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Top 20 Anime Girlfriends of All Time

Everyone enjoys a great relationship, especially when it involves your favourite characters. Romance often appears to play a central role in any anime without having much to do with genre. Some characters are written as if they are, and always have been meant for each other. Many anime have a habit of holding out the confession part for a stretched period of time, this often gets fans excited and sometimes, irritated all the same. Regardless, romance really helps add that extra layer of character richness to the story and that is why everyone loves a well-tailored romantic couple. Keeping couples aside, in this article we will only focus on one half of a couple—The Girlfriend.

Today, we list the 20 best girlfriends from all of anime. These are the best of the best who love, protect and fight for their lovers with all they have. Note that these can be from Shonen, Slice of life, or Dark fantasy animes, the list can be endless. So without further ado, let’s dive straight into the list.

20. Yuno—Future Diaries

Yuno Gasai

Now this one might be a controversial choice but Yuno is actually a good girlfriend. That is if we let her intense jealousy pass. She is someone who’d go to the extreme to protect Yuki’s life. Kind of like Hinata, Yuno too stalked Yuki, she even has a diary which updates her of Yuki’s activities every ten minutes. This may sound very toxic but these two can rely on each other like no one else. She is someone Yuki can trust. He can have his back protected with Yuno around, which she probably always is with or without him knowing.

She is also the only one to firmly and fully believe in Yukiteru, this helps him feel better when he has bouts of self-doubt. However, this choice in the list will definitely be seen as controversial as Yuno and Yuki are some of the most toxic couples in anime history. But still, she was the only one for him which makes her worthy of being on the list.

19. Zero Two—Darling in the Franxx

Zero Two

Zero Two and Hiro are destined for each other. Hiro is the only one compatible enough to fly a Franxx with Zero Two. She met him as a child and became inspired to be more human even though she is an artificially created life form. They inspire one another, fight and eventually die together. Thousands of years later they get reincarnated and meet under the cherry blossom tree just like they promised.

18. Ino—Naruto

Ino and Sai

Ino started off with having a crush on Sasuke and tried her all to compete and beat Sakura at it. But then she crossed paths with Sai and things sparked with them pretty quickly even though Sai didn’t quite catch it at first. They eventually end up with each other and get married. Ino and Sai support each other with their respective roles in the village. They can co-operate like no other and always know what’s on the other person’s mind. Worthy of a spot on the list.

17. Winry—Fullmetal Alchemist

Winry FMA

Winry is the perfect partner to Edward. She’s always there when he needs support with his automail but that’s not all. She grew up with him and supported him with all she had. Ed can be a complicated person who is not good at showing his feelings. So she always figured out what he wanted to say when he couldn’t express himself. She always waited for him to come back home. And she stuck by him through all the life-threatening drama of FMA and FMAB without worrying about her own life. A perfect partner for him without question.

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16. Misa Amane—Death Note

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Misa fell in love with Light or better yet, Kira, without even personally knowing him. Light killed Misa’s family’s murder co-incidentally, after all, he was on a murder spree with the Death Note in his hands. This made Misa fall for him. Eventually, she also came across a Death Note and began acting as a fake Kira to draw Light’s attention. They eventually cross paths and Misa becomes fully devoted to Light who did not have any feelings for her. Light manipulated Misa for his own benefits and she ends up dead eventually. But as his girlfriend, she showed unwavering devotion ready to endanger her own life for light. Alas, it was all for nothing.

15. Taiga—Toradora


Taiga starts off as a friend helping Ryuji get with his crush. But as they start spending their days together, their affection towards each other increases. Taiga is a loving, protective, and playful counterpart to Ryuji. Their relationship can be rocky with Taiga throwing fits at times but Ryuji is incredibly patient with her which makes them perfect for each other.

14. Ymir—Attack on Titan

Ymir AOT

Now we are not entirely shown Ymir and Christa being a couple but the director of AOT has confirmed that the two were definitely dating. Ymir is the guardian angel of Christa. She looks out for her all the time. She has her back and tries her best to make sure Christa makes the most out of life. Christa can be a nervous and worrisome person, sometimes worrying too much about some things. Ymir always does her best to cheer her up in any situation.

And when the time came to pass, Ymir even decided to jump into a raging hoard of Titans solely to save Christa’s life. She leaves behind a letter confessing her feelings which brings tears to the eyes of both, Christa and fans.

13. Iroha—3D Kanojo: Real Girl


Iroha loves Hiraki even though he doesn’t regard her as much in the beginning. She is protective and her love for him never falters even when Hiraki gets extremely insecure. The two even get divided as she forgets everything about him after surgery. But destiny eventually brings them back together and they get married.

12. Asuna Yuuki—Sword Art Online

Asuna Sword Art Online

Asuna and Kirito are some of the most cosplayed couples of all time. They are undoubtedly popular. Like many couples on the list, they started off as friends and eventually grew feelings for each other. Asuna understands Kirito and always has his back in the game as well as in real life. She is incredibly patient with him. Even after not having much in common, they depend on each other which makes their bond indestructible.

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11. Usagi Tsukino—Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon

This one is a love story of centuries. After falling in love with each other as royals from Earth and Moon, Usagi and Mamoru die and get reincarnated. In the beginning, they don’t really get along but Usagi starts falling for Tuxedo Mask, which is Mamoru in a disguise. After a major battle, Mamoru takes an injured Usagi to his apartment and she figures out his true identity. This is where it all begins. Usagi fights to save Mamoru after he gets brainwashed multiple times. She trusts him and waits for him when he leaves for America. They are a great example of a perfect couple.

10. Rinko Yamamoto—My Love Story!


Rinko falls for Takeo disregarding physical appearances. She is pure and loves him endlessly only for the person he really is. Their relationship gets insecure because Takeo decides to wait before touching her until she’s more mature. But eventually, things come to pass. They hug and confess their feelings and finally come together. Rinko is the pure girlfriend anyone would desire for.

9. Adachi—Adachi and Shimamura


The second homosexual couple on the list, Adachi, and Shimamura are made for each other. Adachi is an aloof individual who’s not entirely great at expressing her feelings or dealing with social situations. However, after meeting Shimamura she begins opening up to her. They decide to grow together and Adachi questions her feelings towards Shimamura. They both bring out the best in each other even though they have exactly opposing nature. They are perfect girlfriends to each other.

8. Hinata—Naruto


Hinata grew up watching Naruto. Quite literally. Except she was almost always watching his back, hiding behind trees or poles. Hinata is a shy girl but has a lot of love and admiration for Naruto. This admiration is based on actual grounds. She didn’t just get an obnoxious crush on Naruto as Sakura had on Sasuke.

No, Hinata fell for Naruto because of the way he looked at life, and because he inspired her the most every time she was feeling weak, low, and defeated. Hinata’s love for him makes a lot of sense. When the time came to pass, Hinata stood up to the likes of Pain when Naruto struggled to keep fighting. She knew she couldn’t have defeated Pain, regardless she pulled out her gentle fists and stood strong trying to save him.

In the end, with the War Arc coming to its conclusion, Hinata finally grew out of her shy nature and held Naruto’s hand upfront. She battled alongside him and did her best. Soon we get to see the two finally come together in Naruto: The Last Movie and it is a great uplifting feeling. A perfect girlfriend for sure.

7. Utena—Revolutionary Girl Utena

Utena and Anthy

The show is about Utena Tenjou, a girl who wants nothing more than to become a prince. Utena enters a school where the students duel each other in order to win princes or princesses ’ hands for a relationship. Utena loves Anthy dearly, and believes that she has the power to revolutionize the world. She is far away from your typical girlfriend as she takes down Anthy’s present partner in a duel and wins her to rightfully call Anthy hers. This is another beautiful queer relationship that just cannot be ignored.

6. Hitagi—Monogatari Series


The Monogatari series is primarily about a teen named Koyomi who becomes a vampire for a very short time. A man named Meme Oshino helps him reverse himself and slowly come back to human. Koyomi finds himself more and more drawn to supernatural events and people affected by them, these people also mostly happen to be girls. He crosses paths with Hitagi when she slips and falls down a flight of stairs straight into his arms.

Koyomi realizes that Hitagi weighs nothing, which means she was somehow affected by a supernatural being or event. He takes her to Meme to get her back to normal and then their story begins. The two start dating each other and even though Koyomi crosses paths with many beautiful girls throughout the series he remains completely faithful to Hitagi. She is possessive about him and would do absolutely anything to help him out. She’s also incredibly faithful and trusts him in spite of his everyday interactions.

5. Mai—Rascal Doesn’t Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Mai from Bunnygirl Senpai

Getting closer to our number one, Mai absolutely had to be on this list. Sakuta meets Mai in a bizarre way. He finds her dressed as a bunny girl roaming around a library. In spite of this weird dress up Mai gets noticed by absolutely no one except Sakuta. The two slowly come closer to each other after this encounter and Sakuta finds out that Mai is a teen actress who suffers from Adolescence Syndrome—A condition where a teenager goes through weird events after facing some form of trauma. (Only in the anime, not to be confused with the actual Adolescence Syndrome.)

The two are a great pair as Mai is the sweet and sensitive one and Sakuta is the sarcastic one who pulls all kinds of jokes with her. Mai trusts Sakuta more than anyone and would do anything to make sure he stays on the right path. A popular couple for a reason.

4. Izumi—Love Stage

Izumi from Lovestage

Izumi meets Ryouma as a child actress. Ryouma falls for her but the two are separated soon. He spends the next ten years looking for her and when he finally finds her again, he makes sure to confess his love for her. The twist? Izumi is actually a boy. This leads to a very shocked state for both of them but eventually, they come to terms and Ryouma admits that he loves Izumi in spite of all things. Izumi is the perfect one for him too even though their rocky relationship takes its time to settle down.

3. Kotoko—In/Spectre


An anime all about superpowers and monsters. Kotoko is a so-called Goddess of Wisdom who serves as a bridge between the human and the supernatural world. She has been in love with Kuro for two years but only approached him after his breakup. Kuro reveals to her that he is a monster who has precognition and instantaneous healing abilities. Something that Kuro’s ex judged him for.

Kotoko understands Kuro as they come from the same place. She doesn’t judge him or his supernatural existence. For her, he couldn’t be more perfect. This makes her worthy of the third spot.

2. Belldandy—Ah! My Goddess


A show about Keiichi who wishes for the Goddess Belldandy to forever be with him. And his wish is magically granted with Belldandy materializing in front of him. The two develop a relationship and Belldandy is the perfect girlfriend everyone would ever want. She supports Keiichi, values his life over her own, and is selfless no matter what. The premise of such a character might feel too cliché and unrealistic but all these qualities still make her worthy of the second spot.

1. Rias Gremory—High School DxD

And at number 1 we have Rias. In a show all about angels, monsters, and demons, we see Rias be the perfect girlfriend to Issei. Issei is a fallen angel who dies and is revived by Rias who is a devil. Their relationship is a complicated one where Rias is the dominant one and Issei, being her pawn has to be the one following her around. But in any case, she is his source of strength, support, and motivation. This is what brings them together and makes them strong as a couple. Worthy of the first spot on the list.

So these were the top 20 girlfriends in all of anime. Do you agree with this list? Let us know in the comments.

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