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Top 10 Death Note Moments That Gave Us Chills

Death Note, a name that would resonate with a lot of anime fans. Death Note is written by Tsugumi Ohba and it ran in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 2003 to 2006. It follows the story of Light Yagami, an extraordinary teen with an overwhelming intellect. Light seems bored of his everyday routine and disgusted about the way the world works. His life completely changes when he finds a note lying on his school campus. Enter Ryuk with his Death Note. Ryuk is a Shinigami or a god of death. His job? Simply to write peoples’ names in his Death Note to kill them and add their years of life to his own.

Ryuk too was bored and sickened by his useless existence in the Shinigami world. His world is rotten and his kind lives for no reason other than not wanting to die. Ryuk steals an extra Note from his higher-ups and drops it on Earth after writing down its rules in English. Ryuk just wanted to have some fun. And when Light picked up the Death Note, he got exactly what he wanted.

The story follows Light as he slowly grows into a mass-murdering psychopath. He writes names and kills criminals all over the world with little thought about morality or consequences. The series is mind-numbingly awesome with all the characters trying to outsmart each other. It has a ton of great moments. In this article, we will talk about the ten greatest moments from all of Death Note. So without further ado, let’s dive into it.

10. Light’s First Kill



To start off the list we are listing Light’s First Kill on number 10. Light finds the Death Note and unexpectedly takes interest in it. He takes it home and after some consideration, decides to try it out. The TV News Channel was broadcasting a hostage situation where an infamous assailant had entered a school and taken multiple hostages including children. The criminal’s name is Kurou Otoharada. Unwittingly Light writes his name down in the Note unsure if it’d work. To his surprise, it works. He assumes it was co-incidence but somewhere inside him, he knew it was true. This is where it all began.

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9. Ryuk Appears


Number 9 happens shortly after Light’s first kill. Ryuk is the Shinigami whose Death Note Light uses. In a matter of a few days, Light goes on an insane killing spree filling pages and pages of the Note with names. On a rainy thunderous night, Ryuk suddenly appears in Light’s room. He is one scary-looking fella who catches the usually calm and collected Light off guard. He screams and drops to the floor. After he’s more settled, Ryuk explains the fate of a human who uses the Death Note. It is quite an iconic moment and worthy of the ninth spot.

8. Enter L

20 Facts About "Death Note" You Should Know

This one had to be on this list. Light as Kira goes on an absolute rampage killing off criminals both free and already imprisoned. The world government is in splits about the weird phenomenon. L contacts the united front of the world governments and makes a pseudo appearance. He is already famous for having solved impossible cases. In the few moments, L appears in the beginning, he already reveals the location of Kira in no time. He tracks down Light’s first murder of Kurou and pinpoints the exact city in focus. L makes Light sweat who thought he was invincible this whole time. The entry of this guy will always be iconic.

7. Light meets L

Light Meets L

L is a master when it comes to making sudden, unexpected, and awkward entries. He appears seemingly out of nowhere right next to Light in his own campus. He introduces himself and sooner or later makes it clear that he thinks Light is actually Kira. The tension between the two starts building from there on out. Death Note becomes a cat and mouse game with them trying to chase each other down.

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6. Misa

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At a point in the series, for some reason, a second Kira starts killing people off. This is none other than Misa Amane, a model who gets her hands on a Death Note. Her Shinigami is Rem who cares dearly for her, unlike Ryuk who couldn’t bother much for Light. Misa had both her parents killed in front of her eyes. She desired to kill him but Light co-incidentally got to him first. This led to her worshiping Kira. Finding Light and assisting him in every way possible.

5. Tennis

Tennis L and Light

We have to admit it, the little tennis matches between L and Light were a feast. They exchanged blows as if knowing what was going on in the opponent’s mind. Tennis wasn’t only a sport for them, they read each other and formulated moves. It was like a battle before the war.

4. Inspector Yagami Dies

Inspector Yagami Death

Perhaps one of the most painful deaths in the show. Light’s father dies believing his son was in fact, not Kira. We see Light scream and sob as his dad slowly succumbs to death. What’s interesting is the fact that we don’t know if Light felt any of the pain or if he was just acting again.

3. L Dies.

L Dies

Many would agree that they lost a lot of interest from the nerve-wracking show after the demise of L. Light tricks Rem into killing off L by baiting her out. She increases Misa’s lifespan and writes L’s name in her Note. She also kills Watari and since she increased a human’s lifespan, the rules make her turn to dust too. We see L fall face-first into a panel and wonder if he managed to outsmart Light or not. And unfortunately, Light got the upper hand this time.

2. Near Finally Catches Light


In the finale of the show, we see L’s follower Near finally get his hands on Light. Near found out about the fake Death Note and exchanged it. When he looked into Mikami’s Death Note, there were all names but Light’s. This made it clear that Light was Kira. He caught him red-handed fair and square.

1. Light Dies.

Light dies

And finally, at the first spot is the death of Light himself. This has to be the most satisfying moment in the entire anime. He gets shot down by the police. And in the sunlight peeking from the roof, he lies listless and defeated. As promised, Ryuk writes down his name in his Death Note and sending light to Mu, or nothingness. His fate was that he would not get hell nor heaven. Just a hollow existence of nothingness.