Top 10 Rom-Comedy Anime To Watch – 2018

Top 10 Rom-Comedy Anime

We all have our wives/girlfriends who think anime is just some kids stuff. But today get them together and watch anyone one of this anime series which I have mentioned in my Top 10 Rom-Comedy Anime To Watch. Make sure to hold em’ tight as they might hit the floor laughing.

Here are Top 10 Rom-Comedy Anime

Special A

( Aired Spring 2008 | Produced by Gonzo and AIC )

Special A Anime

Hikari Hanazono has always been second to Kei Takishima. When they were six years old, their pro-wrestling loving fathers introduced them to each other. Assuming that she was the best in wrestling, young Hikari challenged Kei to a wrestling match only to be thoroughly defeated by him. Ever since that fateful incident, Hikari swore to beat Kei in school grades, sporting events or any competition. To do this, she has enrolled in the same school as Kei since elementary. Now she attends Hakusenkan, an ultra elite school for the wealthy, that costs her carpenter father a lot of money. Hikari and Kei are the top two students in the school, with Kei holding firmly to that number one position.


( Aired Spring 2002 | Produced by Madhouse)

Chobits Anime

The series centers on the life of a boy Hideki Motosuwa, a held-back student attempting to qualify for university by studying at Seki prep school in Tokyo. Besides a girlfriend, he dreams of having a persocom an android used as a personal computer, which is expensive. On his way home one evening, he stumbles across a persocom in the form of a beautiful girl with floor-length hair lying against a pile of trash bags, and he carries her home, not noticing that a disk fell on the ground. Upon turning her on, she instantly regards Hideki with adoration. The only word the persocom seems capable of saying is “chi”, thus he names her that. Hideki assumes that there must be something wrong with her, and so the following morning he has his neighbor Hiromu Shinbo analyze her with his mobile persocom Sumomo.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru

(Aired Spring 2013 | Produced by Brain’s Base)

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru

Hachiman Hikigaya is a high school boy unlike many of the others mentioned throughout this list. While the rom-com is often characterized by the shy or chivalrous boy, Hachiman is more of a pessimistic cynic. He firmly believes that all the bubbly, happy parts of the high school are not real and that most people are simply faking their way through. When he writes an essay about these feelings, his teacher decides to force him to join the Volunteer Service Club as a punishment (or lesson?). There, he meets the only member of the club, Yukino Yukinoshita, a beautiful girl who is somewhat shut out from others because of her looks.


( Aired Winter 2014 | Produced by Shaft)

Nisekoi anime

“Nisekoi” seems deceptively simple at first. Rake Ichijou is a high school student pining after a lost love from ten years ago. He also happens to be the son of a major yakuza boss in his city. As a child, Raku and a young girl met and promised to marry each other one day when they met again. Raku kept a locket as a keepsake of the relationship, the key to which was kept by the young girl. In the present day, Raku still wears the locket and waits to be reunited with the girl who holds the key, secretly hoping it’s his secret crush, Kosaki Onodera. When Chitoge Kirisaki transfers to Raku’s school, they immediately become enemies, only to discover that their fathers intend for them to marry

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun

(Aired Summer 2014 | Produced by Doga Kobo)

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun

High school student Chiyo Sakura has a crush on schoolmate Umetaro Nozaki, but when she confesses her love to him, he mistakes her for a fan and gives her an autograph. When she says that she always wants to be with him, he invites her to his house and has her help on some drawings. Chiyo discovers that Nozaki is actually a renowned shojo manga artist named Sakiko Yumeno. She then agrees to be his assistant in order to get closer to him. As they work on his manga Let’s Fall in Love they encounter other schoolmates who assist them or serve as inspirations for characters in the stories.

Lovely Complex

(Aired Spring 2007 | Produced by Toei Animation)

Lovely Complex

Love Com is a love story between a boy and a girl in Sakai, Osaka. The girl, Risa Koizumi, is 172 centimeters (5 ft 8 in) tall much taller than the average Japanese girl. The boy, Atsushi Ōtani, is 156 cm (5 ft 1 in)way below the height of the average Japanese boy. Because of this, the pair is called the “All Hanshin Kyojin” after a popular comedy duo that has a similar height difference. The difference in their heights is extremely exaggerated (in the opening credits of the anime, for example, the top of Otani’s head doesn’t even reach Risa’s chin when it should approximately level with her mouth.)During summer school, a very tall student named Ryouji Suzuki (from another class) shows up and Risa immediately falls for him because he is tall. There is a girl that Atsushi likes as well, so Risa and Atsushi decide to put aside their differences and help each other get their love interests. Their efforts fail spectacularly as Suzuki and the girl whom Ōtani had a crush on – Chiharu Tanaka – end up becoming a couple. All is not lost though since Risa and Ōtani become close friends.

Kamisama Hajimemashita

(Aired Fall 2012 | Produced by TMS Entertainment)

Kamisama Hajimemashita Anime

Nanami Momozono dreams of living an average school life just like any other high school girl does. Instead, she must cope up with the fact that her father, who is a constant gambler, has accumulated a bunch of gambling debts on her. As she can’t afford to pay the rent, she gets kicked out of her apartment and is now homeless. Despite this unfortunate turn of events, she still maintains a kind heart.While sitting on a park bench collecting her thoughts, Nanami meets a strange man hanging from a tree because he is being chased by a dog. After saving him from the dog, she learns that the man’s name is Mikage. Upon learning about Nanami’s current situation, in a perfect example of how good deeds are rewarded, he gives her his home as a token of his gratitude.

Kaichou wa Maid Sama

(Aired Spring 2010 | Produced by J.C. Staff)

Kaichou wa Maid Sama Anime

Once an all-boys school, Seika High, infamous for its rowdy students, has recently become a co-ed school. However, with the female population still remaining a minority even after the change over the recent years, Misaki Ayuzawa works hard to make the school a better place for girls. She puts a lot of effort into academics and athletics and earns the trust of the teachers. Eventually, she becomes the first female student council president. Misaki has gained a reputation, among the male student’s body as a strict boy-hating demon dictator and as a shining hope for the teachers and fellow female students. However, despite her reputation, she secretly works part-time at a maid café in order to support her ill mom and sister.


( Aired Fall 2008 | Produced by J.C. Staff)

Toradora anime

“Toradora” is another anime that centers on appearance, but in a much bigger way. Main character Ryuuji Takasu is the kind boy who loves doing housework, but his outward appearance is somewhat thuggish. Co-protagonist Taiga Aisaka is a girl who seems small and cute but is actually feisty and rather dangerous. Other characters in this anime also share similar misjudgment problems based on their appearances. When Taiga and Ryuuji discover that they each have crushes on the other’s best friend, they decide to help each other out in their romantic endeavors. But who really belongs with who? There are plenty of laughs and dramatic moments along the way as these two friends discover more about each other.

Ouran Koukou Host Club

(Aired Spring 2006 | Produced by Bones)

Ouran Koukou Host Club Anime

Haruhi Fujioka is a bright student attending the elite Ouran Academy. She doesn’t quite fit in there, as she is not very wealthy, nor part of a high-ranking family. She slips by generally under the radar. One day, after wandering into a music room and breaking a very expensive vase, she is thrust into the company of the Ouran High School Host Club, a group of boys that play host to the girls of the academy after school hours. They mistake her for a boy and force her to join the club in order to repay them for the vase. Each host has a vastly different personality, which gives the show its abundantly pleasant personality and tone. Even after the host club realizes Haruhi is a girl, they allow her to stay on as a boy to repay her debt. The only mystery is whether or not she’ll find time for love along the way, and who exactly is in love with her.

Did you like this list. Comment down your reaction after completing any one of these. See you until next time


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