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Top 10 Male Dancers From 3rd-generation K-pop

Top 10 Male dancers K-Pop

Today, I am here to list my top 10 male dancers from the 3rd generation of K-Pop. With K-Pop music taking over the world with rage, many wonder what is the secret to its popularity. There is no one reason for this success. In fact, many factors come together to form a successful K-Pop group. Members with varied talents have to be scouted, and then the ones who fit the vibe of the group are able to debut.

K-Pop music is unlike any ordinary genre of music. K-Pop music is known for its amazing visuals. These visuals involve every aspect related to performances. Dancing is an essential skill that is a prerequisite for every idol to learn before they can debut. Some dancers are simply better than others. In my previous posts, I had given you my list of best male vocalists.

3rd generation of K-Pop, the golden period between 2009-2018 has given us some of the best K-Pop groups. These groups totally are the reason K-Pop is loved widely now. They are truly the harbingers of the Hallyu Wave. The 3rd generation groups are filled with members who are supremely talented, both in terms of singing and dancing. Come, let’s check out some of the best male dancers of 3rd generation K-Pop groups.

Top 10 Male K-Pop dancers

I have tried my best to incorporate all the great dancers from the 3rd gen K-Pop groups. Again, I’d like to clarify these opinions are very subjective in nature and are not in any particular order.

10. Hyunjin (Stray Kids)

Beginning with Stray Kids in a 3rd generation K-Pop idol list is as controversial as it can get. Stray kids are even said to belong to the 3.5 generation of K-Pop, but most of them believe they are 3rd gen idols. Plus, Stray Kids has Hwang Hyunjin, probably the best performer out there. His expression while he moves his body is enough to make fans and even non-fans swoon. Many TikToks of Hyunjin go viral and most of the people in the comment section are asking for his name. His charisma is truly unmatched. For more evidence, watch his Artist of the Month dance performance.

Best male K-Pop dancers

Hyunjin of Stray Kids

9. Shownu (MONSTA X)

MONSTA X members are so supremely talented, that it’s not possible to not include them in any list. They have become a global group in the true sense, with their amazing music.  MONSTA X’s leader is a powerhouse of talent and good looks. All his charms transcend to his performances. Some of his performances on stage are so iconic that not just Monbebes, he got even regular people wrapped around his finger. He is known for his smooth moves and his manly self every time he is on stage.

Best Male dancers K-Pop

Shownu of MONSTA X

8. Taeyong (NCT)

We have another leader on the list and it’s none other than NCT’s Taeyong. Taeyong’s stage presence itself is mindblowing, and his dance skills are unbeatable. He is someone who can make even the hardest of the choreographies look elegant. Watch the video of The 7th Sense if you want proof. The 7th Sense is considered one of the hardest choreographies, and it was NCT U’s debut song. Apart from this, Taeyong is also a rapper, and how well he combines it into his dancing is commendable. He is absolutely distinguishable even when 23 members of NCT all stand together. His charm is out worldly and irresistible for fans and non-fans alike.

Male dancers K-Pop

Taeyong of NCT

7. Rocky (ASTRO)

Next, we have Rocky from the boy group ASTRO. He is the main dancer and rapper in the group. He is also a part of the sub-unit within Astro which includes him and member JinJin. Rocky is so great at dancing that his label Fantagio’s staff even calls him a Dancing Machine. Furthermore, adding to his feathers in the cap, he has choreographed some of ASTRO’s dances even. His passion for dance is the reason he is an idol now. He had told in an interview that if he weren’t an idol, he would have been a dance teacher. This proves if you really are passionate about something, work for it, and it will fruit really sweet results.

Best Male dancers K-Pop

Rockey of ASTRO

6. Jimin (BTS)

We all know about Jimin being a contemporary dancer, hence it’s no surprise Jimin is one of the top Male dancers among 3rd gen K-Pop idols. Jimin has constantly expressed how he used to go to a dancing school as a middle schooler, and all his practice reflects in BTS’s dance routines. He can totally pull off any dance style, from elegant ones to full-blown hip-hop. Jimin has very heavenly vocals too, and when that combines with his top-notch dance skills, it’s a spectacular scene to see. Black Swan’s choreography is one of Jimin’s best performances, and I would really suggest everyone watch it.

Best Male dancers K-Pop

Jimin of BTS

5. Ten (NCT)

Another gem from SM’s NCT. Ten is a Thai singer and dancer based in South Korea and China. He is a part of NCT’s Chinese sub-unit WayV and NCT U. Although, there is no clear demarcation these days among the sub-units and members of NCT. Ten’s moves are iconic and are very smooth. One of his most popular performances includes one with his NCT member Taeyong. They were a sub-unit during NCT 2018, and came out with the song “Baby Don’t Stop”. The song is amazing to listen to that and has Taeyong’s rap and Ten’s vocals. The music video is a visual feast with Ten and Taeyong grooving sexily. Further, he has been a judge on Street Dance of China and currently is a dance leader on Great Dance Crew.

Male K-pop dancers of 3rd gen

Ten of NCT

4. Kai (Exo)

If we are talking about top male K-Pop dancers, it’d be a travesty if I don’t mention Exo’s Kai. He is considered one of the best dancers in K-pop and South Korea even. He had been trained in jazz dancing since he was eight years old. Kai is also trained in hip-hop dancing, which is a major genre in K-Pop. Recently, Kai has also made his debut as a soloist, wherein his dance skills have really shined. Kai’s dance can be called a perfect blend of sensuality and charisma. Following his solo debut, Kai’s dancing has become even more evident. He is also a part of the SM supergroup SuperM, and the group’s energy levels match Kai’s.

K-Pop male dancers

Kai of Exo

3. Hoshi (Seventeen)

Pledis’ Seventeen is one big group. With 13 members, Seventeen boasts of exceptional talent. Because of so many members, each with their own talents, the group is divided into teams which divide the work evenly among the members. These teams are the Hip-Hop team, the Vocal team, and the Performance team. Hoshi is the leader of the Performance team and rightfully so. Hoshi’s superior dancing skills are to be given the credit. Many of Seventeen’s choreographies have been designed by Hoshi, and we all are aware of how intricate Seventeen’s choreographies can get. Plus the absolute perfect synchronization. Seventeen is known for its dance routines, and Hoshi is a major benefactor of that.

Best K-pop male dancers

Hoshi of Seventeen

2. Taemin (SHINee)

Are you even a K-pop fan if you don’t know Taemin’s iconic ‘Move’ performance. Just kidding. If you don’t, you must watch his performance. It’s not even a choice anymore, it’s a compulsion. Move really set a new standard for idols that was deviant from typical K-pop norms, and its intricate moves can be recognized by any fan. Though SHINee is also somewhat between the 2nd and 3rd generation of K-Pop, it’s noteworthy that Taemin’s solo debut is considered a part of the 3rd generation of K-Pop. Apart from SHINee, Taemin is also a part of SM’s supergroup SuperM since 2019.

Best Male dancers K-Pop

Taemin of SHINee

1. J-Hope (BTS)

Any list, which is dedicated to male dancers in K-Pop, can’t be complete without the Dance God himself, J-Hope of BTS. J-Hope’s unique hip-hop dancing skills require no introduction. J-Hope’s idol career began with dancing. He was a part of an underground dance team called Neuron and also took dance classes in his hometown.

J-Hope was already quite popular because of his dance skills, with him even winning a dance competition at the national level in 2008. He is the main dancer and also the rapper of BTS and fans have often noticed how the otherwise bubbly Hobi gets super serious when it comes to dancing. Fans find it very intimidating and prove J-Hope’s sincerity towards his craft. Apart from dancing, J-Hope is also a reputed music producer.

Best Male dancers K-Pop

J-Hope of BTS

These have been the top 10 male dancers from the 3rd Generation of K-Pop. Did your fave make it to the list?

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