuramatani, who promises to his mother, a former Japanese Women’s National Team athlete, that he will make an achievement in a high school tournament.

However, Sora’s dream had to go through a steep path because the men’s basketball team at Kuzuryu High School, where he attended school, turned out to be on hiatus and did not accept new members.

The plot of the story in this film goes with a forward plot with occasional flashback scenes about the lives of some of the characters in the past.The opening soundtrack of the anime Ahiru no Sora is titled ‘Happy Go Ducky’ and is sung by The Pillows. The rhythm of the opening of this song is a bit reminiscent of the Digimon Adventure soundtrack in the 90s.

The strength of the anime Ahiru no Sora, especially when compared to Kuroko no Basket, is its comedy. Some of the characters in Ahiru no Sora are very entertaining with their behavior both on and off the field.

Each character has the potential to entertain comedically, including the supporting characters that only appear once.

The manga itself tells the story of the main character named Kurumatani Sora, a teenager who is definitely a basketball lover and has a strong desire to become a basketball player. Her mother inspired the story because she was a basketball player.

This made Kurumatani eager to play basketball since childhood. Then this Kurumatani entered a basketball team at his new school. The story revolves around Kurumatani’s journey to become a reliable basketball player who is full of intrigue and stories of struggle. Can Kurumatani match his mother’s ability? If you are curious and can’t wait for the anime version to air, you can go directly to the manga reading site, which is, of course, legal to find out how the main character is proceeding.

3. Mitsu x Mitsu Drops

It’s no secret that anime sports are synonymous with shounen (shounen is the name for young boys), and they are the main target. You will find many sports anime that are full of masculinity that is presented in each title. But what happens if this time shoujo (shoujo is the name for young girls) is the main target? Well, in this very early number, we have one recommendation for anime sports, which is basketball, where it takes a feminine perspective on storytelling.

Mitsu x Mitsu Drops (Honey x Honey Drops is the only sports anime that combines sports and romance themes in the style of shoujo anime. It tells about an academy called Houjo and a coursing club in it called Kuge. Kuge is only occupied by people.  Then the story takes us to a character named Kai Renge who regrets after registering at the club, especially now that he is now being treated as a slave.

2. Ro-Kyu-Bu!

Another anime about basketball has its own characteristics. Here the basketball players are girls who are playing basketball for the first time. Even though they are not good at playing basketball, these girls are very enthusiastic about practicing. They are trained by coaches who are quite disciplined. They also look cute.

A basketball team consisting of five young girls has a new coach who is still in high school. The five young girls are 6th-grade students who are still innocent and can’t play basketball. If you are looking for an anime series about little girls who are starting to learn to bait, dribble and shoot, then this anime is for you.

1. Basquash


This basketball anime is quite different from anime about basketball in general. If humans usually play basketball at Basquash, you will see robots competing in basketball. This anime quite nicely combines sports and sci-fi themes. Since it is a robot competing, certainly, the basketball game is not an ordinary match.

This anime is actually quite old. It was produced by Studio Satelight from April 2009 to October 2009. I just watched the anime in early 2010. Satelight Studio itself is famous for anime such as Fairy Tail, Hellsing Ultimate, Log Horizon, and Macross series.

Anime Basquash itself tells the story of a boy named Dan JD. He is a street basketball player. One day due to doing BFB (Big Foot Basketball), he is finally chased by the police.

And JD himself has a dream to take part in the BFB competition on the moon. Together with his childhood friend Miyuki (who is a talented mechanic), he managed to make Big Foot; a Mecha used to play BFB games.

The problem arises because the official competition for this game is on the moon. Finally, Dan JD, disguised as Dunk Master, plays a BFB game in the city. Of course, this makes the city of Rollingtown, where he lives in chaos.

However, it turned out that this turned out to be able to attract the attention of the BFB committee to take part in the official tournament on the Moon. Together with his rivals Iceman Hotty and Sela finally formed his own Basquash team. Can Dan JD achieve his dream?

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