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Top 8 Worst Characters From The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Poster

Often when our favorite show introduces characters, we start judging them until we find common ground. Although, the writers always have a way to change the character’s qualities from bad to good. But few characters go from bad to worst, for example, Katherine in The Vampire Diaries. Here, we are going to discuss the worst characters in The Walking Dead. Many of you have already watched this series which gave you enough time to guess The Walking Dead worst characters. Let’s see how many of your guesses are correct!

Before we start naming the worst characters in The Walking Dead, let us shower some information regarding the show. The Walking Dead is one of the long-lasting series with the highest popularity. The series involves a group of survivors who need to adjust according to the new world in which Zombie co-exists. The survivors face several difficulties, either it’s related to the outburst of people’s conflicts. Writers have surely done a fantastic job with the Season’s twists and turns.

About The Walking Dead

The series has been airing since 2010, and the latest Season (Season 13) was released recently. The Walking Dead Season 13 Episode 17 got aired on April 10th, 2022. Mostly, when a series gets pulled for an unexpected period, writers often screw up, and the ending is a total disaster. e.g., Game of Thrones, How I met your Mother, Two and a Half men, etc.

The Walking Dead has been going on for the past 11 years but has also released many spinoffs. Some of these spinoffs are The Fear of Walking Dead, Tales of The Walking Dead, Isle of the Dead, and The Walking Dead: World Beyond. All these spins off are related to the survival of the saved citizens and their scarifies. Spinoff Isle of the Dead is going to be aired in 2023, although spinoff Fear the Walking Dead is going on from 2015.

worst characters in The Walking Dead

Cast of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is an American Post- Apocalyptical Horror series based on the comic book series. While The TV series got developed by Frank Darabont, the comic series was created by Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman, and Tony Moore. The cast consists of Andrew Lincoln, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs, etc. The cast also contributed an immense amount of effort and their time and, in return, gained massive fandom.

The show starts when a cop gets shot and later wakes up in a world full of Zombies. He is determined to find his family, and on the journey, he meets other survivors. When he’s reunited with his family, he leads all of them. He becomes their leader and tries their best to survive and fight back. You can watch this series on Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar. Here, we’ll be listing down the worst characters of The Walking Dead. So, keep reading and guessing who ranks at the top.

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Top 8 Worst Characters From The Walking Dead

Several characters got introduced in the show throughout these years. Some become our favorite, and for some, we wish they’d disappear. If we ever felt like that for a character, that automatically means the Actor/ Actress has done a brilliant job. Here are we going to mention the list of the worst characters of The Walking Dead till now.

1. Judith

Judith is the daughter of Rick, born in between this pandemic. She is the future of Humanity as she has only seen the world in which Zombies and Humans are at war for survival. Her age in Season 11 is ten, which makes her one of the longest-running characters. Although, Judith’s genetic father is Shane, Rick’s friend. Shane and Lori’s affair ended after Rick came. Although, Lori was pregnant with Judith till then. Judith got played by several stars.

worst characters in The Walking Dead

Judith Grimes

The actresses keep changing according to age development. In Season 3, Adelaide and Eliza Cornwell played Judith. Later, Cailey Fleming is the Judith character from Season 9.

2. Father Gabriel

Father Gabriel got introduced in the Second Season when he bumps into Rick’s group. He stops them from reaching the church as he was the one who ran away without saving anyone. This character wasn’t that interesting as his intentions were never clear. The only thing interesting was his Dark backstory and his bonding with Negan. He opens up about his past to Negan while being surrounded by Walkers. The Actor who is playing the role of Father Gabriel is Seth Gilliam.

Father Gabriel

3. Lizzie

She was the mentally disturbed kid who put everyone in a dangerous situation. She got convinced that walkers aren’t dangerous and they just want to live like us. Lizzie used to put food for them like small animals so that they could feed themselves. That Back-stabbing act of her put everyone in great danger. There was an attack on the prison due to her constant feeding nature.

worst characters in The Walking Dead


With her increasing age, her mental state is worse. She killed her little sister Mika and was trying to kill baby Judith. She and her sister were under Carol’s custody. Later, Carol got forced to kill Lizzie to stop her from being a threat to other living and save Baby Judith. Lizzie got played by Brighton Sharbino. 

4. Milton Mamet

Milton was an eager Scientist who wanted nothing more than to learn more about the Walkers. He was the Governor’s trusted person until he tried to help Andrea. For this Treacherous act, he injects Milton with the Zombie virus. Later he tries to get Andrea to the chair. He leaves them both to die and locks the room. Milton turns and bites Andrea, which leads both of them toward their death. He is one of the worst characters in The Walking Dead, as he was a blind follower of the Governor.

Milton with Andrea

He was experimenting on zombies and Humans to find a way to turn the Governor’s daughter back into a human. Although, he failed to do so and created an immense danger for everyone. This character got played by Dallas Roberts. 

5. Jadis/Anne

Anne is also known as Jadis, who got introduced in Season 7. She is shown as a strong leader who has a double face and will do anything to save her group as he is the trusted leader. Jadis has managed to raise her group with limited resources. She only thinks about her group and how to provide them to the fullest. She has betrayed Rick and others several times to obtain the maximum resources.

Worst characters in The Walking Dead


She is so fluctuating that once you start thinking there is a development, you are proved wrong. Although, the only thing Anne did was by saving Rick at the last when she walked out alone. She was the worst character in The Walking Dead and got played by Pollyanna McIntosh.

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6. The Governor

He is one of the worst characters in The Walking Dead, as he killed many personalities. His real name was Philip Blake, who got introduced in Season 3. His only goal was to save his daughter. He wanted to bring her back in human form after she turned into a Zombie. Although, he failed and, in the process, killed many people. He was cruel and cold-hearted and only cared for himself. The Governor killed Hershel, threatened Maggie, and made a plan to kill Rick. He knew how to survive at the cost of others and never feared that. He got played by David Morrissey.

The Governor

7. Beth

Her full name is Beth Greene, daughter of Hershel Greene. She is a soft-hearted girl who wanted to live an ordinary life with her family. Beth is also a half-sister of Maggie and Shawn. She was confusing at the starting as she was considered a weak and easy target. Although, her character grew too and she became emotionally stronger. Her romantic life included Jimmy, Zach, and Daryl Dixon.

worst characters in The Walking Dead


Writers never knew what to do with her. As a result, she got rated as one of the worst characters in The Walking Dead. After her death, fans were disappointed as they liked her character development. Beth got played by Emily Kinney.

8. Lori Grimes

Lori was one of the worst characters in The Walking Dead due to her romantic life choices. She tried her best to survive with her son Carl. She believed Rick was dead, and her relationship with Rick’s best friend Shane grew closer. When Rick was roaming around to find his family, Lori was busy developing a bond with Shane. Even after Rick reunited with his family, Lori couldn’t let go of Shane. She convinced both of them to stay with the group even after knowing how dangerous it’ll be. That’s why she got disliked by the audience. Even after her drastic death, the audience didn’t mourn her that much. Lori got played by Sarah Wayne Callies.

worst characters in The Walking Dead

Lori with her son, Carol

These are the few characters who were disliked the most. Apart from them, the worst characters in The Walking Dead were George, Negan, Simon, Eugene, Spencer, and others. These characters were cruel or had some of the worst character development. Although, we can blame that on the writers for not putting effort into these characters. . 

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