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Top 10 ‘The Crown’ Facts That You May Not Know

The Crown Facts

The crown is a portrayal of the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the time when she married Prince Phillip to her life in the present. The characters are changed to fit in their roles according to the ages. The show has many fans of older ages and particularly from wealthier backgrounds. The 4th season will introduce princess Diana and the fifth as well as the sixth season will focus on the present reign of the queen. This will end the series.

Season 4 was released in November 2020 after almost a complete year’s wait. The show features Josh O’Connor as Prince Charles and Emma Corrin as Princess Diana in season 4. Gillian Anderson is playing Margaret Thatcher. Season 5 is said to come out in 2022. This period drama can be streamed on Netflix. The series has the highest budgets for making and has gained a lot of love from the fans as well. It has been appreciated a lot by the critics as well for everything from the values depicted to the acting and the writing. The show has received over 25 awards for the first two seasons only. It has a total of thirty-nine nominations for the first three seasons.

We have Ten facts about the crown that you might be unaware of-

The Crown Facts

1. About The Creator

The creator of the show- the crown, Peter Morgan doesn’t have a lot of interest in the happenings of the royal family.

Peter Morgan, the creator of The Crown has also written The Queen in 2006 which was nominated for Best Original Screenplay in The Oscars and Helen Mirren won an Oscar for the part of Queen Elizabeth II. This gives an impression that he might have a great level of interest in the royal family but that is not the case. He feels that it was a horrible mistake.

The Deal was a 2003 movie from which the journey to the crown started. It was about Tony Blair’s rise to power as a prime minister. The continuation of this story was The Queen. It was followed by The Audience which was a play that shined on Broadway.

2. The Story Was Extended

The crown was initially supposed to be only three seasons long.

The Crown was initially decided to be up for three seasons only. However, the idea expanded unexpectedly. The cast was happy for the way things turned out even though many of them had no interest in the happenings of the royal family before they were signed.

3. Filming Details of The Crown

None of the scenes of the Buckingham Palace were filmed in the actual Buckingham Palace.

The Crown could not be shot in Buckingham Palace. The team took public tours in order to recreate the interiors for the show.

4. Matt Smith’s Meeting With Prince William

Matt Smith received advice from Prince William on how to portray Prince Philip properly. Matt Smith met Prince William before the show started. He asked him for advice on how to do the character justice. Prince Philip said that his grandfather is an absolute legend.

5. Queen’s involvement with her sister’s marriage?

In real life, the queen never opposed her sister’s potential marriage to Peter Townsend.

According to the show, the queen stops her sister from marrying a divorced- Peter Townsend. She also worked with the prime minister of the United Kingdom to work towards a plan so that Margaret can keep her title and allowances as well after she marries Peter. The princess however changed her mind later.

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6. Helana Carter Met Princess Margeret

Helena Bonham Carter met princess Margaret once. She also commented on Helena’s acting skills.

Helena Bonham Carter met Princess Margaret because her uncle was close to the princess. She said, “you are getting better, aren’t you?” She thought that the comment was about her acting. She also found her quite scary.

7. Production Costs of The Crown

This show is extremely expensive, infact it is the most expensive show ever made. The crown is one of the shows with the highest budget recorded for any tv series. Each episode costs millions to make.

8. Queen’s Wedding Dress

The queen’s wedding dress was recreated to be an exact replica and doing so was a difficult and time-consuming task. The queen’s costume was an exact replica of the wedding dress. It is said to be the most complicated and time-consuming dress.

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9. Prince Charles’  Investiture Scene

Prince Charles’ ranking ceremony scene in the show was filmed at the exact location where the real-life event took place. The second half of season 3 is about prince Charles and others in the younger generation. He was invested as the prince of wales in one of the episodes. This part was shot at the place where the original ceremony took place many years ago.

10. Meghan Markle in The Crown?

The show’s producers have given Meghan Markle an invite to play herself if the former actress wants to. The crown will be having only 6 seasons. The latter part may focus on modern members of the family. This includes Meghan Markle as well. She has been proposed an invitation to play herself if she would want to do so. She used to be an actress earlier but retired.

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