Today, we shall discuss the Top 3 Biggest Causes Of Global Warming. Over the last few years, the climate change crisis has become quite serious. Because of this rise in global temperature, Mother Nature is getting affected very badly. Humans are majorly responsible for the increase in the number of greenhouse gases in the air. Some of those harmful gases are carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane. How? These gases trap the sun’s heat and that leads to the same. Nowadays, several plants are cut down and that is what we call deforestation. This is the most significant cause of global warming. The Weather News Point talks about how Global Warming affects animals in a bad way.

Let’s dive deeper to learn certain biggest yet negatively vital causes of the rise in temperature of the earth.

Top 3 Biggest Causes Of Global Warming

There are hundreds of reasons which are causing global warming. We shall now talk about the Top 3 Biggest Causes of the same.

1. Deforestation

A bulk of plants are cut down for farming, construction, and various other reasons. During this time, harmful emissions get released. This is because by cutting down the trees, they release the stored carbon. We are very well aware of the fact that forests absorb carbon dioxide. This is how it limits nature’s ability to keep harmful emissions away from the earth.

Top 3 biggest causes of global warming
Deforestation leads to global warming

2. Manufacturing Goods

The manufacturing industries emit harmful greenhouse gases from burning coal and other fossil fuels. Energy is required for making things like cement, electronics, steel, clothes, and other goods. Even mining releases these gases which eventually result in a rise in temperature, which we address as global warming.

Top 3 biggest causes of global warming
Manufacturing goods, is the biggest hurdle

3. Transport

Well, large distances can never be covered while walking. That is when vehicles are used. Cars, buses, planes, and other transport vehicles are great contributors to greenhouse gases because they mostly run on fossil fuels. However, road vehicles are more responsible, if compared to airplanes and ships.

Top 3 biggest causes of global warming
Carbon emissions from cars

Taking a note of these Top 3  Biggest Causes of Global Warming, we can take necessary steps to protect our planet earth. Instead of deforestation, we can practice growing more trees. That will help quite a lot. Also, instead of using private cars, we can try getting more on to public transport. That will eventually decrease the number of vehicles resulting in fewer emissions of greenhouse gases.

Save Our Planet Earth!

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