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Top 10 Strongest Naruto Characters

Naruto is one of the few manga and anime in which there are a lot of characters and a lot of STRONG characters, but among the strongest ones, who are the 10 stronger than anyone else?

To know the answer to this question you can read the following top 10 of the strongest Naruto characters ever!

(P.S. = I put them in this order also thinking about their real abilities and not only about what they showed us in the anime/manga)


First of all, I want to specify that I’ve put him in this position although he was stronger than Itachi because Shisui died really young, so that he couldn’t have developed completely his powers and, for this reason, Itachi as an adult is stronger than Shisui as a teen.

Anyway, Shisui was the strongest Uchiha of his time, he used to beat Itachi in taijutsu and he also had illusions skills stronger than his friend; he was also known as “Shisui of teleport” because of his insane speed. In particular, he developed the strongest genjutsu ever: Kotoamatsukami, thanks to which he could enter people’s minds and modify their will and their thoughts without making them realizing to have been controlled. A technique so powerful that it could be used only one time every ten years.


After Shisui’s death, he became the strongest Uchiha of his time and also the strongest genjutsu user: his illusions are incredibly powerful, in particular his strongest genjutsu: the Tsukuyomi, which he used to trap also an able ninja as Kakashi; in fact, also for Uchihas who only had their normal Sharingan and not the Mangekyo Sharingan it was difficult to avoid Tsukuyomi.

Maybe Itachi could have been in a higher position, but in reality we have never seen him really engaged in a fight at his 100%, not even in his last fight against Sasuke, so that we can’t be sure if he was even more skilled than we know.


I couldn’t avoid placing in this list the character who achieved completely destroying Konoha.

I don’t think Pain needs any description, but guess what? Let’s remember people what he can do!

Thanks to his Rinnegan, Pain can control all the element and use all the techniques; in addiction, he has the access to the Rikudou Sennin’s Six Paths and he can control the gravity by using incredibly powerful jutsu such as Shinra Tensei and Chibaku Tensei.

Of course, when we talk about pain, we don’t have to forget that the guy called Pain is Yahiko and in reality Nagato has the real powers of Rinnegan, thanks to which he can control Pain.

I think he’s one of the strongest Naruto characters ever with no doubt, but I think also that in a fight one vs one we should see him alone to clearly define his powers, because he’s often helped by the “other Pains” who control what he can’t see; for example, without their help, maybe Jiraya had survived.


“Why did you put the man nicknamed as God Of Shinobi before Minato?”

Yes, I know, maybe someone don’t agree with me, but I put Hashirama in the 7th place because, considering all their abilities, in my opinion Hashirama would have lost in a fight against Minato when Minato uses Kurama’s chakra mode; I mean, Minato bases his fighting style on speed, Hashirama on ability and skills, so if Hashirama can’t see Minato, he can’t defeat him.

And no, Hashirama’s Sage Mode is useless, since also Minato can use it.

Anyway, with no doubt Hashirama is one of the strongest ninja ever. He’s a Kekkei Genkai owner, in particular he’s able to use the Wooden Style, which comes from the association of water chakra and earth chakra; in addiction, he’s able to use the Sage Mode and he’s also able to regenerate. In addiction, Hashirama can use the technique called “Nativity Of A World Of Trees” and he can also summon the Quintuple Rashomon.


An absolute genius.

He invented the Rasengan; although he let it incomplete because he didn’t give to the Rasengan an element, think that he created that jutsu starting from nothing (the previous person who was able to use Rasengan was Ashura).

Moreover, he could use the Sage Mode and he took Tobirama’s Instantaneous Revolving jutsu and he improved it: Minato was able to use it in a way he was used to calling “Second Step”, he adapted that technique also in order to create a barrier and he also created the final jutsu in which he concentrated all the power of Tobirama’s original technique: the “Spiralling Flash Super Round Dance Howl Style Three”, which combines a shadow clone and six kunai with Minato’s seal.

Furthermore, during the Fourth Shinobi War, he showed us an incredible technique called “Flying Thunder God Mutually Instantaneous Revolving Technique”, which he can use only together with Tobirama.


Maybe Obito doesn’t really deserve this position, since if he didn’t reach the Sennin Mode he would have probably been even weaker also than Shisui, but since he gained a Rinnegan and he reached the Sennin Mode, we have to recognize his strength.

Thanks to his abilities improvement, Obito became able of using all the techniques coming from the Rinnegan, he could summon the Demonic Statue and use its Chains; in addiction, he also became the Juubi’s jinchuriki.

We also don’t have to forget that Obito was an Uchiha, so he possessed a Mangekyo Sharingan who made him being able to be intangible and use Kamui in short distances.


Madara was the strongest Uchiha ever existed: he had incredible powers thanks to his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, he could evoke a complete Susano’o which had 4 arms and a sword that had enough power to slice the mountains; in addiction he could use his dojutsu to summon Kurama and also control it.

Furthermore, during the Fourth Shinobi War, he gained a Rinnegan and then he also reached the Sennin mode, which made him more like a god rather than a human ninja: he has been able to activate the Infinite Tsukuyomi thanks a Rinne Sharingan places on his forehead, he could use Hashirama’s powers and regeneration abilities and, during his fight against Naruto and Sasuke, he showed us an incredible jutsu called “Limbo” thanks to which he could fight helped by some invisible shadow clones.


Momoshiki and his father Kinshiki arrived at Naruto’s world from another dimension in order to collect all the chakra and create a new fruit that could sustain their powers and their longevity; although I don’t really think that Momoshiki is stronger than Madara in Sennin Mode, after having absorbed Kinshiki he became incredibly powerful, nota s powerful as Kaguya but for sure more than Madara.

In fact, I’ve decided to place him at the 3rd position because, even if he has been defeated quite easily, in any case he fought against both Naruto and Sasuke, so that he demonstrated to be a powerful character who can equalize Naruto and Sasuke’s powers for a while.

Besides owning the Byakugan in both of his eyes, Momoshiki also has two special Rinnegan in the palms of his hands; he uses them for absorbing enemies’ attacks (with the right one) and to release it (with the left one). In addiction, we saw that, after Kinshiki absorption, he can easily control elements, so that he evoked a rock titan which forced Naruto and Sasuke to summon Kurama and cover it with Susano’o armor.

Momoshiki could also create red chakra weapons like his father used to do.


Apart from being Naruto Shippuden last enemy and so already for this reason she has to be considered as the most powerful evil character of all the anime, Kaguya owns a Rinne Sharingan, which gives her all the powers coming from a Sharingan, a Byakugan and a Rinnegan; in addiction, she’s able to use Amenominaka, a strong space-time technique that can transfer people in other dimensions and, if there isn’t any dimension she wants to go to, she can also create one before using Amenominaka. That’s completely insane!

Moreover, we saw that she able also to fight using her “All-Killing Ash Bones”, which can pierce everyone and transform them into ash; in addiction, she also used the Infinite Tsukuyomi and she combined it with the “Nativity Of A World Of Trees” jutsu, fundamental for her purpose to create a new world thanks to the strongest illusion ever.

I don’t she needs more explanation, just let me say that she has the powers of a god!


Well, I’ve decided to give them the first position because in reality if they would fight right now, I couldn’t be able to predict who would win.

Sasuke for sure has developed incredible skills, especially thanks to his Rinnegan, his Chidori manipulation and his “Hell Style: Blaze Control”, a jutsu that he invented; in addiction he’s also able to use one of the most powerful techniques of all time: the “Indra’s Arrow”.

On the other hand, Naruto developed the perfect connection with Kurama, being able to create incredibly powerful attacks and combining them with different versions of Rasegan, from the giant ones to the ones made thanks to tailed beasts chakra.

In conclusion I just think they’re the strongest shinobi ever and, as far as they don’t fight each other, but on the contrary they help reciprocally, no enemy will be able to defeat them.

Written by Jaskaran Oberoi

Hi, my name is Jaskaran Oberoi, and I'm From Punjab, India. I have been an anime for almost 18 years now and a fan of nearly all genres, You will often find me writing about a creepier side of the anime. You can get in touch with me at

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  1. I dont think kotoamatsukami requires 10 years to recharge….it was the case for the crow only since you cannot expect such chakra reserves to recharge it…probably danzo could have recharged it faster than 10 yrs due to having a better developed chakra network and hashirama’s cells.I think shisui wouldnt have to wait even that long..else kotoamatsukami is practically useless un battle if it cant be used only once in a decade…shisui as an uchiha could have done it at a much faster rate..probably even less than a month(as sharingans responded better if used by an uchiha)

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