Top 10 Epic Moments in Code Geass

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Code Geass ran from 2006 to 2008 and won the fans with respect. The overall plot of the anime and the execution were graceful. The anime was animated under Sunrise studio, who animated it with complete dedication. This anime was written by Ichiro Okoichi and directed by Goro Taniguchi. This an award-winning anime. The anime has two seasons with 25 episodes each. The voice cast of this anime is impressive too.

Code Geass is an epic anime as a whole. The intense mecha battles are definitely mind-blowing but what makes it such a fan favorite are record-breaking twists. Code Geass is set in a world that is dominated by the Holy Empire of Britannia, ruthless military power that is taking over countries over countries. The tyranny has taken over Japan too. The story is about Lelouch Lamperouge, a student who receives Geass, a vast power from CC. Inheriting this great power, Lelouch steps ahead to fight and put an end to the tyranny of the Holy Empire of Britannia.

The anime has received a popular positive response from fans from all over the world. This sci-fi anime has a very smart plot. Every arc of Lelouch showcases the genius in its writing. When an anime has giant robots, a high school view, an insanely brilliant protagonist, and lots of drama, you cannot help but love it.

Even if I say that Code Geass is an anime of mixed genres, I cannot deny that the anime just excels in bringing forth some epic action and moments that will leave goosebumps throughout your soul. Here are the top ten epic moments in Code Geass that left fans baffled.

10. Lelouch’s Speeches

Top ten most epic moments of Code Geass
Lelouch Lamperouge giving a speech in front of Kaguya

Throughout Code Geass, we are introduced to various speeches that Lelouch presents us with. I find most of them compelling and they lead people to wonder what is evil and what is not. The entirety of the series is based on a change Lelouch seeks to bring to the world. There are several speeches given by Lelouch that send out chills down the spines of the viewers. He questions Guilford about his justice, about how he perceives evil and good. This is followed by another curious question, ‘what do you do when there is evil you cannot defeat by just means?’. The question in itself rings a severe blow on righteous guidelines that we have been set up with.

Another brilliant line from Lelouch after retaining his memory was, ‘It wasn’t me who wrong, it was the world’. The quote itself sounds quite casual but with the environment set up with it, it was quite difficult to feel nothing when Jun Fukuyama, the voice actor of Lelouch Lamperouge, delivered these dialogues.

However, the one quote that takes the cake is: ‘The ones who should kill are the ones who are prepared to be killed. The quote gains deep connections with the viewers. Prior to his death, this very speech to Suzuka moved fans beyond limits. Lelouch was prepared to die. He did not wish for the throne or the wealth. He was not swayed till the end and all he wanted was for the world to change.

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The speeches given by Lelouch are strong and carry the girth of his opinions.

9. Rolo Saves Lelouch

Rolo started off as a yandere but he was given one of the most epic endings. He was insanely loyal to Lelouch to a point where he did not mind being used as a tool. To save Lelouch, he uses the full potential of his Geass multiple times, thereby sacrificing himself. The story of Rolo covers the circle of sins and redemption. As he begins by assassinating several people including the fan-favorite character Shirley, the writers give him a fair ending where he sacrifices himself.

To ten most epic moments of Code Geass
Rolo exhausts his Geass as he sacrifices himself for Lelouch.

The scene was heartbreaking despite Rolo’s past where he had killed Shirley. Rolo was raised as an assassin leading to him becoming a yandere for Lelouch. After Lelouch loses his memory, we find ourselves knowing Rolo more. However, after Lelouch’s capture by the Black Knights, Rolo comes to his rescue.

Although the emotional weightage of the scene of heavy, what makes this scene an absolutely epic view is Rolo’s power. He extinguishes the enemies in a single blow. After using his Geass three strong times, he dies. The entire scene was bad-ass. It’s impossible to not include it in a list of epic moments of Code Geass.

8. Lelouch saves The Black Knights

For anyone who loved Code Geass, this was the moment that is difficult to forget to date. Lelouch has always been a king of strategies. Guilford captures the Black Knights and plans on executing them. He mocks Zero as he tells the people that he ran away. When Zero arrives, Guilford challenges him to a duel. Guilford chooses a weapon of his but Zero only chooses a riot shield. Zero had already predicted this and already had another strategy in mind.

Top ten epic moments in Code Geass
Lelouch comes to save the Black Knights from execution.

He makes use of the compartmentalized floor and dumps the Knightmare on Chinese Federation Soil. This is yet another scene where we see Zero/Lelouch’s amazing strategizing skills. To me, this scene was baffling. He not only defeats Lord Guilford but saves the Knights from execution. He proves to be the messiah they were looking for.

7. Lelouch Vs. Mao

Code Geass will never fail to surprise you with different twists. This is perhaps one of the many major reasons why Code Geass became such a phenomenal hit. Yet again, another epic moment in Code Geass comes from the sharpest mind: Lelouch Lamperouge himself.

Top Ten Epic Moments in Code Geass
Lelouch tricks Mao.

Mao is mentally unstable who too was given a mind-reading Geass. He is a sadist and has an obsession with CC. He kidnaps CC and tries to fit her in a suitcase. Mao broadcasts himself on a large monitor. He tells Mao that he is on the Tokyo tower and provokes Mao by saying that CC belongs to him. As Mao gets enraged, he slashes the monitor.

A few moments later he heard some whispers and he notices that the police has gathered. Lelouch’s genius planning would leave you laughing as you’d see him have the last laugh. Turns out that the broadcast was a pre-recorded video. Knowing Mao can read minds, he mocks him in his thoughts by telling him how easy it was for Lelouch to predict Mao. He explains his plan in his thoughts before he takes CC away.

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The policemen see Mao as crazy and end up shooting him. However, Lelouch makes sure that he does not die but also that he gets heavily injured.

6. Lelouch Regains his Memories

After Suzaku captures Lelouch, he brings him to Charles to has a Geass that enables him to rewrite memories. Using his Geass, Charles alters Lelouch’s memory of being a prince or a hero.

Top Ten Epic Moments in Code Geass
“I am Zero. I shall destroy the world”: Lelouch after regaining his memories.

After Lelouch loses his memories, we see a very soft and naive side of him. Unlike his former self, he is easily manipulated. When CC reminds him who he is, she is shot by Britanian soldiers. They come closer and tell him how he was easily used as a tool. Confused, Lelouch wishes that if he had power, he could do something. CC wakes up, revealing that she had not died, and kisses him. She helps him break through the amnesia as he finally regains his memories.

Having awakened his Geass, The power of Kings and he commands the Britannian soldiers to kill themselves as they do so.

This was similar to Yagami Light’s moment of memory regaining except with a bloodbath. However, the scene has little details and an absolute change in Lelouch’s attitude that makes it such an amazing moment.

5. Lelouch Becomes Emperor of Britania

A month after the tragedy caused by the FLEIA warhead, Charles, the emperor of Britania had disappeared from sight. At the Pendragon Palace, an international live call is arranged as the Emperor says he wishes to announce something. However, everyone is shocked when Lelouch walks in and sits on the throne without any explanation. On being asked, he reveals that he has killed the previous emperor and thus crowns himself king. They attack Lelouch only to be stopped by Suzaku, his new Knight.

Top Ten Epic Moments in Code Geass
Lelouch crowns himself Emperor and makes Suzaku his Knight.

What’s all the more epic about this episode is when, finding no option, Lelouch uses his Geass to make them all accept him as the new Emperor.

Every about this scene was absolutely perfect. Starting from the setting to every move that Lelouch makes. The mere presence that Lelouch has in this scene sends off an immense aura. This scene was probably one of the strongest scenes created in Code Geass. In anime history, this was one twist that will be remembered.

4. Lelouch Kills Charles and Marianne

After learning the truth about his mother, Lelouch steps ahead to kill his father, Charles. Since Lelouch’s Geass does not work on Charles, he decides to completely erase them from existence and sends them off to the world of C, where they are later confirmed to be dead.

Top Ten Epic Moments in Code Geass
Lelouch reveals his identity as Zero before Charles prior to killing him and Marriane.

The scenes hold many pieces of absolute importance. Charles and Marianne were both cruel. Charles goes to an extent to erasing Lelouch’s memories. Next, we see an evolution in Lelouch Geass. He has grown stronger and more determined to walk ahead in the path that he has chosen for himself. We see Lelouch explain how much Nunnaly and he had suffered. The world of C was Charles’ and Marianne’s dream, which they chose over their children.

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Lelouch is always confident and strong. While his powers evolved, it was still all the more overwhelming to see Lelouch give in to his emotions. This was yet another great moment in the anime that needs to be appreciated.

3. Zero: Identity Reveal

It was pretty openly admitted throughout the series that Zero was Lelouch. Of course, it wasn’t a shock to us as viewers. However, when Suzaku finds out that Zero waa after all his friends all along, the scene is no less than epic. People always expect epic scenes to be something u predictable or something with insane fights. However, there were moments with neither yet this was that one scene that had fans screaming over.

Top Ten Epic Moments in Code Geass
Suzaku finds out the true identity of Zero.

The revelation is made in the 25th episode of the first season of Code Geass. After being cornered by Suzaku, Lelouch has no option but to reveal his secret. It all comes down to the moment of revelation when Suzaku shoots Zero’s mask and sees Lelouch’s face. Of course, he is let down and feels betrayed. Lelouch accepts whatever he has done and Suzaku’s conflict of shooting his friend is shown as his hands tremble.

2. Lelouch Becomes Emperor of the World

This has to be the most satisfying moment in the entire anime. Code Geass comes a long way from drama and death to the final conclusion of the Holy Empire of Britania. Lelouch takes over the entire world. He ends up controlling Schneizel and the FLEIJA. Being the strongest person in the world he longer needs to use his Geass as now people would not want to defy him.

Top Ten Epic Moments in Code Geass
Lelouch Lamperouge’s proclamation of World Dominion: “Obey Me.”

Lelouch becomes the mightiest as he wished to, to bring changes in the world. He becomes the ultimate evil. No matter how many times I make a list, this scene here would be one of the top three most epic moments in Code Geass. He had been through so much. From having completely evil parents and being left at the bay of amnesia, seeing his foster brother die and so much more, Lelouch had finally risen to become what he had wanted to – the change.

1. Lelouch: The Death

Code Geass has a spectacular set of dialogues. Of course, the anime was not going to end before we hear Lelouch say something great. Lelouch’s death goes beyond being called epic. It was legendary and absolutely groundbreaking. While the ending gave the anime a fair and round finish, Lelouch’s death moved fans to tears.

Top Ten Epic Moments in Code Geass
Suzaku, as Zero kills Lelouch Lamperouge as a part of their plan for the change they want to bring in the world.

Lelouch’s death was his master plan. This plan was like his own Frankenstein’s monster in the basement. His determination to bring the world to peace did not limit to the killing but also to sacrifice himself if that is what is required. He asks Suzaku to kill him and emerge as a hero. Here we hear Lelouch’s famous ‘if you kill you should be prepared to be killed’ speech. As planned, Suzaku as Zero kills Lelouch and takes over the role of the savior.

The scene was a dramatic conclusion Britannia, Lelouch, Zero, and the tyranny that the people had been suffering.

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