Top 10 One Piece Unknown Bounties

As we all know, in the world of One piece there are a lot of really strong pirates who have incredible bounties; on the contrary, there are also some pirates who are even stronger than those mentioned before but we don’t know anything about their bounties.

For this reason, today I’m gonna introduce you a compilation about the 10 highest bounties ever and the reasons for which I think so.

Let’s go!


Oden used to be a member of Roger’s pirates and, when Roger died, he took part to Whitebeard’s crew.

Since he was part of Roger’s crew, he may know the truth about the Void Century and, for this reason, I suppose his bounty could be so high.


Beckmann is a member of Shanks’ crew; his powers are still quite unknown, but we know since Marineford war that he is strong enough to make Admiral Kizaru surrender and, furthermore, Beckmann is considered the person with the highest IQ in the whole East.

Moreover, we don’t have to forget that every member of Shanks’ crew could know the secret about the Void Century, since Shanks’ was a member of Roger’s pirates.

8 – SILVERS RAYLEIGH: 1.500.000.000

Rayleigh was Gol D. Roger’s first mate, so that he knows about the Void Century for sure; furthermore, we saw in the Sabaody Islands that he’s incredibly strong, so much to fight against Admiral Kizaru and avoid being captured.


Marshall D. Teach is now one of the four Yonko; anyway, he’s the latest arrived among them and, in addiction, he doesn’t own any Ponelgyph, so that his bounty deserves to be high with no doubt, but it also deserves to be the lower of the Yonko.

6 – WHITEBEARD: 2.500.000.000

Edward Newgate was a Yonko, so that he conquered one of the best positions for a pirate; furthermore, he can use Gura Gura no Mi powers, which is said to be the strongest Paramecia-type Devil Fruit ever existed.

In addiction, we also know that his strength was the same as Roger and Shiki; in fact, when Roger died, Whitebeard was defined as “the strongest man in the world”. For these reasons, I think he doesn’t deserve an incredibly high bounty, but also that he deserves a bounty higher than Blackbeard’s one for sure.

5 – BIG MOM: 2.500.000.000

Charlotte LinLin is one of the four Yonko; moreover, she’s weaker than Kaido and Shanks, but she was said to be as strong as Whitebeard, so that she’s also stronger than Blackbeard.

In addiction, she’s able to use the powers of Soru Soru no Mi, which is a frightening Devil Fruit, and she owns one of the four Road Ponelgyphs; anyway, I don’t think she deserves a bounty higher than Whitebeard’s one.

4 – GOL D. ROGER: 2.500.000.000

“What? He was the Pirates King!”

Of course he was, but if you stop just for a while and you think about it, he became the Pirates King when piracy wasn’t as diffused as it became after his death, so that bounties were also lower since piracy was less diffused.

In any case, there’s no doubt that Roger’s bounty was the highest of his time, especially after his arrival to Rafter and his discovery of the truth about the Void Century.

3 – KAIDO:

He’s one of the four Yonko and he owns a Ponelgyph; in addiction, he has an inhuman strength and he has an aggressive spirit. He has been captured several times from the Marine but they have never been able to kill him, so that it’s probable that his bounty became higher after that events.


Shanks was a member of Roger’s crew, so that maybe he knows the truth about the Void Century; in addiction, he has such a power to be able to stop Marineford war only with a phrase and he’s a Yonko who doesn’t own any Devil Fruit power.

Although since the moment in which he lost a harm he has become weaker (in Mihawk’s opinion), I think he’s one of the strongest and most important One Piece characters ever and, for this reason, he deserves this place and this bounty.


Dragon is the leader of the Revolutionary Army, he could be the owner of Uranus, which is one of the Ancient Weapons and we know that he’s the most wanted man in the world like was Roger at his time, so much that the World Government promised money and also other things for his capture or murder.

I think he completely deserves the first place and the highest bounty.

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