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Top 10 Twists in MCU That No One Expected

Top 10 Twists in MCU

Marvel Cinematic Universe has defined an era for sure. No matter how much you criticize it for its straight-away storylines. They do connect with the audiences and have managed to be memorable in all ways possible. For years people might revisit them and rejoice their way out through these films. The same will continue as the umbrella of Marvel will expand itself as teased in the recent Phase 4 trailer as well as the lineup we have for the OTT Platform of Disney+. After the Infinity Saga, we are in for more sets of stories. There is something for everyone if we could say.

Coming back to the straight-away storylines, it’s not like Marvel has always relied on the same. There were times fans were left shook and thinking about the plot twist they saw coming. If that’s not enough to hype up, Disney+’s first Marvel Web Series WandaVision was built upon unexpected twists to arrive. Some turned out true some didn’t, and this may continue in their upcoming projects. So to rejoice a little, here we are taking a look at some of the unexpected MCU moments so far no one saw coming.

10. Pietro And Wanda’s Arrival

After WandaVision, it feels like whenever you think of Wanda as a character, just expect something unexpected. That’s what happened when she debuted into MCU with her brother Pietro back in 2014. For MCU, the company was still struggling with character rights at that time. So watching our beloved Mutant characters, Spider-man, and many other crossings over the Marvel’s Umbrella was difficult to execute. Then Marvel with Pietro and Wanda showcasing their powers in the post-credit scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier which gave some fans hope.

Wanda and Pietro Debut

From The Post-Credit Scene Of Captain America: The Winter Soldier Featuring Pietro and Wanda Maximoff, Credits: Marvel Studios

Wanda and Pietro became part of MCU as they were experimented on by Hydra’s Wolfgang von Strucker. He was meddling with the mind stone inside Loki’s Scepter. Something a normal human being shouldn’t meddle with if Thor says. Anyway, the arrival of them was met with huge awe and a possibility of bringing the mutant characters inside the MCU. The characters appeared in the second installment of The Avengers called the Avengers Age Of Ultron and shined out. Despite not mentioning the words mutant or X-Men.

Anyway, since then Wanda herself has grown as a part of MCU. Furthermore, with the unexpected twist she came is an aura that carried on in her own Disney+ Web Series WandaVision. The one show which fans spent watching only predicting something unexpected is about to happen.

9. Ego Is The Villain

The second installment of Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy is probably one of the most emotional entries in the umbrella of Marvel. The movie did leave us crying in our bed at the end. Anyway, one of the good points in the film initially was the introduction of Ego to be Peter Quill a.k.a. Starlord’s father. A question which was needed to be answered after the first installment revealed his father isn’t from the Earth. Well, when they meet it’s all lovey-dovey at the start but not for too long.

Ego Reveals Himself As Killer Of Peter's Mother

From Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 Featuring Peter Quill and his Father Ego, Credits: Marvel Studios

The death of Peter’s mother is something the movie stuck on, influencing some of the traits of Peter. It’s also revealed Yondu was sent by Ego to retrieve Quill but he never turned him over. Although this initially triggers Quill, only until Ego reveals his original motives. In fact, all he wanted was to take over the universe using Quill’s powers. What worse is that he killed Peter’s mother by putting a tumor inside her and has been doing it for other women for years. In turn, Ego becomes the villain no one expected, leading Peter to Yondu who was much of a father than Ego can ever be.

8. The Fake Pietro

Probably the most recent one which we enjoyed while it lasted. WandaVision was the first web series introduced by the Marvel Cinematic Universe on Disney’s brand new OTT platform. The best part was nobody out there knew what to expect from the show as it didn’t reveal much for the plot. Apart from the fact it is adapting sitcoms for some reason. Probably, the biggest twist that turned a lot of heads was the return of Pietro Maximoff to the MCU, who died back in the 2015’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

Pietro Turned Out To Be Fake

From Marvel’s WandaVision Featuring The Fake Pietro

Teased in an initial episode, Pietro did return for WandaVision. But the moment got much, much bigger with Evan Peters reprising the role from The X-Men Franchise. The hopes were literally high as fans believed the MCU is opening the door for the X-men crossover after the Fox deal. We did enjoy his run as it lasted as the twist was hyped, fun but at the end of the day disappointing as well.

The new Pietro we saw turned out to be fake used by Agatha to fool Wanda. He turned out to be just some other guy in the neighborhood named Ralph Boner and had nothing big to do with the MCU. We gotta agree we should have hopes high but not that high, For us, Wanda could become the reigning queen of unexpected twists looking at the upcoming Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness post-WandaVision. Only if the twists don’t fall out as Pietro’s did. It will turn off many people’s moods for sure.

7. Vulture Reveals To Be Liz’s Father

Spider-Man came swinging in MCU as a delightful entry. The first movie Spiderman: Homecoming, turned out to be an entertainment package and the high school superhero tale the web-slinger is known for. We might have seen this tale before but it just works out so perfectly and is executed nicely by the MCU. In such a movie things are expected, and we know how Spider-man or a Marvel solo film turns out to be. But one twist did change it all for some time being.

Vulture Interrogates Peter Parker

From Spider-man: Homecoming Featuring The Vulture

It was Peter Parker knocking at Liz’s door to take her to dance. Only to see Liz’s dad answering who is none other than the Vulture, a.k.a Adrian Toomes. The one he is fighting for a while now. Nobody saw that coming since the buildup of the couple’s relationship in the movie. Vulture seemed like a good family man, but that interrogation of Peter in the car was something to look out for. There were revelations and all the cold vibes we can feel as the hero met the villain face to face for that sweet little talk.

6. Hydra Inside Shield

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one movie to look out for, which gives some really good combat action without much of that VFX. Furthermore, the interesting storyline and twists it carries. Initially, everyone thought Hydra’s story ended with Captain America driving them with him to crash. In the present day world, after waking up years since the 1940s, Steve Rogers started working for the SHIELD acknowledging it was something Peggy Carter and Howard Stark built to fight the threats. But not everything is the same when Hydra’s name is brought into the picture.

Hydra Infiltrated The Shield Long Time Ago

From Captain America: The Winter Soldier Featuring Steve Rogers a.k.a. Captain America and Natasha Romanoff, a.k.a Black Widow

The SHIELD might be responsible for bringing in the Avengers and an initiative to save the world. But Captain America: The Winter Soldier revealed, inside the very core of the Shield, Hydra kept itself alive after the fall in the 1940s. It has been doing the same with the other bigger organizations as well. It was quite unexpected because of the same people we saw in Avengers working around to save New York with The Avengers in the Shield HQ. Those are the same against the well-being of the world which ultimately leads the SHIELD to fall in order to end the Hydra’s infiltration inside them.

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5. Asgard’s End

Thor: Ragnarok brought out a completely goofy, funny, and almost new version of Thor different from its previous two installments. But yes, it also predicted the end of the establishment on which Thor’s Trilogy is built upon. We are talking about Asgard and also the arrival of its Ragnarok. With Odin gone, it released Hela to return back to the world and take away the Throne for herself. Everyone thought, much like every Marvel film, Thor would work towards preventing the Asgard and one way or another, be able to save his very home. But that didn’t come out to be true.

Asgard Gets Destroyed In Thor Ragnarok

From Thor: Ragnarok Featuring Thor, Loki, Valkyrie, and Hulk

Instead of Thor saving Asgard, he came to realize his destiny is to cause the Ragnarok. This turned him to bring in Surtur, who managed to take down Asgard as well as Hela with him. Asgard’s fall was something not many fans, but Thor stated Asgard is not a place but the people living there. This leads him as the new King taking them to Earth as their new home. Only if Thanos didn’t interrupt their peaceful journey.

4. The Winter Soldier Killed Tony’s Parents

Captain America: Civil War being a Captain America film, was more of an Avengers film like everyone says, as we had most of the core members in it. Similarly, we got more to learn about Tony and his relationship with his parents. The one did touch our hearts for sure. Especially since our hero couldn’t say his last goodbye to. Moving on the film built itself on the political stance with the Avengers breaking up and battling each other. But at the end of the day, Tony came to the rescue only to turn again.

The Winter Soldier Assassinates The Starks

From Captain America: Civil War Featuring Bucky, a.k.a The Winter Solider

What happened was Zemo trying to take revenge for his parent’s death by turning the heroes against each other. In turn, he also revealed a video that saw the Winter Soldier, a.k.a. Bucky killing Tony’s parents. What made the revelation more shocking was Steve knowing about it and hiding it away from Tony. Thus, a raging Tony goes on rampage battling Steve and Bucky at an ultimate final fight sequence.

3. Red Skull’s Return

Okay, this was pretty shocking and questionable, plus we are glad we got answers there right away. Red Skull appeared as the main villain of Captain America: The First Avenger. Almost though to be died or transported elsewhere, we thought we might never see him again. But we did, and at some of the most unexpected points meeting the biggest Bad, there is Thanos.

Red Skull Returns In Infinity War

From Avengers: Infinity War Featuring Red Skull

Gamora reluctantly took Thanos to the Vormir to retrieve the Soul Stone. Out of the dark Red Skull appeared as the guardian of the stone, protecting it for years. Red Skull’s greed for power and stones casts him out and banishes him to Vormir leading people to the treasure he can’t possess. A small but unexpected appearance from the iconic Marvel Villain.

2. Avengers Initiative

Yes, the year 2008 did saw the arrival of Marvel Studios with their first movie Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr.Iron Man as the movie started out as a regular superhero movie which went on to be successful. It was a highly entertaining drama where there were heroes, villains, motives, and a good storyline to carry upon. What made the big difference from the other superhero movies was the post-credit scene. It changed it all. Now it seems like every other studio thrives upon the post-credit scene which Marvel initiated.

Nick Fury Introduces Tony To Avengers Initiative

From The Post-Credit Scene Of Iron Man (2008) Featuring Nick Fury

Anyway, the post-credit scene saw The Director of SHIELD Nick Fury, walking out of the dark infiltrating Stark’s tower. The regular fans might not be intrigued, but the die-hard fans saw something big coming. The moment Avengers Initiative came out of Fury’s mouth, that’s when the die-hard fans went crazy. The moment made the further installments of Iron Man as well as the other Marvel Projects very important to look out for.

1. Thanos Won The Battle First

Probably the reason Marvel gets criticized is for the straightforward superhero storyline it has been carrying around for days. But that changed for their biggest two films ever. Avengers Infinity War was the first of two films that were leading us to the closure of Infinity Saga. The biggest and strongest there is Thanos came collecting the six infinity stones and was about to be succeeded. Avengers joining forces with the likes of Wakanda’s Army, Guardians Of The Galaxy, and more to the biggest superhero battle ever.

Thanos Wins The Battles

From Avengers: Infinity War Featuring Thanos and Thor

Every fan out there thought one way or another Avengers: Infinity War is bound to end with a happy ending. Then continue for the second part of Infinity War which was later revealed by Avengers: Endgame to continue some other way. But the world of fans turned upside down when despite the ultimate measures of our heroes, no one matched the likes of Thanos. He managed to grab hands on all the six of the Infinity Stones and did snap the fingers and did erase half of the population of the universe. The fans were completely shocked and in a state of silence as they saw all their favorites turned into dust.

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