Top 5 Best Less-Considered Anime


Nowadays anime are known by more people than some years ago. This happened thanks to social networks, which contributed to their spreading by sharing news and information, and also thanks to the marketing process some anime took part in.

On the contrary, what about those anime that are less marketed but deserve the same consideration as great works?
Don’t worry, I’m here today to present you the top 5 of the best less-considered anime!
Coming from a famous light novel, this anime talks about six heroes who meet all together in order to fight the Majin, an evil being that could cause the end of the world.
This anime has everything a real Otaku can appreciate: six different fighting styles, six different personalities, a love story that develops during the plot and a continuous overturning of the situation thanks to an incredible psychological strategy used by some characters.
For 2018 is planned the second season, but why you should wait? Start now and see the first one!

After the appearance of the Heaven’s Gate in South America and the Hell’s Gate in Tokyo, in the sky appeared also some “fake stars”. Every fake star is related to a Contractor, who is a person who has incredible super powers. Contractors are engaged by various nations in order to accomplish secret spying missions, although everyone of them works for an organization called “The Syndicate”. The story talks about a chinese Contractor and his attempt to discover what is the real target of The Syndicate.
If you watch this anime, you’ll never get bored: it represents the perfect mixture between super powers, fighting, moral teachings and sharp reasoning. If you wanna change a little from usual anime, this the one that can make the difference!

This is a dark-fantasy anime that shows the strength of women!
It takes place in a medieval-like world, in which some women called “Claymore” travel from a side to another in order to kill the Yoma, horrible monsters who murder innocent people. Those Claymore are 47 special women half human and half Yoma with blonde hair and silver eyes and they’re placed in the list in order of strength: the first is the strongest and the 47th is the weakest. The story talks about Claire, the 46th Claymore and her way to defeat Priscilla, an ex-Claymore who awakened Yoma powers, turned evil and killed Claire’s mentor.
A moving anime which can show you that rationality and coldness aren’t everything in life. Who could teach us this better than a woman?

After saving a homeless man from some bullies, Seigi receives a strange tattoo from him. As the time passes, he discovers that the tattoo has incredible powers and he will be involved in a war between the reign of Selinistan and the U.S. army, which are trying to obtain more tattoos like Seigi’s one.
This anime is incredible: what is something that a lot of people have nowadays? Tattoos. And what is something that a lot of people would like to have but can’t? Superpowers. Well, this anime puts tattoos and super powers together and created something totally new: watch it and discover what kind of superpowers could have Seigi obtained!

Diclonius are special people who look like humans; in reality they have some horns on their head and they can use a kind of invisible arms called “Vectors” that can destroy everything and kill everyone. For this reason, when they born they’re immediately killed or they’re enclosed in terrible laboratories in which they’re tortured. One day a Diclonius called Lucy escapes from a laboratory and arrives at a city in which is welcomed by Kota. After various events, Lucy and Kota discover to be bound each other by a terrible past and the last Lucy’s fight will let everyone breathless!
A violent anime that is also capable of melting your hearts thanks to the deep analysis of character’s personalities and their feelings representations.