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Top 10 Fights in My Hero Academia

All For One My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a show set in a world where everyone has some superpower. These superpowers are called Quirks. Since it’s a world dominated by powers, the existence of heroes is also quite obvious. Just like in Naruto, we see Ninja academies, in MHA, we have Hero Academies. These train children to become great leaders and protectors of the future.

The story revolves around Izuku Midoriya, a boy with a very sharp mind and an admiration for heroes. He dreams of becoming just like his idol All-Might, the number 1 hero of the world. The only problem is, Izuku has no quirk. He is one of the very few who are born without powers. This puts him in a depressed state as he won’t be able to achieve his dream. However, fate has its ways, and Izuku soon crosses paths with All Might himself. He finds out he is gravely sick and cannot carry on his full power for more than a few hours. After a lot of chasing around and an act of courage, Izuku gets taken under All Might’s wing. He gets trained hard, and when the time is right, All Might gifts him his powers to carry on for the future. The name of the quirk? – One for All.

A great story and a lot of amazing characters. My Hero Academia is one of the most popular animes of the current time. Here is a list of its top ten fights until now.

10. Eraser head Vs. The League of Villains

Eraser head

The stage was set to train class 1-A of the academy to rescue people in need. However, the League of Villains announces its arrival as they portal into the arena, shocking everyone out of their wits. This was the first time the kids get to see their usually sleepy and cranky teacher in action. Aizawa gets into fight mode to protect all his students. He goes on relentlessly erasing one quirk after another, rendering enemies useless. With his experience and training, regular low-level villains had no chance of taking him down even if they came in hoards. This is what makes the fight worthy of number 10. Even though Aizawa was put down by Tomura, he still did enough to buy time for All Might and the students.

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9. All Might Vs. Nomu

All Might VS Nomu

For those who are familiar with the show, you know a lot of these fights are going to feature All Might himself. This one was less epic but still worth the 9th spot. Nomu was an artificial being with an exposed brain on his forehead. He was strong and could recover seemingly from anything. The Pros struggled against his overpowering strength, and the students were slowly losing hope. That’s when he shows up.

With his famous entrance dialogue, ‘All Might’ finally appears and proceeds to battle the villains and Nomu. Most of them have no idea that he is no longer as strong as he used to be. Izuku notes that he won’t be able to maintain his form for long now, and that was a worrisome thing. However, after struggling for a while, All Might puts Nomu down after a succession of 300 punches. He states that at his prime, he could have done it in 5, but this time it took a lot out of him. Regardless, he gave us an exhilarating fight.

8. Todorki Vs. Deku

Deku Vs Todoroki

In the final few rounds of the Sports Festival, Izuku goes up against Todoroki. What’s great about this fight is that Todoroki is finally pushed towards using his fireside. He had been using his Ice Style all the time until then. Deku breaks his arms and fingers, giving away powerful blasts of the One for All quirk. He is stubborn and visibly pushes Todoroki to forsake his ideals of not being like his father and use his power as his own. Inspired by this, Todoroki finally lets loose and defeats Deku using both sides of his power.

7. Deku Vs. Bakugo

Deku Vs Bakugo

Bakugo has appeared to hate and bully Deku mostly for his entire life. He was full of himself because of his powerful quirk and always looked down on Izuku for not having any at all. That changed with All Might gifted him with One for All. Now Izuku had something the stand behind and work with. And he was quite powerful too. This drove Bakugo quite visibly mad. He got jealous and insecure about Izuku’s rapid growth. They confronted each other because Bakugo wanted to settle things and prove himself stronger than Deku. The fight carried the weight of emotions held in their entire lives.

Bakugo also shows much deeper emotion than he usually does. He feels responsible for what happened to All Might and reveals how he thought Deku was the one looking down on him this whole time. Their fight is ultimately stopped by All Might, and they are put on house arrest for their actions.

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6. Deku, Todoroki and Iida Vs Stain


Stain was an iconic villain with a philosophy in the series. He believed heroes who become heroes for fame and wealth are not true heroes, and All Might is the only real one out there. So he swears to kill all these fake heroes and goes by the name the Hero Killer: Stain. Iida’s brother gets paralyzed in his fight against Stain. This makes Iida set out on a path to revenge. When things break out, everything comes down together with countless Nomu attacking the city and Stain going rampant on heroes. Iida tries to take on him alone but is soon joined by Deku and Todoroki, who assist him in fighting Stain. They struggle a lot, but the fight ends with Stain knocked out.

Later on, he gains consciousness and saves Izuku from being taken attacked by a Nomu but takes him hostage at the same time. He had already lost a lot of blood and energy and soon gets taken away by the police.

5. Red Riot and Fatgum Vs Rappa and Tengai

Kirishima, also known as Red Riot, gets cornered and cut away from his team during the raid on Overhaul’s base. Fatgum, his mentor, is also with him in this situation. They soon get confronted by two villains working for Overhaul. These were Rappa and Tengai, these two act as a spear and a shield. With Tengai deflecting any attacks thrown his way and Rappa with his powerful offensive abilities. Kirishima and Fatgum get driven to their ultimate limits trying to hold their ground against the two. Fatgum absorbs all the power-packed in by Rappa’s punches, and when Kirishima shields him in the last moment, he releases all this power in one powerful blow at the villains.

But with his shielding quirk, Tengai protects them from most of it. Rappa decides to knock his own partner out and allow Fatgum to take an injured Kirishima to the first aid room before the two of them can continue their fight to the death. We see the villains then get arrested and taken away with Fatgum and Kirishima safe.

4. Endeavor and Hawks Vs. High End

Getting closer to number 1, we have Endeavor and Hawks fighting an enhanced version of the Nomu named High End. These are fairly different from the regular Nomu and have the ability to think on their own. They retain their own will and personality. Hood, the Nomu Endeavor was fighting, was quickly able to tell the limitations of his quirk and exploit it to his best advantage.

Hood displayed 6 quirks which alone was a massive disadvantage for the new number 1 hero, Endeavor. The two fought it out in the air and on building, creating a lot of debris. Hawks had to give his all to support Endeavor and keep the citizens safe. Endeavor was driven to his limits, being injured badly by Hood. He realized that he needs to burn his head away to stop him from regenerating.

So, with his final attacked, he chanted ‘Plus Ultra’ and burned Hood to death. It was here where his reputation started rising as the new number 1 hero. Even though he is disliked by fans and many others in the show itself.

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3. Mirio Vs. Overhaul


Two of the top three fights will feature the notorious villain Overhaul. This one was a must mention because it’s one of the show’s most emotional fights. Why? Because Mirio or Lemillion dreams to be a hero and save a million people. But trying to save Eri from Overhaul and his comrades drove him to his limit. He battled hard, skillfully using his quirk to his advantage. Even after his quirk was erased by the Quirk Erasing Bullet, Mirio stood strong and protected Eri with all his strength. He fought without his quirk and was at his limits when Deku and others show up to the rescue. A great fight with raging emotions from a true hero.

2. Deku Vs. Overhaul

Deku Vs Overhaul

Even after Mirio gave his all, Overhaul still stood tall. With All Might not around, the weight of responsibility fell on Deku’s shoulders. Sir Nighteye had already been gravely injured, and the only one left behind with enough power was Izuku. He knew he had to protect Eri at all costs. And that is exactly what he did. Utilizing the maximum output of One for All and Eri’s reversal quirk, he demolished Overhaul. The fight was truly an anime-level fight, and the first time, Deku was pushed to this extent with such high emotional stakes. He emerged victoriously, and finally, after such great losses, Overhaul was finally gone for good.

1. All Might Vs. All for One

All Might

And at number 1, we have All Might Vs. All for One, everyone knew this fight was coming up on number one. All for One is so far one of the deadliest villains to cross paths with All Might and UA. He is intelligent and very strong. So strong that he previously managed to injure All Might bad enough to put him out of his muscle state for long lengths of time. This fight drove him to finally lose the One for All quirk entirely. All Might gave it all in his final United States of Smash and bid farewell to his quirk after effectively defeating All for One. He put up his finger to the camera and said, “Now it’s your turn,” to Deku, who watched with his eyes watering.

And that concludes the top ten best fights on the MHA list. Do you agree with this ranking? Let us know in the comments.

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