Top 5 Best Less-Considered Anime – Part 2


Here we are again guys!

Since I saw that lot of you liked the previous article, I decided to write another one in which I show you others 5 less-considered anime.

Let’s start!


Yo is the son of the strongest shaman family of the whole Japan and, for this reason, he can see ghosts, talk to them and also fight using their powers. He goes to Tokyo to take part in a tournament that will elect the Shaman King, who is the strongest shaman capable of transforming the worst destruction into the best renaissance thanks to the Big Spirit’s powers. When he discovers that his evil twin Hao will take attend the tournament too, Yo starts training in order to avoid that Hao could get that power.

Although some people defined this anime as “childish”, this is a great anime that can teach us a lot. In addiction, it’s quite old (2001) but it has really good graphic features, and characters development is one of the best in the entire anime world as far as their power evolution is concerned.


Behind this anime we can find the most innovative idea of all time.

After a samurai war that took place around 1600, Shimazu is transported into a parallel dimension where he meets others two heroes coming from different historical periods of japanese history. As the story goes on, he discovers that they are in a medieval-like world in which two groups are steadily fighting each other: he and his friends, called “Drifters”, and some other characters, called “Ends”.

If you wanna enjoy an anime in which you can see Hitler as a legendary icon and Joan of Arc as an evil character who uses fire powers to defeat her enemies, this is the anime for you!


Tatsumi is a boy who lives in a poor village in the countryside and one day he decides to travel to the capital city in order to earn some money for his village. Once there, Tatsumi realizes the high levels of corruption and injustice which affects the city and, for this reason, he joins the “Night Raids”, a group of revolutionary killers who want to kill the emperor and restablish the peace in the country. As an answer, the emperor tries to stop them creating a group of special soldiers called “Jaegers”; these two groups will fight each other ‘till the end, showing us every member’s different abilities.

In this anime the most amazing thing is the fact that every single character has a different personality and fighting ability. Although the story is for the majority focused on fighting scenes, there’s also a big part of feelings and emotions that will amaze you.

And yes, this is the anime with the best and most unexpected final ever.


This anime is absolutely insane! It is capable of putting together the japanese history, the art of fighting and incredible superpowers skills. Have you ever seen something like this? I don’t think so.

It’s divided into 3 seasons: the first talks about Oda Nobunaga and his battles during the Sengoku Era, the second talks about Toyotomi Hideyoshi and his army in the Kawanakajima battle, and the third talks about the Sekigahara battle and its heroes.

If you wanna enjoy an anime in a war-like environment that can teach you something about japanese culture and show you how a samurai can use magical powers, this is the anime for you, absolutely!

1 – MAGI

Ready for one of the best anime ever made?

Magi takes place in an arab-like world, in which there are some buildings – called Dungeon – which contain in their deepest level a Djin; Djins are a kind of supernatural beings who can give people special objects and super powers. Furthermore, there are also the Magi, who are people who can use incredible magic powers and who have the duty to elect a king. The story talks about the adventures of Alibaba and his Magi friend Aladdin: you will see their powers growing, a lot of epic battles and also a lot of overpowered characters (just to make you understand: every person can own only one Djin equipment, but there’s a character who owns SEVEN of them).

Wanna know something more? Well, watch the episodes and then you’ll thank me!