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Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes Ranked: Glenn’s Death Is Not On The Top

The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be
Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes - The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

Despite the fact that Season 11 of AMC’s blockbuster zombie series is still going strong in 2022, with a superb cast, The Walking Dead has already proven to be one of the best television shows of all time with its iconic Episodes. The zombie adventure has won the hearts and adoration of fans all around the world since it originally aired in 2010. It is based on Robert Kirkman’s comic. The Walking Dead has been a remarkable hit thanks to its compelling characters, jaw-dropping surprises, and immersive post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The highs and lows of this smash-hit show are virtually likely to live in the memories of zombie lovers long after the zombie drama is put to rest, and there are enough chapters in this compelling story to pick out the best and most unforgettable episodes.

We’ve traveled through the world of walkers for 11 seasons and approximately 200 Episodes, meeting some interesting individuals along the way. Some people we adore to despise, while others we despise to admire. The fact that practically every episode features an important story point, character interaction, is one of the series’ outstanding feats. Or a remarkable moment that will have a significant impact on the series’ development. Because highlighting all of those events would be a difficult undertaking. Let’s take a look at a few of the episodes that stood out among the rest. Let’s go for a trip down memory lane, but be cautious because there will be a lot of walkers. Here are the Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes Ranked.

10. Pretty Much Dead Already – Season 2 Episode 7

This was the second season’s midseason finale, and it was probably the point at which The Walking Dead turned from good to great. It also makes me miss Shane a lot. The narrative of Season 2 revolved around finding Sophia, Carol’s lost daughter, who had simply wandered off. It was also about preparing for the world ahead, which Shane took a firm stance on in contrast to the softer, kinder Rick Grimes of Season 2.

Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes

Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes – Pretty Much Dead Already

Shane throws open the doors to Herschel’s walker barn, forcing the crew to shoot the zombies, in what is perhaps one of the best scenes in the entire series. Shane’s message is that they’ll have to battle for a new world, which Rick reinforced later in the series. But it turns out that the last zombie shambling out of the barn is none other than Sophia, who has been hiding right under their nose the entire time. The horrible shift has rendered even Shane speechless, and Rick is forced to shoot her. Season 2 was a low point in terms of quality for the program, but this sequence is incredible.

9. Better Angels – Season 2 Episode 12

Shane and Rick had no intention of kissing and reconciling. In the dramatic penultimate episode of The Walking Dead’s second season, the two alpha males finally confront each other. While an army of Walkers moves in on Hershel’s farm, this happens. This is the show’s version of the Red Wedding in a lot of ways.

Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes

Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes – Better Angels

Sure, the death toll isn’t as great as it was in that iconic Game of Thrones Episode. However, “Better Angels” is the point at which you realize that no one is safe on The Walking Dead, not even the main characters. Carl shoots Shane’s reanimated body in the head after he dies. Chandler Riggs was helpfully elevated from background child actor to bona fide star – a job he would accept without hesitation.

8. Here’s Negan – Season 10 Episode 22

The audience learns about Negan’s complicated history in this Episode. Negan’s only companion in a dark and lonely cabin is his memories of his past before he became the dreaded and infamous man he is now. We learn that Negan was trying his best to care for his wife, Lucille, around a decade ago. Lucille was dying of cancer and needed chemotherapy badly. He’s tied up and threatened by bikers, forced to kill walkers, and confronted with his personal problems as he makes his way to get the medicine.

Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes

Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes – Here’s Negan

He cherished Lucille and was willing to put his life on the line to ensure that she lived out her days in peace. He was always there for her, reminding her of her prescription doses, making her laugh, and singing to her, even when she was given up on herself. The fact that she killed herself while he was on a supply run was ultimately what destroyed him. He was haunted by his guilt ever since he never had the chance to say goodbye. While Negan didn’t seem to have the strongest moral code even before the apocalypse, this Episode succeeds in making the series’ worst villain a sympathetic figure with the capacity for change, which is no small feat.

7. What Comes After – Season 9 Episode 5

Saying farewell is difficult. While The Walking Dead may not be over for a long time, this is as near to a perfect conclusion as we’ll get for the time being. Rick is nearing the end of his life and, owing to some lucid dreaming, is able to take one last trip down memory lane. The flashbacks are not simply a fitting send-off for the show’s leading guy. However, for those who have followed his eight-year journey, they are also well-measured fan service. Scott Wilson, who plays Herschel, has the strongest scene among the few repeat appearances. This final farewell is all the more devastating because the actor died just weeks before the program aired.

What Comes After

Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes – What Comes After

6. Thank You – Season 6 Episode 3

Yes, we’re at the famous “Glenn fakes his death” Episode, but it felt quite real at the time. Nicholas whispers “thank you” to Glenn on top of the dumpster before shooting himself in the head and knocking Glenn into the swarm of walkers. As we saw in entry #5, Glenn unintentionally causes all of this by saving the selfish, inept Nicholas in the Season 5 finale, and fans freaked out when it appeared that Glenn had been eaten.

Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes

Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes – Thank You

This is an Episode that appears to have received great ratings just because of that shocking moment, rather than anything else that occurred. In retrospect, I believe the show employed a variety of dirty methods, such as camera angles, to deceive the audience into believing Glenn was dead. It was undoubtedly a moment that sparked more discussion than any other in the show’s history, but it struck me as a bit cheap in retrospect.

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5. Coda – Season 5 Episode 6

It begins with Rick shooting Dawn’s group’s officer Bob Lamson, who refuses to listen to Rick and tries to break free from his restraints. Beth’s excellent heart and compassion appear to be slow through Dawn’s harsh veneer at the hospital. Dawn is broken, just like everyone else in this new world, and she can’t survive on her own. This was a very courageous Episode for Beth, and it appeared for a time that she would emerge from the hospital undamaged. When she put a small pair of scissors into her cast, they knew something was wrong. What did Beth intend to do?

Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes

Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes – Coda

Rick and Dawn meet face to face in the spooky corridor hospital in the final minutes of the episode for a flawless hostage exchange: Rick will hand over her cops in exchange for Beth and Carol. Yes, that sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Not so quickly… Dawn wishes for Noah to remain with her. Rick is enraged because this was not part of their deal. Beth carefully approaches Dawn, slips out her scissors, and stabs her in the shoulder in a startling change of events. Dawn responds by shooting Beth in the head, causing her to fall to the ground. After shooting Dawn in the head, a grieving Daryl takes Beth’s lifeless body in his arms. Beth’s death also signaled the end of the world’s remaining innocence.

4. The Grove – Season 4 Episode 14

“The Grove” is not only the best Walking Dead Episode but also one of the best television episodes of all time. This Season 4 Episode is all about addressing unpleasant truths. That isn’t how it begins. Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie, and Mika have taken refuge in an exquisite house, which is one of the show’s nicer moments. Things are, after all, normal. There’s a kettle, and there’s a lovely garden. People are content. Everyone is cherished.

The Grove

Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes – The Grove

Carol confesses to Tyreese she was the one who killed Karen by the end of the episode, but she also kills crazy Lizzie while crying and telling her to keep looking at the flowers. This was the series’ final lump-in-the-throat sequence. Both are excruciatingly painful in their own unique ways. But what makes it so special that it takes precedence above everything else? Because of the conclusion. Whereas other episodes might look back to inspect the wreckage, “The Grove” walks out of the house unflinchingly and scarcely reflects on what had transpired, almost as if it were a routine event.

3. Too Far Gone – Season 4 Episode 8

This is the great finale of the Governor’s war, which many fans believe dragged on a little too long between seasons three and four. It is, however, the famous scene from the comics in which The Governor raids the prison with his tank. It’s also when he uses Michonne’s katana to sever Herschel’s head, one of the series’ most gruesome and terrible kills, especially because Herschel had been such a terrific character during the entire prison saga.

Too Far Gone

Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes – Too Far Gone

The Governor’s improvised army and Rick’s crew then engage in a full-scale battle. As the Governor’s army is slain and decimated, and Rick’s group gets fragmented for the remainder of the season, no one truly “wins.” Michonne and the walkers are responsible for the Governor’s death. The only part of this Episode that I didn’t enjoy was at the end when Rick sees a bloody baby carrier and assumes that Judith has been slain, rather than presuming that she was picked up and left by someone with bloody hands. It was a strange tone to conclude on because no one believed the baby was dead at all. Overall, though, this was a fantastic Episode.

2. The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be – Season 7 Episode 1

Season 6’s finale teased what fans of The Walking Dead have been waiting for throughout the series. Negan had finally arrived, and he was not going to accept “no” for an answer. Negan violently pummelling someone to death, as comic book readers expected, but we wouldn’t know who for months. We see Negan march around the circle of tied prisoners, hurling smart-ass comments and reveling in everyone’s dread, in a series of recent flashbacks via Rick’s eyes. We find that Abraham was who died in the last episode after an unsettling round of “eeny, meeny, miny, moe.” Daryl’s rage overflows as he punches Negan in the face. Of course, it won’t fly, so Negan goes on to batter Glenn’s head in as well.

The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes – The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

No one could predict Negan’s next move for the duration of the Episode. Rick is actually dragged and thrown inside a camper, only to be forced to retrieve his ax in a fog of walkers. Negan also orders Rick to sever Carl’s arm, leaving Rick in a pool of sorrow. Thankfully, Negan only wanted that, and he doesn’t force Rick to mutilate his own son. However, he did force Rick to recognize that he was no longer in charge. It’s Negan’s world, and we’re merely passing through…if we’re lucky.

1. No Way Out – Season 6 Episode 9

Season 6’s midseason debut is spectacular. As walkers swarm the community in droves, Alexandria’s days are numbered. Rick makes every effort to guide Jessie and her two sons, Ron and Sam, through the army of walkers. Everything seemed to be going well until Sam, the boy Carol threatened in a previous Episode, gets a panic attack. He not only attracts walkers but he is also eaten alive, as Carol predicted. This sets off the most heinous chain of events: Jessie is devoured, Ron threatens Carl and Rick with a rifle, and Michonne thrusts her katana into Ron’s back. Ron pulls the trigger and shoots Carl in the eye, but he survives thanks to the help he received at the hospital.

Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes

Top 10 Walking Dead Episodes – No Way Out

Let’s not overlook Owen. Despite the fact that he has a clear path to escape, he risks his life to rescue Denise, who is trapped among a group of walkers. Owen is bitten on the arm in the process, but the two make it out alive. Then, on their journey to the infirmary, where Denise vows to save Owen, he again sacrifices himself for her, fighting off more walkers. Carol shoots him repeatedly from a balcony, oblivious to his heroism and possible change of heart. Rick’s crew and the Alexandrians combine for the rest of the episode, which is a no-holds-barred walker slash fest. Without a doubt, the second half of Season 6 got off to a fantastic start.

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