Top 7 Most Anticipated K-Dramas to Watch in February 2022

February 2022 K-dramas

It’s already 2022, and our K-drama fever is on the rise more than ever. Thanks to the amazing Korean drama content, which goes far more than just entertaining us! While we already have so much on our January K-drama watchlist, February isn’t going to disappoint us either. Shows like ‘Ghost Doctor,’ ‘Through The Darkness,’ and ‘All of Us are Dead’ are enough to keep us occupied this month. However, February 2022 K-dramas is all about variety with genres like action, thriller, romance, slice of life, and comedy waiting for us.

While some of the actors are finally making a big comeback on the small screen, some are continuing to rise on the ladder of success! It seems like February 2022 is going to be very special. So if you want to know what K-dramas to watch in February 2022 to keep you occupied, here you go. We have made a list of the top seven most anticipated K-dramas to watch next month.

7. Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man

Screenwriter: Yoon Hyun Ho
Starring: Ahn Bo Hyun, Jo Bo Ah, Oh Yeon Soo, Kim Young Min, Kim Woo Seok, Park Sang Nam
Airs: Feb 28, 2022 – Apr 19, 2022
Total Number of Episodes: 16
Where to Watch: tvN

My Name‘ and ‘Yumi’s Cells’ fame Ahn Bo Hyun is coming back with another solid, action-packed K-drama! The story revolves around a military prosecutor named Do Bae Man, who gets into this field just for the sake of finding success and wealth. He comes across a rookie military prosecutor, Cha Woo, who is fearless and confident and has brilliant investigation skills for a rookie. When they start working together, they break down the evils in the military, during which Do Bae Man understands the real meaning of being a military prosecutor.

Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man
Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man

6. Sponsor

Director: Kwak Gi Won
Screenwriter: Park Gye Hyung
Starring: Lee Ji Hoon, Han Chae Young, Ji Yi Soo, Koo Ja Sung, Kim Yun Seo, Park Geun Hyung
Airs: Feb 23, 2022 – Mar 31, 2022
Total Number of Episodes: 12

‘Sponsor’ is a romance thriller centering on four men and women who are full of ambition to achieve their own dreams and desires. While Lee Sun Woo is an editor in a magazine and photographer, harboring feelings of revenge disguised under his warm exterior, Han Chae Rin, the owner of a cosmetics company, is a greedy person and will go to any extent to achieve more success. On the other hand, Park Da Som is an aspiring actress struggling between success and motherhood as she has to take care of her son suffering from a rare disease. She looks cold on the outside but loves her son genuinely. Her husband, Hyun Seung Hoon is a model who desires to overcome poverty and failures and have a successful life.


5. Crazy Love

Director: Kim Jung Hyun
Screenwriter: Kim Bo Gyeom
Starring: Kim Jae Wook, Krystal Jung, Yoo In Young, Ha Joon, Yoon San Ha
Airs: Feb 14, 2022 – Apr 5, 2022
Total Number of Episodes: 16
Where to Watch: iQiyi, KBS2

Kim Jae Wook indeed impressed us in the 2019 K-drama, ‘Her Private Life‘ co-starring Park Min Young, and he is back with another office romance! A love story between the self-made narcissistic CEO of a company and an introverted and diligent secretary— sounds like a cliché until we come to know about the interesting part! While Noh Go Jin, the rich CEO, pretends to have amnesia after getting threats of murder, his secretary Lee Shin Ah pretends to be his would-be wife when she discovers that she is going to die soon.

Crazy Love
Crazy Love

However, their personalities are polar apart. While he is known for his handsome face, intelligence and confidence, she is quiet and almost non-existent. The synopsis seems to be unique with the rom-com as well as tragic vibes. Guess we need to watch it make a judgment.

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4. Thirty-Nine

Screenwriter: Yoo Young Ah
Director: Kim Sang Ho
Starring: Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do, Kim Ji Hyun, Yeon Woo Jin, Lee Moo Saeng, Lee Tae Hwan
Airs: Feb 16, 2022 – Mar 24, 2022
Total Number of Episodes: 12
Where to Watch: jTBC, Netflix

‘Thirty-Nine’ is a heart-warming K-drama revolving around the day-to-day lives of three women about to turn 40, who have been friends since their high school days. While Cha Mi Jo is a successful dermatologist in Gangnam, having everything she could ever wish for in her life, Jung Chan Young is a harsh and blunt acting teacher who aspired to be an actress when she was young. Finally, there is Jang Joo Hee, the manager of the cosmetics section in a department store, who is so timid that she hasn’t got the chance of experiencing any romantic relationship yet.

February 2022 K-dramas - Thirty Nine
Thirty Nine

The three friends encounter unforeseen circumstances and narrate their emotional and beautiful stories on love, career, and family matters. A women-oriented K-drama might be a good watch, especially when it casts veteran actresses like Son Ye Jin, Kim Ji Hyun, and Jeon Mi Do.

3. A Business Proposal

Director: Park Seon Ho
Screenwriter: Han Sul Hee, Hong Bo Hee
Starring: Kim Se Jeong, Ahn Hyo Seop, Seol In Ah, Kim Min Kyu, Bae Woo Hee, Im Ki Hong
Airs: February 28, 2022 – April 5, 2022
Total Episodes: 12
Where to Watch: Netflix, SBS

‘A Business Proposal’ is going to be the live-action version of the popular webtoon ‘Office Blind Date’ by Hae Hwa, and after watching the exciting trailer, fans cannot wait to watch it! The story follows a woman named Shin Ha Ri who has been in love with her best friend for a long time but ignorant of this; he gets a girlfriend. A heartbroken Ha Ri visits her friend Jin Young Seo, the daughter of a wealthy family who pushes her into a situation that changes her life. She asks Ha Ri to attend a blind date in her place and gets rejected then and there.

February 2022 K-dramas - A Business Proposal
A Business Proposal

Much to her surprise, she finds that her date is no other than Kang Tae Mu, the workaholic president of the company she works in. Annoyed by his grandfather constantly setting him up for dates, Tae Mu decides to marry the very next girl he meets on a blind date, who turns out to be Shin Ha Ri in the disguise of Jin Young Seo. Filled with comedy, romance and lots of drama, this boss-employee series is going to be interesting.

2. Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Screenwriter: Kwon Do Eun
Director: Jung Ji Hyun
Starring: Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Tae Ri, Bona, Choi Hyun Wook, Lee Joo Myung, Kim Young Sun
Airs: Feb 12, 2022 – Apr 3, 2022
Total Number of Episodes: 16
Where to Watch: Netflix, tnN

Don’t get yourself fooled with the sweet teasers of the drama released by tvN since the show is not your usual rom-com K-drama. It seems like there is a lot more to it and might end up becoming one of our favorite comfort shows! It is a coming-of-age story set up in 1998 when Na Hee Do was 18 and Baek Yi Jin was 22 years old. However, the happy lives of the youth change completely when their dreams suffer a big blow. Hee Do is a member of the fencing team in her high school, but her team gets disbanded owing to the IMF crisis in Korea.

February 2022 K-dramas - Twenty-five Twenty-one
Twenty-five Twenty-one

On the other hand, Yi Jin’s father’s business goes downhill for the same reason, taking away all their fortune. Years later, Hee Do gets herself a place in the sabre fencing national team after a lot of struggle while Yi Jin lives a hard life, doing part-time jobs along with continuing his studies. He ends up working at a broadcasting network as a sports reporter.

1. Forecasting Love and Weather

Screenwriter: Kang Eun Kyung, Sun Young
Director: Cha Young Hoon
Airs: Feb 12, 2022 – Apr 3, 2022
Starring: Park Min Young, Song Kang, Yoon Park, Yura, Kim Mi Kyung, Jung Woon Sun
Total Number of Episodes: 16
Where to Watch: jTBC, Netflix

Song Kang and Park Min Young together, as a couple, in a noona romance, what else do we need! At this point, Song Kang must probably be the son of Netflix’s owner, considering how all his projects to date are with it. We aren’t complaining, though! The story centers on a highly organized and intelligent woman named Jin Ha Kyung, who is known for her cold and distant demeanor. She works at the national weather forecast station and knows how to separate her personal life from the professional one.

February 2022 K-dramas - Forecasting Love and Weather
Forecasting Love and Weather

Her colleague is a free-spirited and wilful guy named Lee Shi Woo with a high IQ but is clumsy on the outside. He never fails to get anything once he decides to have it, but all he thinks about is the weather. At first, Jin Ha Kyung and Lee Shi Woo are far from getting along with each other, but Shi Woo gradually finds himself falling for her. However, when their office romance finally hit the road, Ha Kyung realizes it’s harder to keep their relationship a secret than expected.

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