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Top 10 Facts About Mihawk From One Piece

10 facts about Mihawk
10 facts about Mihawk

Last Updated on February 24, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Mihawk might as well be one of the most interesting and powerful characters in One Piece. He is the first Warlord who appeared in the series and the only reason I started watching it. The fact that 3 swords vs 1 Knife had such results, I am sure that He would have defeated Zoro with a damn toothpick. Even though he appeared early his screen time is still short thus we don’t even have adequate information about him or his past

What we do know is that Dracule Mihawk is a famous pirate, known for being the Strongest Swordsman. He used to be one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea (Since the Warlord system is demolished). He became Zoro’s “Goal” and is the main character in Zoro’s success story. As he is not just his rival but also his teacher. There are several small facts about Mihawk in the series and so, Today we’ll be talking about 10 facts about Mihawk that you should know as a one-piece fan.

10) First Warlord To Be Introduced

Mihawk made his first appearance in the story in the Baratie arc as one of the Seven Warlords. With that, he became the first warlord to appear in the Series. This was quite necessary as it kind of set a ground regarding the powers that all the Warlords hold. This increased the expectations of all the viewers as he defeated Zoro with a small knife.

Mihawk at Baratie

Mihawk at Baratie

9) Mihawk destroyed an entire Fleet of Pirates for fun.

Dracule Mihawk’s first entry was rather spectacular as his powers were proved to have no limits. This news was brought to the viewers by Don Krieg and Gin In the Baratie arc. As per Don Krieg, Mihawk managed to wipe out their whole pirate fleet which was known to be the largest in East Blue. Mihawk almost effortlessly finished their crew including their Flagship.



But at this point one would think Mihawk destroyed about 50 of their ships, there must be a reason right? Did he have a grudge against them? Or perhaps They picked up a fight with Mihawk? And the answer is, He had nothing else to do so he just destroyed it “for fun”. He didn’t go out of his way to specifically destroy their fleet, He just destroyed it because it was coming his way, That’s all!

8) Multiple Titles

Mihawk is known to have many titles. Most of the characters in  One Piece are shown to know him as the World’s Greatest Swordsman or simply ” Hawk eye”. However, Oda also intended to give him another epithet that is “Clairvoyant.” Though later on, he didn’t go with this title in the official story. This did hint at his powers as a clairvoyant is someone who can foresee everything. Everything, including the future. This means Mihawk could be a user of Future Sight Observation Haki.


Hawkeye Mihawk

7) A Lone Wolf

Mihawk is a pirate, but he doesn’t have a crew. And there are only a few known pirates in the series so far Who work without a crew. He is seen traveling alone, slashing things that come his way. Amongst all the Former Warlords, Mihawk is one of the two characters to have no crew, (the second character is Edward Weevil, The self-proclaimed son of Whitebeard)

Mihawk-The crew-less Pirate

Mihawk-The crew-less Pirate

6) Owner of The Black Blade – Yoru

Currently, Mihawk is the only character in One Piece to wield a black blade. He has possession of one of the 12 Supreme Grade swords. He calls it, Yoru. This blade is known to have blackened because of the constant injection of Armament Haki. However, It’s still not known if The Black state of the sword was caused by Mihawk or if it was blackened even before he got ownership of the sword.

Yoru-The Black Blade

Yoru-The Black Blade

Later in the Thriller Bark arc, Zoro becomes the second person to possess a black blade, called Shusui. However, Later on in the Wano arc, he Returns it to the Wano Country and instead gains the ownership of an even stronger Sword, Enma which becomes the replacement for Shusui.

5) Mihawk’s Bounty Is still Unknown

This is something I never paid attention to, but it turns out that despite being one of the most powerful Characters in One Piece Mihawk’s bounty is unknown. Being a warlord his bounty was frozen due to his status. While Mihawk’s bounty Is shown on the screen a few times, the Bounty numbers weren’t shown!

Mihawk's Bounty

Mihawk’s Bounty

After losing his position as a warlord Mihawk’s bounty will be re-evaluated, like all other former warlords. It’s obvious that his bounty was already high and now it’s gonna be even higher, possibly around the same as Blackbeard. Either way, it’s theorized that his bounty is higher than a Billion Berries.

4) Why is Mihawk a Warlord?

Even though Warlords are one amongst the Three Great Powers along with the Marine Headquarters and the Emperors. Once you start noticing his powers you will realize that he can easily be called an emperor. Not to mention he had constant duels with Shanks and is yet not known to be defeated. He maintains a friendly rivalry with Shanks.

However, His reason for being a warlord is said to be out of pure laziness. He just needs the title to live peacefully and without interruptions. While he barely cares or respects the world government.

Dracule Mihawk

Dracule Mihawk

3) Mihawk has never been harmed.

So far there are more than 1000 episodes in one piece and Mihawk has his fair share of appearances in fights. However, he has remained unharmed so far throughout the entire series. He even participated in the Summit War in Marineford. Which contained several powerful people. And all of them suffered injuries. All But Mihawk! In other words, he has not been pushed to limits of his power in the series so far.

Mihawk vs Vista

Mihawk vs Vista

2) Better teacher than the Dojo.

In addition to being the best Swordsman, he is also an amazing teacher. After training Zoro for two years, he is said to have accomplished more than the dojo ever did. Zoro worked for many years in this dojo yet his training with Mihawk proved to make Zoro more powerful. Zoro was truly able to push himself when training under Mihawk.

Zoro has admitted this after training with Mihawk while talking to Pica. (In The dressrosa arc Pica is the weird voiced officer of the former Donquixote Pirates). Zoro says that he is still not far from being on Mihawk’s level of skill of swordsmanship.

Mihawk and Zoro

Mihawk and Zoro

1) He was the hype of Grand Line.

The first goal set by Luffy was to enter the Grand line, And it had a huge hype as pirates were seen refusing to go even near the Grand Line. The whole hype was made due to Mihawk’s presence alone. As he travels around the Sea in a coffin-shaped raft. He remained around the grand line for a while and destroyed any ship that came his way. This made the whole Grand Line sound More dangerous than it really was.

Grand Line

Grand Line

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