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Top 15 Strongest Characters in Attack On Titan


You know an anime is going to blow your mind when its characters blurt out such in-depth quotes. As expected of the anime, Attack on Titan probably has some of the heaviest moments in anime history. Such heavy words coming out of its unique characters speak for the quality of the show. Be it good or evil, or even physically or mentally, Attack on Titan is filled with strong characters.

“Someone who cannot sacrifice anything, cannot change anything.”– Armin Arlert.

Every character has shown their strengths, at least one point of the story at least. And thus, a list of the strongest characters in Attack on Titan is not easy to make. It’s more difficult than it seems to rank some characters because I honestly cannot guess how they would face each other.

Once again, we meet up with Hajime Isayama’s intense preparation for creating the series. He is open to new ideas and invites them with a broad perspective. As he implements them into the story, the fans are given a wide spectrum of characters. Each of these is branded with its unique traits, abilities, and an intense aura.

Of course, it’s never easy to rank characters who have never crossed paths. It takes time to analyze these characters bits by bits from the past to the present to make a ranked list of the strongest characters in Attack on Titan. This is the most appropriate list of the top 15 strongest Attack on Titan characters that I could come up with.

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15. Historia Reiss

“I am Historia Reiss. The true ruler of these walls” – Historia Reiss.

Strongest characters in Attack on Titan

Historia Reiss

Historia Reiss, primarily introduced as Krista Lenz is an undeniably strong character. Season 3 of Attack on Titan carried some amount of girth around her.

Historia started as an illegitimate daughter of royal blood who had to change her identity to survive. She has seen her bad days and survived through her worst. Ever since episode 1, Historia has been a kind and the nicest person in the 104th Training Corps. She was indeed beautiful yet filled with courage. Going through her arc of development, one would agree that no one suits better than her to be the Queen of the Walls.

There are so many characters in the Attack on Titan franchise that are physically stronger than her. But, it’s her emotional strength and phenomenal development that gains her this spot.

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14. Dot Pixis

“If it means mankind will live on forever, I don’t mind being called a murderer.” – Dot Pixis.

Attack on Titan strongest character

Dot Pixis.

Dot Pixis was an acknowledged strong man in the Walls. He was also the highest-ranking commander in the Southern District. Pixis was reliable, and he could take chances that other people wouldn’t. He could influence people and motivate them to be courageous. Like Erwin, he carried the vision that was far ahead of their time.

Pixis was respected by all the soldiers. His physical strength is one thing, but he clearly was a clever strategist as well. It was with his help that Coup d’etat was successful. The Commander of the Garrison needs more appreciation for being a strong character in the series. Hence, he easily makes it to this list for the strongest characters in Attack on Titan.

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13. Jean Kirstein

“We’re so severely outmatched,
you really think we can save humanity?” – Jean Kirstein.

Strongest characters in Attack on Titan

Jean Kirstein.

Like any other character, Jean features some basic growth. However, his growth came from a different beginning. Protagonists such as Eren and Armin were always devoted to saving and were ready to sacrifice whatever it took. On the other hand, we had Jean, someone who grew by learning and understanding. At the beginning of season 1, he was a prick. He wanted to chase a comfortable life and join the Military police. But, he grew to become one of the most efficient leaders.

Jean is one of the most average people in the series. He does not have raging Ackerman blood nor titan shifting abilities. What makes him so strong and so valid to be on this list are his leadership qualities. I love the character of Jean. But, what I love even more is his ability to make decisions under severe mental pressure.

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12. Hange Zoe

“Ever Since I Joined The Survey Corps, Every Day Has Brought A New Farewell.”  – Hange Zoe.

Strongest characters in Attack on Titan

Hange Zoe.

If there was a perfect balance between Erwin, the thirteenth commander, and Armin, the fifteenth commander, it would be Hange Zoe. They were immensely strong and very intelligent. Without Hange, Survey Corps would be lacking behind in many different departments.

Hange’s academic intelligence led the soldiers to create better weapons. Additionally, they have also killed five titans alone. That is a big count given that Hange is an average human.

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11. Annie Leonhart

“What’s lost isn’t coming back. It’s too late.” – Annie Leonhart.

15 strongest characters in Attack on Titan

Annie Leonhart.

The female titans from the series were later revealed to be Annie Leonhart. Having titan shifting abilities already makes her pretty strong. No one can forget the bloodbath she had created before her captivity.

Annie was strong even without her titan form. She had skills that made her a formidable ally and a dangerous enemy. In fact, her skills were so interesting, Eren Yeager found them worth learning. Moreover, Annie was clever. Perhaps not as clever as Armin but definitely clever enough to see through their plan.

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10. Kenny Ackerman

“Everyone was a slave to something” – Kenny Ackerman.

List of strong characters in Attack on Titan

Kenny Ackerman.

Number ten on the list of the strongest characters in Attack on Titan is Kenny Ackerman. The ruthless uncle of Levi showed hell to the survey corps. When Levi shows his fear towards him, it was clear that Kenny would be a dangerous one. But, when the battle between Kenny and Levi broke out, we could see what Levi dreaded.

It was only Levi who could defeat him, and it took him a lot of effort to do so. If you have seen Kenny Ackerman fight, it must have already convinced you that he is one of the strongest characters in the series.

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9. Erwin Smith

“If we are going to outwit the enemy then we need to think outside the box.” – Erwin Smith.

Strong characters in Attack on Titan

Erwin Smith.

“Don’t get me wrong, no one can replace Erwin”, says Levi Ackerman. I had to start with a quote for Erwin because this best described him. He was undoubtedly strong, and no one can probably deny it.

Erwin had a strong drive to save humanity. His drive led him to give up on his humanity at times. At the same time, it was his tactics that lessened the loss of life too as a commander, he led the corps to achieve many goals. Erwin Smith was Isayama’s best-written character on the show. When he charged towards the beast titan fearlessly for humanity’s sake, do we still need to question if he is strong?

While Hange carries academic intelligence, Erwin was the strategic brain. Be it the battle against the beast titan or the female titan, we are continuously reminded that it does not require a sword or a titan form to be strong.

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8. Reiner Braun

“I Have To Go Back Home, Even Though There’s Nothing Left To Go Home To” – Reiner Braun.

Attack on Titan character list on the basis of strength

Reiner Braun.

Reiner Braun carries the power of the Armoured Titan. This is self-explanatory for how he made it to the list of the strongest characters in Attack on Titan. Throughout the series, we have only seen him lose twice. Once, against Zeke and another against Eren. However, more than being offensive, Reiner is a stronger defense. He has high shielding capabilities.

Despite his strong armor, Reiner comes off at a disadvantage due to his physical structure. Despite it, he was a tough enemy to beat.

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7. Porco Galliard

“ the end, I’ve always been better than you” – Porco Galliard

Attack on Titan characters

Porco Galliard.

Porco gains the ability of the Jaw titan from Ymir. However, Porco used his jaw titan form far better than her. He was one of the few characters who could give overpowered characters like Eren and Mikasa some trouble. Yes, he was defeated in the end, but he fought valiantly when he did.

Jaw titan is not exactly large like the other forms. It’s even shorter than most unintelligent titans too. Yet, Porco wields this power better than anyone else.

6. Armin Arlert

“To endure becoming a monster you have to discard your humanity.” – Armin Arlert.

Attack On Titan Armin Arlert

Armin Arlert.

Until Armin’s sacrifice, I wouldn’t consider putting Armin on this list. It is true that Armin was incredibly smart. He would stay way behind in the list if his strength was only his brain. But, after he inherited the powers of the Colossal titan, there was no denying that Armin had revamped his stats.

Bertholdt could have been his equal in terms of strength but what makes Armin stronger is the presence of an unmatchable smart head along with the strength of a titan.

5. Mikasa Ackerman

“This world is cruel. It is also very beautiful” – Mikasa Ackerman.

Mikasa attack on titan

Mikasa literally carrying three heavy railroads alone.

It would be a shameful list if Mikasa couldn’t make it to the top 5. Mikasa was strong to even begin with. I loved how Isayama decided to create a female character who did not need any protection from the male leads.

She has killed about 12 titans on her own. If Eren didn’t have his titan form, she could easily become the character with the second-highest Titan kills.

Mikasa was not just physically strong. She had the mental strength that let her be calm throughout any stressful situation. She was the best among all the other trainees and also killed titans in a cold-blooded manner.

4. Zeke Yeager

“So Long As There Are Eldians, This Hell Will Never End!” – Zeke Yeager.

Attack on Titan zeke Yeager

Zeke Yeager.

The beast titan inheriting Zeke Yeager was the most troublesome antagonist.

It’s wrongly out if this placement was based on the fact he is the beast titan. However, Zeke Yeager stands at the fourth ranking for being Zeke rather than for being a beast titan. Meaning, the beast titan was not supposedly as strong. As a matter of fact, it is considered considerably weaker than the other forms. Yet, Zeke Yeager makes the most of it. He carries the form to a height where it looks severely strong. As a matter of fact, he defeats the armored titan on a one-on-one.

The fact has been confirmed by Xavier. Zeke is known as the miracle child, too, for this profound ability. It took the survey corps several deaths and many episodes to finally kill Zeke.

3. Levi Ackerman

“The lesson you need to learn right now, can’t be taught with words… only with action.” – Levi Ackerman.

Attack on Titan Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman.

If Zeke is strong, Levi is the only one who could make him run for his life not once but twice. In the end, Levi brought the end to Zeke’s fate.

But even without this fact, Levi’s strength is well acknowledged. He basically survived underground, enlisted in the Survey Corps, and became to be known as “Humanity’s strongest soldier”.

2. Eren Yeager

“If we kill them all, does that mean we will be free?” – Eren Yeager.

Shingeki no kyojin eren

Eren Yeager.

Like Armin, the position of Eren would have varied in different arcs. But now that the manga is finished and the series is almost coming to an end, let’s rely on the final results. As a human, Eren stands no chance against Levi. As an Attack Titan too Levi has some good probability of winning against him. But, after gaining the powers of the War Hammer Titan as well as unlocking the powers of the Founding Titan, Eren is a lot stronger than any character alive in the series.

Even with all this strength, Eren remains second. Another slot remains to be filled in the list of the strongest characters in Attack on Titan.

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1. Ymir Fritz

Attack on Titan ymir fritz

Ymir Fritz.

Ymir Fritz, the Progenitor titan is the strongest character in Attack on Titan. She was enslaved by the Eldian King, who used her as a weapon. If you think Eren is a lot stronger by gaining three titans, Ymir had the powers of 9 titans in her. She defeated the armies of the neighboring countries using her massive form. Ymir Fritz’s titan form was larger than the Colossal titan.

The Eldians saw Ymir as a goddess. As per their theory, her powers had been bestowed by the Gods. The Marley depicted her as demonic.

If the different titans seem strong alone, Ymir Fritz was someone who had the collective strength of them all.

Attack on Titan has many strong characters. Naming only 15 is almost unfair to other characters like Bertholdt, Sasha, Hannes, and many more. The list could vary over the perception of different people, but I believe this was the best order I could fit them in.

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