Top 10 Crossover Anime (Best Recommendations)

Top 10 Crossover Anime

Crossover in anime hardly happens, but when it happens its one of the most epic moment. Today we have a list of Top 10 Crossover Anime that were breathtaking, epic and unforgettable. So without any further delay, let us begin with our list.

1.Lupin and Detective Conan

Anime’s most beloved thief, Lupin III and anime’s famous detective, the clever Detective Conan. A thief who is determined never to get caught and the detective who solves every case. It was the highest grossing film featuring Detective Conan and was critically and cinematographically a big success.

2. Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles

Featuring characters from manga group CLAMP’s works the story of the Tsubasa Chronicles is not exactly canonical with the group’s other works, the series was nonetheless able to connect the universes of some CLAMP’s works.

3. Carnival Phantasm

From the opening theme to the characters from Fate or Stay Night and Tsukihime finding themselves in situations far beyond the themes of their respective titles, each episode of Carnival Phantasm is mind-blowing to watch. A conflict between powerful spirits of famous heroes for a prize capable of granting any wish, Carnival Phantasm takes some characters from Type-Moon’s original works and puts them in humorous scenarios which parody their series.

4. Cyborg vs. Devilman

Cyborg vs Devilman

After discovering the existence of demons in Tokyo, the Cyborg crew find themselves in conflict with Devilman; a strong demon believed to be in league with the terrorist organization, Black Ghost. Meanwhile, a bigger threat surfaces when Dr. Adams, a Black Ghost scientist unleashes his new line of high teen Cyborg models against 009 and his friends.

5. Dream 9, Dragon Ball Z and One piece Super collaboration special

Dream 9, Dragon Ball Z and One piece Super

Much anticipated, anime’s most overpowered and loved protagonists or heroes, Toriko, Goku, and Luffy, come together in a crossover special that delivered in every way. The characters were competing with each other to win the extremely rare Carat Sizzled Cattle, the rarest meat of all, proved to be one of the most epic battles of all time.

6. Fairytale and Rave

Fairytale and Rave

While on a mission, several members of the Fairy Tail guild are split up in an unfamiliar town. At the same time, Haru, Elie, and the rest of their group are also separated. In a turn of events, Elie runs into Lucy and Happy, who are looking for Natsu. Meanwhile, Haru stumbles upon Natsu, who is suffering from motion sickness. Even as she seems friendly, Elie matches the description of the troublemaker that the Fairy Tail members were assigned to locate. To make matters worse, Natsu learns of Haru’s relationship with her and suspects them to be accomplices. In this crossover between two popular series, Fairy Tail x Rave follows the two groups as they discover their similarities with each other. As the miscommunications add up, they are pitted against one another in a heated clash of powers. However, tables will turn when they have to team against a common enemy.

7. Ravex in Tezuka World

This 18-minute crossover featuring characters from anime giant Osamu Tezuka’s portfolio and blended with the musical pieces from electronic music group Ravex. Some popular Japanese musicians, stand as a tribute and respect to the anime. Within the crossover’s runtime, several of Tezuka’s creation was featured, including Astro Boy and Black Jack.

8. Grendizer, Getter Robo G, Great Mazinger: Kessen! Daikaijuu

Three of the era’s most iconic giant robots, Grendizer, Getter Robo G, Great Mazinger, who are called upon to defend the Earth against the threat of a giant sea monster. A0 550-meter, 40,000-ton, regenerative behemoth called a Dragosaurus. Dragosaurus proves to be a much more difficult threat than anticipated, and all their powers are put to the test against him.

9. It’s a Rumic world: 50th-anniversary weekly Shonen Sunday

The humorous and light-hearted one-shot special features characters from Rumiko Takahashi’s most iconic works, Urusei Yatsura, Ranma ½ and, Inuyasha. With Ataru Moroboshi’s flirting ways crossing over to female Ranma and Kagome, Lum, Inuyasha and Ranma would not let him get away with it. Though very short, the characters interactions in the few minutes they share together are just classic and a delight to watch.

10. Anime Tenchou x Touhou project

Anime Tenchou x Touhou project

Another one-episode feature. The spectacular entry into the anime crossover world is something out of Ufotable’s lineup, with characters from the company’s popular franchises and domains, Anime Tenchou and the doujin game franchise Touhou Project. The anime was shown at the 2010 Animate Ichioshi Bishojo Anime Matsuri.


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