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Top 20 Strongest Students in My Hero Academia – Ranked

Strongest students in My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia stands out for being an exciting shounen anime show where we can find a plethora of powers called quirks. The story amuses viewers with its creative design. Kohei Horikoshi has put an ample amount of effort in the series, and it shows. What is very intriguing about this series is how the quirks have been handled. They are unique and used with such clever efficiency. One could never guess that powers as such could exist. However, Kohei takes a step ahead to make his point that not only can absurd powers exist, but they can also be overwhelmingly strong if used at it’s maximum. Most characters in the story being youngsters makes viewers want to guess who are the strongest students in My Hero Academia.

The show often portrays friendly battles between these students, so perhaps many viewers have a perspective over this. With the diverse amount of quirks, comparison becomes difficult. Judging these students need more attributes than just their quirk. In many cases, quirks might seem almost useless, but on coming across the series, one would realise the many ways useless quirks can be useful.

Every character has shown brilliant evolution of their quirks as they train harder to become pro heroes. So far, we have come across countless out-of-the-world young characters with exciting quirks and amazing skill set. Here is a ranked list of the twenty strongest students in My Hero Academia.

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20. Itsuka Kendo

Itsuka Kendo (A.K.A Battle Fist) is a very friendly and empathetic student from 1-B in U.A High. She gets along with everyone and motivates her peers. She is brilliant in hand-to-hand combat and even fought valiantly against Mustard. Instead of recklessly fighting opponents, Itsuka chooses to be analytical.

Big Fist

Itsuka Kendo.

Itsuka’s quirk, Big Fist enlarges her hand. It grants her enhanced punching strength and the ability to break through defense abilities.

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19. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

Tetsutetsu (A.K.A Real Steel) belongs to Class 1-B of U.A High. He is almost on par with Kirishima Eijiro but only stays a step behind since the latter has higher durability. He received the fourth highest villain points in the U.A Entrance exam and also tied with Kirishima in their first match.

Real Steel

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu.

Tetsutetsu’s quirk, Steel, grants him the power and properties of steel. Once he activates his quirk, his skin transforms into steel. His physical strength enhances. At the same time, he proves to be great at acting like a shield for civilians to protect them from attacks.

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18. Nagamasa Mora

Nagamasa Mora (A.K.A Chewyee) is from Shiketsu High school currently in his second year. He has great leadership qualities and has shown great combat abilities. Though a weird one, Nagamasa has a strong quirk. His body is completely covered in hair that he uses to execute his quirk.


Nagamasa Mora.

Nagamasa Mora’s quirk is Extend-o-hair. Much like Ibara, he can manipulate the movement and length of his hair to attack his opponents.

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17. Denki Kaminari

Denki Kaminari (A.K.A Stun Gun Hero: Chargebolt) is a friendly and energetic character from class 1-A in U.A High. From time to time is deemed an airhead, but he can show impressive strategic abilities, as seen from his second match against Ibara.

Stun gun hero: Chargebolt

Denki Kaminari

Denki’s quirk, Electrification, is very powerful. Although he lacks behind in many fields as compared to the other students, Denki proves to be quite strong because of his quirk. He can generate high-voltage electricity. Additionally, his quirk also makes him neutral to any lightning-based attack form. He is also seen able to absorbing electricity.

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16. Mina Ashido

Mina Ashido (A.K.A Pinky) has many compatible qualities to be a pro hero. She has an athletic build and shows a lot of courage. Mina even shows tendencies to sacrifice herself if it is for her friends. Deku has noted that Mina has great body control as he observes her flexibility. She is caring and has a bubbly personality.


Mina Ashido.

Her quirk, Acid, in addition to her already great qualities, makes her one of the top 20 strongest students in My Hero Academia. Mina produces corrosive liquid until her body loses resistance. It is a dangerous quirk that Mina can make great use of. Given her attributes, Mina could be placed higher on the list. However, she lacks in intelligence which earned her a lower place in the list.

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15. Eijiro Kirishima

Eijiro Kirishima (A.K.A Sturdy Hero: Red Riot) is one of the rare people to be accepted by Bakugou as a close one. He comes off as a very kind and straightforward person. Kirishima has high durability even without his quirk. Like every other student, he is hardworking and determined to get stronger.

Kirishima’s quirk, Hardening, allows him to harden parts of his body. He can also manipulate parts of his body to have hard-piercing ends. On activating his quirk, his durability increases.

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14. Yo Shindo

Yo Shindo (A.K.A Grand) is a very tactful person. He holds high leadership qualities. His tactical abilities are commendable. Even in day-to-day life, he makes use of a friendly appearance to hide his true nature. He is a third-year student at Ketsubutsu Academy High School.


Yo Shindo

He handles his quirk, Vibrate, with great intellect. Vibrate enables Shindo to create trembles. He uses it against his opponents to alter or disrupt their battle formation. During his battle against Muscular, he uses his power to the full extent. The tremors caused by Shindo rips Muscular’s tendons apart. If not the strongest, Shindo is indeed one of the strongest students in My Hero Academia.

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13. Seiji Shishikura

Seiji Shishikura (A.K.A Sisicross) goes to Shiketsu High school and belongs to the second year. Shishikura sees himself as a righteous upperclassman and has a strict belief that heroes should have a well-spoken manner and a dignified stature. Although he denies it, such thoughts have resulted from the influence of Stain. He is obviously strong as it took three strong students to take him down.


Seiji Shishikura

His quirk, Meatball, allows him to manipulate flesh. He can use the flesh of other people and form whatever he desires to attack or defend himself. Alternatively, he can also use his own flesh. In fact, using his own flesh has higher merits as he can control it from a distance as well as manipulate it with more efficiency. While his quirk feels a lot disgusting, he does make it to be one of the strongest students in My Hero Academia.

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12. Jurota Shishida

Jurota Shishida (A.K.A Gevaudan) belongs to Class 1-B in U.A High. As a person, Shishida is well-spoken and polite. He is intellectual and smart. Jurota was also given an opportunity to intern under Lion Hero: Shishido after the hero witnessed Shishida’s overwhelming power.


Jurota Shishida.

The quirk of Jurota Shishida is Beast. He transforms into a huge beast using his power. Along with the transformation, Shishida unlocks brute strength that overpowered many students such as Kaminari and also Kirishima. He is almost undefeatable in his beast form, proving to be an excellent combatant.

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11. Ibara Shiozaki

Ibara Shiozaki (A.K.A Vines) even gave Kaminari a hard time. She is a calm and graceful student from 1-B of U.A High. Her abilities give her an advantage in long-range battles. In fact, she was also chosen to intern under The Lurkers. She has a calm and composed personality but can also get very vindictive when required.


Ibara Shiozaki.

Her quirk is Vines. Ibara’s hair has been transformed into vines. She can manipulate the movement and length of these vines and use them as per her advantage in battles and fights. Ibara has proved herself multiple times as strong making her one of the strongest students in My Hero Academia.

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10. Juzo Honenuki

Juzo Honenuki (A.K.A Mudman) belongs to 1-B of U.A High. Being a recommended student, it instantly points out that Juzo is indeed one of the strongest students in My Hero Academia. He has very high leveled skills and quick reflexes. His instinct is on point, so he knows when to continue fighting and when to give up as per his advantage. Additionally, he is very analytical and intelligent. He can deduce his opponent’s weaknesses by observing them intently.


Juzo Honenuki.

Juzo Honenuki’s quirk is Softening. It allows him to make whatever non-living thing he touches soft. Above all, he can also swim through these softened objects. Moreover, he is stubborn and does not like losing, which tells a lot about his character as a future hero.

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9. Tenya Iida

Tenya Iida (A.K.A Ingenium) is a very intelligent student and the class representative of 1-A. He is very strict and stern in the beginning but eventually relaxes. Iida’s serious personality is often used as gags in the series. He has great leadership qualities and expects people around him to be just as stern as he is.


Tenya Iida.

His quirk, Engine gives him incredible speed and heightened strength in his calves that can execute kicks with damage.

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8. Fumikage Tokoyami

Tokoyami (A.K.A Jet Black Hero: Tsukuyomi) is one of the top 5 students of 1-A in U.A High school. He has a serious and dramatic personality. When teaming up, Tokoyami is very reliable. He encourages his teammates and becomes very sociable despite his usual reserved personality. His quirk Dark Shadow gives him an upper hand in both offense and defense against many rivals. It has been indicated that his quirk intensifies along with his emotions. Meaning, shall he be enraged, he might become highly dangerous.

Jet Black Hero

Fumikage Tokoyami.

Even without his quirk, Tokoyami shows high durability. He has fast reflexes and a strategic ability that makes him a stronger opponent and one of the strongest students in My Hero Academia.

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7. Inasa Yaorashi

Inasa Yaorashi (A.K.A Gale Force) is a student from Shiketsu High School. He is a passionate youngster who can often be misunderstood. While initially believing he is a loud and annoying character, he later comes out to be a rather polite one who wants to make friends with everyone. Inasa gains the top score in the U.A Entrance Exam.

Gale Force

Inasa Yaorashi

His quirk is very powerful and can also rival Shoto’s. He can not only attack enemies with his strong winds but also deflect the attacks of the enemies. Inasa’s strength has been pointed out multiple times in the series. He passed the first test of the Provisional Hero License Exam, which was meant to be reserved for the second year. In fact, he managed to pass by himself and eliminated 120 examinees.

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6. Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki is the youngest son of Endeavor and a class 1-A student at U.A High School training to be a Pro Hero. Initially an aloof and cold character due to an abusive upbringing in a complicated family, Todoroki has grown to be more kind and sociable over time. More changes in Todoroki are seen after the Provisional Hero License Course, as he loses his serious demeanor and lightens up.

Strongest students in My Hero Academia

Shoto Todoroki.

His Quirk has both fire and freezing abilities. Initially, he loathed his fire powers as they were reminiscent of his father’s similar fire abilities. However, after reconciling with his mother, Shoto decided on training both sides of his dual quirks.

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5. Katsuki Bakugo

Katsuki Bakugo (A.K.A Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight) is the deuteragonist of My Hero Academia. Having the quirk Explosion, he immediately stands out as one of the strongest students. He is a Class 1-A student at U.A High School. Short-tempered and arrogant, Katsuki often displays crude behavior that can be traced back even in his childhood when he bullied a young Izuku Midoriya.

Strongest students in My Hero Academia

Katsuki Bakugo.

However, after facing multiple defeats in the U.A. High School, Bakugou turned into a less antagonistic character, although not entirely pleasant. Nevertheless, he is one of the strongest students of Class 1-A, coming third in the Quirk Apprehension Test.

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4. Deku

Izuku Midoriya (A.K.A Deku) is the protagonist of the anime and manga series My Hero Academia. Originally without any quirk, Deku worked hard to impress All Might with his bravery and thereafter, gained One For All. Personality-wise, Deku is an honest and cheerful guy.

Strongest students in My Hero Academia


Despite his heroic abilities, he may sometimes display nervousness and a meek attitude. The character has seen dynamic growth, from being an unconfident, timid boy to a diligent, focused, and determined hero. His heroic spirit and selfless willingness to save others are his biggest trademark. His Quirk, One For All, made him All Might’s successor.

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3. Nejire Hado

Nejire Hado (A.K.A Nejire Chan) is another Class 3-A student at U.A high school and also a big part of the Big 3. Personality-wise, Nejire is a very talkative girl. Her intense curiosity can often make her blunt, often leading her to ask questions which are too invasive or off-putting.

Strongest students in My Hero Academia

Nejire Hado.

Nevertheless, she can also be very generous, kind, and a happy-go-lucky person. On the battlefield, Nejire is downright fierce, saving her great judgment and anger for her enemies. This is why she is one of the most powerful students of U.A. Her quirk is Wave Motion, a power she excels at.

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2. Tamaki Amajiki

Tamaki Amajiki (a.ka Suneater) is a Class 3-A student at U.A High School and a significant member of the Big 3. Personality-wise, Tamaki comes off as shy, depressed, introverted, and intimidating.

Strongest students in My Hero Academia

Tamaki Amajiki.

When he feels anxious, Tamaki hides his face by facing away and leaning into a wall to keep his face hidden. He can also be pessimistic and lacks confidence in himself and his powers. However, he can also be very brave, evident from his ranks in one of U.A’s Big 3. His quirk is manifest, a power he has mastered after vigorous training.

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1. Mirio Togata (with his quirk)

We all agree that Mirio was the strongest student in My Hero Academia before his quirk was taken away. Mirio (A.K.A Lemilion) was a part of The Big 3. He is optimistic and does not like being pitied. Mirio dreams of saving people, being influenced by Sir Nighteye. His enhanced strength and speed made him exceptionally powerful, and even pro heroes started acknowledging him.

Strongest students in My Hero Academia

Togata Mirio.

His quirk, Permeation, is nothing flashy. It enables him to pass through objects without harm. However, Mirio’s training and efficient use made it one of the strongest quirks. However, as Tamaki says, it’s not his quirk but the skills that make him the strongest student. Even without his quirk, Mirio is an opponent one needs to be wary of.

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