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Top 20 Strongest Characters in World Trigger – Ranked

Strongest characters in World Trigger

World Trigger is an anime released in 2014. The anime was adapted from the manga written by Daisuke Ashihara. The manga was serialized by Shueisha and is available on Viz Media. Its anime adaptation was produced by Toei Animation, popular producing for anime like Dragon Ball. World Trigger has a very dark setting that goes well with its theme. There are many things to like about this anime. It makes use of overpowered weapons and exciting fighting tactics that make it an exciting watch. However, what is even more indulging is its set of unique characters. Every character is different and holds different beliefs that sometimes cause conflicts amidst them. These characters give so much flavor to the story. Yet, fans often put forward an interesting question: Who are the strongest characters in World Trigger? This is a fun question we are answering today.

World Trigger revolves around Osamu Mikumo. He is perhaps one of the weakest characters in this story and has a long way to go before he makes it to this list. However, what makes him a pretty likable protagonist is his determination and unbreakable mental strength. He thrives on getting stronger throughout the series. However, the presence of so many overpowered characters does not shun his presence.

Filled with war strategies that will blow your mind, World Trigger is definitely an anime you should not miss. Here are the top 20 strongest characters in World Trigger ranked from the least strong to the absolute overpowered.

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20. Yousuke Yoneya

Yousuke belongs to the Miwa Unit. He has a laid-back personality and mostly remains calm during battles. He likes fighting stronger opponents, as he asks Yuma to fight him for fun.

Yousuke Yoneya

Yousuke Yoneya

Yousuke enjoys fighting and finds thrill in it. Unlike most other characters, he does not feel negatively towards the Neighbors as he does not have any history with them. He is the strongest in the Miwa Unit, excluding their leader.

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19. Shuji Miwa

Shuji Miwa is the leader of the Miwa Unit. He has a reserved and quiet personality but eventually softens towards people he likes. Shuji holds a strong grudge against the Neighbors, especially since his sister’s death.

Shuji Miwa

Shuji Miwa.

His hatred extends even towards those who try to defend or speak positively about Neighbors. He immediately enters a violent mode when fighting neighbors, wanting to kill them without hesitation. 

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18. Ko Murakami

Ko Murakami is an attacker in the Suzunari First. He is honest and diligent. Ko, although serious, has a friendly nature. 

Ko Murakami

Ko Murakami.

Being a side effect holder, he has the ability to make his memory stronger as he sleeps. Other than so, he has great combat abilities. He is courageous and can sacrifice himself for his friends and teammates. Ko has proven to be quite reliable multiple times since he is one of the strongest characters in World Trigger.

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17. Masato Kageura

Masato Kageura is an attacker and the leader of the Kageura Unit. He is an aggressive character that often resorts to violence. He hates when someone looks down on him. Despite his straightforward and rude outlook, Kageura proves quite reliable during battles and always protects his teammates.

Masato Kageura

Masato Kageura

He is a side effect holder. His side effect allows him to read the emotions of other people towards him. Having received many negative emotions makes him an aggressive and impatient person. Yet, during battles, he is rather calm and does not make reckless moves.

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16. Kyosuke Karasuma

Kyosuke Karasuma is an A-rank agent from Tamokama First. Being an expert attacker and gunner, Kyosuke is an all-rounder and hence one of the strongest characters in World Trigger. He is usually calm and friendly but instantly becomes serious during battles. 

Kyosuke Karasuma

Kyosuke Karasuma

His score with kogetsu is approximately 6000. He shows a powerful form during combat. His ability can also enhance his speed and blade strength. He has brilliant attack and defense abilities that make him a formidable character.

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15. Soya Kazama

Soya Kazama is an A-Rank agent. He is the leader of the Kazama Unit and a second rank attacker. He is very reserved. Even if he has every reason to hate Neighbors, he chooses to remain calm and does not let his emotions take over him. He has great tactical abilities that secure him a spot in the list of the strongest characters in World Trigger. 

Soya Kazama

Soya Kazama

Kazama leads his unit with great interest. His team excels in stealth attacks, thanks to his strategies. He also shows brilliant swordsmanship. In fact, he can hit Jin despite the fact that Jin was using a sealed Fujin.

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14. Hyuse

Hyuse is a Neighbor who was captured by Jin. He has a very composed personality usually but tends to lose it when someone badmouths his superior. Hyuse holds an exceptionally high level of skills. Despite his young age, he was able to fight strong border agents. He was trained by Visa in swordsmanship and was able to wield powerful Lampreys. 



On earth, Hyuse shows an eager side of learning. He quickly rises in ranks and masters shooting techniques. Additionally, he has great tactical abilities. 

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13. Kirie Konami

Kirie is a member of the Tamakoma Branch. She is an A-rank agent and indeed one of the strongest characters in World Trigger. Personality-wise, she has a child-like nature. Kyosuke often teases her as she easily believes his lies. She shows a competitive side of her but also deeply cares about her friends and teammates. 

Kirie Konami

Kirie Konami.

Presently, Kirie is the No. 3 Attacker. Her strength can be considered on par with one unit. She possesses great speed and agility with a unique fighting style. When she goes all out when fighting, she is almost unstoppable. 

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12. Masataka Ninomiya

Masaka Ninomiya is the leader of the Ninomiya unit. He holds the title for the No. 1 Shooter and No. 2 overall combatant. His unit is also the no. 1 B Rank unit. Masataka has a generally unpleasant personality. He despises those who are weak and wouldn’t mind being straightforward to people.

Masataka Ninomiya

Masataka Ninomiya

He excels in shooting and has proved very strong in one-on-one combat. Ninomiya has a wide trion capacity. He has the third-highest level of trion in the organization that enables him to have high defensive and offensive abilities. He has high durability that surpasses most enemies, meaning he will not run out of stamina even after firing continuously.

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11. Lamvanein

Lamvanein is a Neighbor skilled in fighting. He has a fun-loving nature and enjoys his fights. Lamvanein’s personality switches while he is in battle as he seems more aggressive. Yet, he does not let his aggressiveness cloud his thoughts. He does not fight recklessly and puts much thought into his fights.



As a Neighbor, he has high trion capacity. He shows brilliancy in making strategies as he tricks his enemies into revealing their positions. Not only does he make great war strategies, but he also figures out his enemy’s tactics and breaks through them.

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10. Kei Tachikawa

Kei Tachikawa is the No. 1 Attacker on the border. He is also the leader of the Tachikawa unit. He is a disciplined person and has many good qualities of a leader. Kei is very considerate of others’ feelings. Even if he says something harsh, he acknowledges it and later corrects himself. He does not shy away from taking risks and has a reckless fighting style. Although he has a cool side to him, he grows arrogant when fighting.

Kei Tachikawa

Kei Tachikawa.

Being the No. 1 Attacker, he is definitely one of the strongest characters in World Trigger. He has proven his strength multiple times in solo battles against Rabbits and an Iigar. Kei was also able to fight Jin with quiet efficiency until Jin made use of his Side Effect. He is a superior swordsman whose skill has been acknowledged many times in the anime.

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9. Mira

Mira is a Neighbor. She has a sadistic and cruel personality. Mira barely shows any emotion of empathy. She does not feel remorse or show signs of hesitation when killing someone. The only emotion she shows is respect towards Hairein.



She makes a great killing machine due to her lack of empathy. Mira has good fighting skills and also supports the army by teleporting Trion Warriors. She naturally has high reserves of Trion. 

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8. Gatlin

Gatlin is a Neighbor and the captain of Galopoula. He has cool and calm composure. Gatlin comes off as very cruel with sociopathic tendencies. His great strength is evident from the fact that he fought Kei Tachikawa, Ko Murakami, and Kirie Konami at the same time while giving them a hard time. 



Gatlin has good leadership qualities. He can transform into another person and create shields using his triggers. He makes use of a specific trigger called Vasilissa that enables him to fend multiple enemies at the same time. 

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7. Reiji Kizaki

Reiji Kizaki is an A rank agent. He is a member of the Tamakoma branch. Under this branch, he has his own unit called the Kizaki Unit. He is an all-rounder and excels as an Attacker, Sniper, and shooter. Reiji is usually serious and strict personality-wise. 

Reiji Kizaki

Reiji Kizaki.

He has more than average stats. The Kizaki Unit is the strongest unit of the Border. He specializes in drawn-out battles and shows overwhelming power in solo battles. Reiji comes out as very unpredictable during battles due to his ability to combine triggers. He reads his opponents well and can deduce their ability after observing them for a while. Moreover, Reiji Kizaki has a personal trigger called Full Arms. Full arms can be generated only by Reiji, making him one of the strongest characters in World Trigger.

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6. Masafumi Shinoda

Masafumi Shinoda is the General Manager of Border. He is also the Commander of the Self Defence Unit. He is very caring and prioritizes the protection of the innocents. Shinoda is also very responsible for his duties. He is very considerate of people’s feelings and responds kindly to those in distress.

Masafumi Shinoda

Masafumi Shinoda

Masafumi Shinoda is considered the strongest person with a Normal Trigger. He has great body control as he jumps over walls. Moreover, his movements are fast, which makes him a formidable enemy. He has shown outstanding skills as a Senkū user too.

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5. Hairein

Hairein is a Neighbor. As a black Trigger user, he is one of the strongest characters in World Trigger. He is meticulous and a great strategist. He respects his subordinates and has a sense of honor in the way he executes his plans. 

Strongest characters in World Trigger


Hairein can use the power of Alektor, having perfectly mastered it. The abundance of Trion allows him to use his Black Trigger with great stability and for a longer time. Although he has overwhelming power, he enhances it with his tactical abilities. He can overpower those who are stronger than him by strategizing carefully against them.

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4. Yuichi Jin (With Fūjin)

Yuichi Jin is a member of the Tamakoma branch. He has a cool personality and belief that humans and Neighbors should co-exist. He is an A rank agent with a great influence in the organization. At the same time, he is slightly perverted. He tends to take things lightly and expects people around him to have fun.

Strongest characters in World Trigger

Yuichi Jin.

Yuichi Jin has great combat abilities and is also equipped with a very useful side effect. His side effect allows him to look a little further into the future of those in front of him. Fūjin gives him immense power. He could defeat multiple opponents quickly. Jin makes use of Escudo, a powerful defense trigger too.

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3. Yuma Kuga (with Black Trigger)

Yuma Kuga is a Neighbor and a brilliant attacker belonging to Tamakoma Second. He has a cheerful personality in general despite having a sad past. Yuma prefers to be cool and calm rather than being serious. He is Osamu’s friend and decides to support him. 

Strongest characters in World Trigger

Yuma Kuga.

Yuma Kuga’s Black Trigger makes him one of the strongest characters in World Trigger. His side effect allows him to see through people’s lies. He is experienced in battle and has skills that make him compatible against most opponents. Yuma exceeds expectations as a swordsman and also as in hand-to-hand combat. In addition to his high spec fighting skills, he is also very fast and agile. 

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2. Tsukihiko Amo

Tsukihiko Amo is another Black Trigger user and one of the strongest characters in World Trigger. He is an S Rank agent at the age of 16. He enjoys fighting against stronger opponents. 

Strongest characters in World Trigger

Tsukihiko Amo.

Tsukihiko Amo’s black trigger is destructive. While fighting Trion warriors, he destroys a large portion of the Forbidden Zone. He enforces brute strength and fights head-on against his opponents. With power like his, he barely needs to make use of strategies. Amo was an All-Rounder even before he had the Black Trigger. Additionally, he holds a side effect that allows him to see the abilities of his opponents as colors.

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1. Viza

Viza is a Neighbor from the World Trigger series. Even as per the notes of the author, Viza is one of the strongest characters in World Trigger. He is seen as a calm and humble character. He cares about his comrades and respects his enemies just as much. His experience allows him to perceive the strength of an enemy before fighting them.

Strongest characters in World Trigger


He is the only one capable of wielding Organon. Viza conquered Galopoula and brought down regimes on his own. He figured out Kizaki’s trap and also fought against another Black Trigger user, Yuma. If Yuma did not make use of his Trion body, defeating Viza would have been impossible.

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