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Top Anime Characters Voiced by Hiro Shimono

Hiro Shimono
Anime Characters Voiced by Hiro Shimono

Voice Actors have always played an enormous role in enhancing the personality traits of an animated character. Hiro Shimono is one such character who is known for his voice acting for multiple high-rated anime characters. Starting from Zenitsu in Demon Slayer, Connie Springer in Attack on Titan, and the list goes on. Hiro Shimono was born on April 21, 1980, in Tokyo, Japan. Besides being a renowned Voice actor, he is also a vocalist who works with I’m Enterprise. Furthermore, He was awarded Best Karaage-nist in the seiyuu category four times from 2012 to 2015. As of his personal life, he is married along with two children.

One of his unique talents is that he can invent beautiful melodies on the spot. Besides that, Shimono Hiro can determine which and where the Karaage (Japanese fried chicken) is purchased after having 1-2 bites of it. Few of his hobbies are Cooking, Karaoke and Sunbathing. Hiro Shimono has a very lengthy list of voice acting which includes video games such as Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle – Secco, Final Fantasy XIII, Project X Zone. Then CD Drama such as Maid-Sama – Shouichiro Yukimura, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – The Hatter, etc. He has also been in various theatrical animation, radio, original video animation, comics, dubbing, and last not the least in TV anime. Among his multiple voice acting performances in anime, we will discuss his famous roles in this article.

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – Zenitsu Agatsuma

Zenitsu Agatsuma goes alongside Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He’s a Corps Demon Slayer. Zenitsu, the coward, says he won’t survive long enough to be a Demon Slayer. A demon was mistaken for Shoichi, a little youngster with no special demon-slaying abilities. Zenitsu is normally scared and avoids danger, preferring a normal existence versus slaying demons. Zenitsu’s loud shouts upset everyone.


Zenitsu Agatsuma

Despite his flaws, Zenitsu strives to meet people’s expectations. Jigoro Kuwajima’s vengeance helps him conquer his worries. Mindless worry and incompetence drive Zenitsu to change. Zenitsu seemed to adore Nezuko, boldly expressing his feelings and protecting her from harm. He respects ladies by letting go of a girl’s ear. Zenitsu is a womanizer to avoid being alone if slain. He routinely picks up beautiful females to marry him.

Attack on Titan – Connie Springer

Connie Springer is a 104th Training Corps member. He finished eighth in his class and came from the remote Ragako hamlet inside Wall Rose, intending to make his family and community proud of him. Connie joined the Survey Corps after graduating. He is presently an officer in the Survey Corps. Connie is best characterized as extroverted and impulsive. He has little trouble expressing himself and likes showing off his abilities, particularly during his days as a trainee. Connie is initially inattentive despite his military background and likes fooling about with his pals, but he can also be a little dense at times.


Connie Springer

After many near brushes with the Titans, Connie’s innocent excitement fades. He never grows more serious. Even though, to his chagrin, he still has some trouble grasping new developments as they emerge. Connie must also confront his limitations, despising his lack of strength yet desperate to establish his usefulness.

My Hero Academia – Dabi

Dabi is Toya Todoroki. He’s a big bad in My Hero Academia. Former Vanguard Action Squad member of the League of Villains. He finally joined the PLF. Dabi leads the “Vanguard Action Guerilla Warfare Regiment: Violet” alongside Geten. Toya was a boisterous child eager to learn from his father. His father told him as a child. He would surpass All Might. Toya characterized his goal as a father-sparked fire. He became Dabi.



Dabi is a strange individual who wants to operate alone and independently. He also knows more about people than he lets on. Dabi relishes portraying himself as a villain fighting against phony heroes, a stance shared by his apparent mentor, Stain. Dabi agrees with Stain that a determined person may destroy superhuman civilization. Indulge Dabi’s sadistic vengeance, and cause Endeavor agony. Dabi is aware of his idiocy and is receptive to the idea of death. He also states he has no feelings, not even for his family, confirming Dabi’s apathy and doom.

Tokyo Revengers – Rindou Haitani

Rindo Haitani is Ran Haitani’s younger brother and a member of the S62 Generation. He was a member of Tenjiku before it disbanded and afterward became Rokuhara Tandai’s 3rd Seat. In the present, he has become a Bonten executive. Rindo has a vicious personality since he frequently revels in hearing his opponent’s agonizing moans when their limbs are severed.

Rindou Haitani

Rindou Haitani

He is cruel and cruel to his opponents, locking their joints and shattering them repeatedly. Rindo is similarly proud of his brother’s abilities. He despises those who try to keep the enjoyment to themselves during wars. Rindo, the elder brother, is more serious than his younger sibling. He is enraged that people think he is the weaker brother since he is younger. Rindo is aggressive and arrogant. His overconfidence may drive him to make unsafe decisions. At the very least, he has lost a fight.

Berserk – Isidro

Isidro is a young thief who joins Guts’ traveling party. Aspiring mercenary warrior, if not soldier, Isidro, His objectives are based on the mythology of the “Hundred Man Slayer” from the original Band of the Falcon. Guts always backed his wish, never having informed Isidro he was his idol. Although Guts denies it, he is a father to Isidro. Guts are teaching him to be the world’s best swordfighter.



Guts have different strengths, speeds, heights, and arms reach and teach Isidro his unique fighting style. Isidro likes the young witch. Sonia wonders if the swordsman Schierke is drawn to is Isidro. Despite his flaws, Guts has more faith in Isidro than Gambino does. Even with their differences, he respects Schierke and women. But women irritate him, mainly when they are naked, as when he rescues a nude Nina from pagans at Albion. Schierke prevents Isidro from eavesdropping on Casca.

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid – Taketo Aida

Taketo Aida is an acquaintance of Ilulu’s as well as a coworker. As a result of his suspicions about Ilulu both before and immediately after meeting her, he first seemed to be of a conscious disposition. On the other hand, he has shown that he is supportive and kind by going out of his way to provide a helping hand.
Black Clover – Nacht Faust

Taketo Aida

Taketo Aida


Nacht Faust is a demon host and former Faust nobility. He leads the Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knights Black Bull squad. He’s been a spy for the Spade Kingdom for years. Nacht is a rationalist. He feels losing a conflict is all the fault of the loser and that losers are deceived. Nacht isn’t scared to express his emotions. He is also not hesitant to criticize the Magic Knight commanders in front of them. He has a very rigorous definition of good and evil; something is good if it is outstanding from the start, but anything dreadful that becomes nice is still awful. Nacht believes that doing good does not make up for previous wrongs. This belief stems from his inability to forgive himself for his actions.

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Tokyo Ghoul- Naki

Naki was a ghoul imprisoned in Cochlea until Aogiri Tree attacked. Aogiri Tree also rescued him since he was Yamori’s right-hand man. His twins Gagi and Guge were never far away. He worked his way up through Aogiri’s ranks to become an executive. The number of ghouls following him had expanded dramatically, becoming the White Suits due to their distinctive attire.




Naki’s personality shines through naturally. He was convinced of his position as Yamori’s right-hand guy. However, Naki admires Yamori’s flair and imitates his finger-snapping habit with his middle finger. Naki is optimistic, trusting, and naive but sometimes impatient and irritable. Naki is illiterate, according to Akihiro Kanou, with a restricted vocabulary and illiterate in reading, writing, and even spelling. “Scientist” or “create an alliance” are frequent mispronunciations and mishearings corrected by others. Notably, Naki can use complicated vocabulary without error but cannot comprehend simple ideas such as “encroachment” or “direction”. The result of his haphazard self-education.

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! – Hanzō Urushihara/Lucifer

Hanz Urushihara is a Demon King commander. The Demon Lord was destroyed by Hero Emilia, Lucifer was covertly saved by Olba Meyer. After defeating the Demon Lord, he joined Sadao Maou and Ashiya. In anime-exclusive episode 6, Lucifer uses Maou, Ashiya, Chiho, and Emi to collect his missing gaming console from an abandoned classroom in order to reclaim their talents.

Hanzō Urushihara

Hanzō Urushihara


Not helping Ashiya with chores is his favorite pastime. He also claims to be socially uncomfortable and has a short fuse, which causes him to shout at people. He is sluggish, scarcely glancing up from his computer to eat despite Ashiya and Sadao’s wonderful dinners. But it appears he is hiding sentiments behind his easygoing and casual demeanor. He sells his hard drive to help pay off his debts.

Kemono Jihen – Nobimaru

Yoko Inari’s subordinate is Homuramaru Nowaki (Nobimaru). He also commands the Special Investigation Unit. Homuramaru Nowaki is a clever manipulator. Aside from that, he seems to work with the main protagonists, notably Inari’s Special Investigation Unit. His history and personal secrets hide his genuine objectives. It shows in warfare. Fearing violence or carnage, he finds such circumstances amusing. Nobimaru fights. Under pressure, he’s calm and inventive.



Nobimaru, Inari’s dedicated follower, reveres lady Inari. He dislikes her and tells Kabane so. When Nobimaru begins criticizing Inari, he loses his usual good nature. He pauses and denies “a slip of the tongue”. Tough love Nobimaru will serve Inari. His betrayal of the Inugami Detective Office workers eager to assist Inari is exposed. Fearing Inari, Nobimaru would mislead and disregard her. He may act any way he wants, protecting Kon. Inari would call Nobimaru a traitor.

Log Horizon– Sojiro Seta

Soujiro Seta (Souji) is a Human Samurai-Master Swordsman in Elder Tale. He led West Wind Brigade and was a member of the Debauchery Tea Party. Known Master Swordsmen (the other being Takayama Misa). He’s prescient. “All the females lust for him,” Naotsugu remarks. His admirers make up almost his guild, while another has over 200 members. Sadly, he is too preoccupied with gaming and Elder Tale to bother about romance.

Sojiro Seta

Sojiro Seta


For his good looks, many ladies adore him for his readiness to aid them in times of need. And if they touch him, he’ll murder them. Nazuna observes that Soujiro appreciates all women since it is in his character. But most ladies don’t perceive his “real character.” Because Nazuna is a woman, she values her counsel less than Shiroe or Kazuhiko’s. He only mentions other Tea Party males and overlooks the ladies, even the five who love him. Despite his curiously perceptive judgments, he admits he isn’t particularly educated and has problems expressing some of his findings.

RahXephon- Ayato Kamina

Ayato Kamina is a student and artist located in Tokyo. The bulk of his work in the series features a girl on a ledge with a sea view. His birthmarks, which resemble runes, are revealed to be an indicator of his potential as an instrument for the RahXephon, an undiscovered gigantic heavenly entity. Ayato drew an image of a girl with her back to the viewer, and his encounter with Reika Mishima leads him to the Rahxephon. Throughout his life, he will encounter and learn from various people.


Ayato Kamina

Ayato, a Tokyo Jupiter outsider, tries hard to blend in and be liked. Even when he uses the RahXephon to protect Nirai Kanai, he questions his abilities and usefulness. He also struggles to comprehend his relationship with Haruka, cope with the fiery Megumi, and mix with the other TERRA workers, who vary from acceptance and friendliness to skepticism and even contempt.

Yosuga no Sora- Haruka Kasugano

Haruka Kasugano is the primary character and Sora Kasugano’s twin brother. He is a likable, honest, and compassionate guy who forges long-lasting connections with astonishing ease while being immature and overprotective at times. Haruka is well-liked in the hamlet since their grandpa was a doctor there. The anime is true to the game and displays arcs in which Haruka has love connections with the story’s heroines.


Haruka Kasugano

Baka and Test- Akihisa Yoshii

Akihisa Yoshii is the main character of the Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu series and the light novel narrator. Unwitting Class 2-F Ambassador at Fumizuki Academy. Akihisa is the Baka of them all and arguably the Academy’s greatest imbecile. That is, he doesn’t think about what his friends do for him, as when he mistook Himeji’s love letter for Yuuji. But Akihisa is a lovely soul, constantly smiling.


Akihisa Yoshii

Despite his wild and lazy nature, he is always eager to stand up for his buddies. Unlike Yuuji, his easygoing idleness does not convert him into a “cool guy” appearance. Instead, he’s genuinely cheerful and carefree. Throughout the series, Akihisa is shown to be aware of his stupidity and can overcome it if necessary or if his companions are in danger.

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The World God Only Knows- Keima Katsuragi

Keima Katsuragi is Tamiki Wakaki’s primary character in The World God Only Knows. Known as the God of Conquest in gaming, he is a dating simulator expert. Otamegane is a combination of “Otaku” and “Megane”. “Otamegane” means “dreary nerd with glasses”, referring to his temperament. An Internet “deadline” would keep Keima locked in his room for three days. “I see it!” he exclaims.

Keima Katsuragi

Keima Katsuragi

At the start of the series, Keima claims he isn’t drawn to “3D females” and that such concepts are beneath him. He hates himself and the truth. So he flees to 2D. Keima is a finisher. Keima spent seven hours researching a gaming issue, exhausted even Elsie. And he finds that there are no flawed heroines, just bad games. When not changing his demeanor, he is icy and distant. He will ignore others until they are forcefully yelled at, physically attacked, or appealed.

Uta no Prince-Sama Series- Syo Kurusu

Syo Kurusu is a Saotome Academy student in the S Class. He is a member of STRISH and Kaoru Kurusu’s twin brother. Hiro Shimono provides his voice. Syo is a high-energy individual with a positive attitude. He may be highly hot-headed and protective at times, particularly when ridiculed for his height. Syo was hospitalized often as a youngster owing to his heart issue, and he loathed the body he was given.


Syo Kurusu

He was informed he would only live to be 12 years \old. Despite being told of this, Syo remained active and even outlived his life expectancy, and he is still alive and well. Syo had a tremendous desire to strengthen himself and his physique due to his heart ailment, so he ultimately took up karate and is now on par with his hero, Ryuya Hyuga.

Karneval- Nai

Nai is one of Karneval’s primary characters. He is one of the story’s early characters, and he meets Gareki during one of his steals, prompting the two to go on their trip together. Nai is kind and innocent, albeit a little naive. Because he relies on Karoku, he prefers to rely on others around him who are eager to assist him, which often leads to him getting into problems.



Nai is unfamiliar with the world around him and is perplexed by seemingly simple concepts, as well as the accolades he often gets as a result of his otherworldliness. When Gareki first discovered him, he had no idea what blood was and referred to it as “red water.” Despite this, he is incredibly courageous, as he dived to rescue an endangered species and protected Karoku when they were alone and assaulted. Nai is a pure and innocent individual in every way. He is willing to assist and devoted to people he considers friends.

Orient – Shirō Inukai

Shiro Inukai is a mystery Bushi and Obsidian Eight member. He pursues the Obsidian Goddess to get the most powerful Kitetsu Sword. Shiro is often portrayed as a carefree, gregarious individual with a cheerful personality. He is a significant enthusiast of Kitetsu swords and often talks about them or boasts about his collection. Shiro transforms into a whole new person when they get interested in a subject he is also concerned about.

He removes his mask and reveals his actual personality. Shiro is a slick talker who understands what suits particular settings, and he isn’t afraid to lie to obtain what he wants as he did with Musashi. During combat, he shows no compassion and transforms into a vicious warrior capable of killing many people in the blink of an eye. He despises the weak who flee from battle, but he admires those who demonstrate courage.

Shirō Inukai

Shirō Inukai

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