Top 10 Strongest Guns In Call Of Duty: Mobile

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Top 10 Strongest Guns in Call of Duty Mobile
Top 10 Strongest Guns in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the leading shooting games in the market. Taking a strong market segment that rivals Fortnite, Free Fire, and PUBG, the Activision game takes a strong stance in this niche, providing millions of players around the world with countless hours of fun, either at home or on the go, COD: Mobile is the bomb. And here, we bring you the Top 10 strongest guns in Call of Duty: Mobile.

So, after you read this, make sure that your loadout is all set and that you have the right gear. That way, when you’re out on the hunt, you’ll have the proper equipment to be deadly on the field, and you can win every single round of this fun game. Now, without any further ado, let’s look at the strongest guns in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Top 10 Strongest Guns in Call of Duty Mobile
This selection of guns will make your loadout deadly

Top 10 Strongest Guns In Call of Duty: Mobile

Here, we will be covering the fastest killing weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile. Also, this list takes into consideration how long it will take you to kill someone in COD: Mobile with full HP. But it doesn’t mean it’s the most plausible, likely, or even kind of likely scenario. So, don’t take this list as a practical top 10 for COD: Mobile is a very dynamic game. Now let’s kick it!

10. Arctic. 50

For mobile battle royale in COD: Mobile, Arctic.50 is one of the easiest sniper rifles, and it’s recommended that you use it as a secondary weapon. The Arctic 50 has a high rate of fire, which allows players to deal more damage to their opponents at longer ranges. In order to knock down adversaries with vest levels two and below, this weapon requires a minimum of two bullets and a maximum of three shots.

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Stats: Damage: 85, Range: 95, Fire Rate: 31

Top 10 Strongest Guns in Call of Duty Mobile
The lethal sniper rifle shoots .50 rounds

9. ASM10

There is no doubt that the ASM10 is a top-tier assault rifle; it may even be the greatest. It has its benefits and drawbacks, just like any other weapon. The main drawback of this weapon is its mobility, which slows down players. Because of this, it’s arguably the greatest weapon for those who prefer a more methodical approach. It’s devastating in terms of accuracy, damage, and rate of fire. All that remains is for the player to learn how to survive with this weapon’s iron sight and a scope attached.

Stats: Accuracy 72, Mobility 68, Fire Rate 55.

Top 10 Strongest guns in Call of Duty Mobile
This one is reliable and maneuverable

8. CR56 Amax

This assault rifle is a high-powered, rapid-fire assault weapon that is extremely mobile. Due to its comfortable handling, the weapon’s recoil pattern isn’t much of an issue. In medium-range gunfights, it is a formidable opponent for the AK117, although it can still fall short in close quarters. For close-range combat, the CR-56 will be outmatched by many SMGs, including the MX9 and the Fennec. Therefore, a secondary weapon like a good shotgun would be a smart idea because it would be outmatched by them.

Stats: Accuracy 50, Fire rate 71, Mobility 76

Pair a shotgun with this bad boy and you’ll be killing it!

7. M4

The M4 must be at the top of the list when discussing guns with minimal or no recoil. It’s an assault weapon that excels in mid and long-range battles, as well. Players that are new to the game may want to start with this weapon. Although its damage isn’t great, this weapon has a high firing rate and mobility that keep it in the game. Players should equip this weapon with an expanded Mag adapter because it will run out of bullets in long-range battles due to its quick rate of fire.

Stats: Fire Rate 68, Accuracy 59, Mobility 81.

Top 10 Strongest guns in Call of Duty Mobile
Always reliable, the M4 with a couple of good attachments will be a good one!

6. MX9

In terms of appearance, this weapon is a stunner, but in terms of fighting, it’s not far off the mark—one of the best weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile. As one of the most lethal weapons in close quarters warfare, this weapon is a savage beast. As a result of this gun’s extremely high mobility and high mobility, it is possible for players to take down foes without having to aim down sight.

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Stats: Accuracy 45, Mobility 95, Fire Rate 86

For close combat, accept no substitutes!

5. DR-H

Even if it’s a touch heavy, this cannon is an excellent choice for Battle Royale. The increased weight is more than offset by the weapon’s remarkable performance in terms of accuracy, range, and rate of fire. If a player is stunned by this weapon, they will be killed before they can even react. With the OTM magazine attached, it’s recommended to employ this weapon with a smaller submachine gun, such as the MSMC, in order to boost its damage.

Stats: Fire Rate 57, Mobility 79, Accuracy 63

Top 10 Strongest guns in Call of Duty Mobile
The DR-H requires a little bit more expertise, but it will get you really far

4. AK-117

The AK117 assault weapon is a great choice for those searching for some fast-paced combat. This weapon has a high rate of fire and delivers a lot of damage, but it’s also light and portable, so it doesn’t get in the way of your progress. In addition, the weapon’s mid-range range and simple recoil pattern make it a viable option for gamers. This is the weapon to use if rapid-fire is more important to the player than damage.

Stats: Accuracy 62, Mobility 75, Fire Rate 77

Top 10 Strongest Guns in Call of Duty Mobile
The AK117 is a trusty assault rifle like most Kalashnikovs are!

3. Fennec

Submachine gun The Fennec can be used as a primary or secondary weapon, depending on the player’s preferences. In close-range combats, this weapon has a very quick rate of fire and excellent hip-fire accuracy. This weapon has a very short kill time, which means that opponents have no time to respond. This is an excellent weapon for professional players who want to play aggressively and is quite reliable when rushing a team.

Stats: Mobility 108. Fire Rate 111, Range 41.

The Fennec is good for close combat, not so good for the range, like all SMGs

2. AK-47

The majority of gamers think that this is a must-have for any serious player. One of the finest and strongest guns in Call of Duty: Mobile, this powerful assault rifle possesses remarkable accuracy, agility, and fire rate. Any player could get by just fine with this incredibly flexible weapon if they had a sufficient supply of ammunition and the appropriate add-ons. The damage it inflicts is also astounding. It’s a no-brainer for anyone looking for the best gun in Call of Duty Mobile because of the way its specifications complement each other.

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Stats: Mobility 74, Accuracy 67, Damage 33.

Top 10 Strongest guns in Call of Duty Mobile
When it comes to the king of spewing bullets, accept no subtitutes, the AK-47 is for you!

1. Holger 26

The best weapon in the entire game is this one. Since its debut, it has been shown to be a lethal weapon in the ring. In COD: Mobile’s battle royale mode, a high-accuracy Light Machine Gun with excellent mobility is an absolute killer. With a capacity of 100 rounds, a player who prefers to play alone against a team can wipe out the entire group without having to reload. The immense range of this pistol makes it ideal for use as a primary weapon, allowing the user to beam down adversaries from afar.

Stats: Range 60, Fire Rate 71, Damage 31

Top 10 Strongest Guns in Call of Duty Mobile
The Holger 26 is a barrage of fire, using this, you’re unstoppable

Special Honor Mention: The PPSh-41

To get this bad boy, you need to reach tier 21 in Season 1 2022 Battle Pass. This PPSh-41 is a really nasty SMG, great for close-quarter combat with an incredible fire rate and great damage output that will literally put your opponents on fire. We didn’t put this one on the list because you need to do a lot of things for the battle pass. Still, it deserves an honorable spot in the hall of fame.

Stats: Damage 23, Fire Rate 82, Accuracy 42

This SMG deserves a special place, better than number one in our opinion


So, how did you like our countdown of the top weapons for Call of Duty: Mobile? If you liked this article, why don’t you share it with your buddies for the next battle royale? That way, your setup will be very deadly, and you’ll be on the spot and ready to go out to slay your way to the top on this great shooter game. We’re signing off here at Otakukart. Please come back for more daily updates on all things entertainment. See you soon!

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