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Top 10 Comedy R-Rated Films of All Time

Well, who does not love to sit back once in a while, take their head off of all the stress that worrying them, and just relax with a comedy movie. Honestly, if there were not enough comedy movies in the film industry, I have no idea how people would have been surviving till now. I mean, the comedy genre is legit made for everyone. No one can deny that they do not enjoy a good laugh when it comes to watching shows that have drama with humor. The genre is no doubt, quite old, but in recent times, it has even been adapted from life and action to animated ones. But soon enough, we saw an increase in the demand for adult-rated comedy and there is no going back since we had a taste of this new genre. These shows and films get steamy at the moments we desperately want them to and cater to the entertaining needs of the audience too. Also, to keep in mind that there are so many varieties within this R-Rated comedy genre too.

Some simply exist to provide us with humorous content to get our day started while the other ones have a specific theme to cover. This concept could be any, as the politics of comedy related to couples in relationships as well as marriages. This makes up for some very unique content and serves us in the best way possible. The entertainment sector has also evolved over the years as they try to mix various other genres with comedy. I mean, imagine you are watching Anabelle but it is mixed with Borat. Interesting, isn’t it? This is what the audience craves the most when it comes to comedies and lightweight movies. If you consider yourself a simp for such kind of films, and can not wait any longer to finish a fresh list of them, then here we have wrapped up some of the tales that are going to assist you with that enthusiastic entertainment need of yours.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles – Released in 1987

Well, even though we know that this film has become quite old but it never fails to amaze us with its beautifully crafted tale. The film has cast all the best characters they ever could including Steve Martin as well as John Candy. The whole concept of this tale is about how much this pair sucked at being a pair. I mean, they both have different tastes, different types of vibes but still used to hang out together. It literally teaches us to be more like them and how opposite poles truly attract each other. Their adventures were all faulty, their relationship is not matched correctly. The film has been created by John Hughes. People often site this tale as one of his best works given the fact that he has created a variety of masterpieces till this point in time. Although, the 80s was his time when the creator used to shine bright with all his jewels. His collection generally consists of teenage films as well as young adult tales that never fail to entertain us. If we have to wrap up the feeling that arrives when we watch this tale can be extremely humorous as well as heart-warming. There are certain scenes in the film, such as the one at the inn, which is quite capable of trapping our hearts into the moment. All in all, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles are a necessity in the bucket list of holiday films.

The Hangover – Release in 2009

The world knows about the power this film holds. You can not lie that The Hangover is something you never watched or even heard about. It has been recognized by the international audience too and we know how much people love the film. Even the whole plot is so mesmerizing that you will find your stomach aching with laughter once you finally decide to tune into this tale. I mean look at the story about these four friends who go on a trip to Las Vegas in order to celebrate the Bachelorette party of their mate. But what happens here, creates havoc for them the very next day. It is the point from where the whole film starts to unravel the fun it holds and each scene will have you gasping for air as you roll with laughter. The cast list of The Hangover is studded with stars as all the actors do an excellent job in describing the apt “hangover” that they have to face the very next day. It all gets very interesting when one of these friends loses track and the other three forget about his whereabouts. Now, they have to find him out and even return home to their normal lives. You guys should also know that the time this tale dropped out among the audience, it became the highest-grossing R-rated comedy film ever to be released.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin – Released in 2005

You may not show it but deep down we all worship actor Steve Carrel for his comedic skills. All of his facial expressions are so top-notch that they make us believe in his supremacy. Back in the 00s, he went on to engrave his name in the hearts of many within the comedy genre as he started his career with The Office. He also starred in some amazing films such as Little Miss Sunshine as well as The 40-Year-Old Virgin. As the title already suggests about the whole plot of the film, we see Steve Carrel enacting the role of Andy who is aging slowly but has never had the chance to lose his virginity. But this is what the film is all about. Him finally losing his seal. But well oh well, it does not come with a golden opportunity instead raises various other social awkwardness for him. This is what makes up for our entertainment and you will find your stomach bursting with laughter each time you see those excellent facial expressions of the actor. At the time of its release in 2005, this film was one of the most successful comedy R Rated films and it even banged itself among the critics. If you still have not watched this story fully, I honestly have no idea about what you’re up to.

Superbad – Released in 2007

In recent times, we have had quite a lot of comedy films but none compares with the degree of entertainment that was provided by the films of Judd Apatow as well as Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill. Superbad can be considered as one of the most iconic masterpieces that they have ever created and it contributed to their many more collections that were going to release later. The tale is more on the teenage dream type of story where we have Jonah Hill as well as Michael Cera who play the role of two students in high school who are about to graduate. But things decide to take a big turn in their lives as they plan on having a bash before leaving school and have the biggest party ever during which they lose their virginity. But obviously, we know nothing goes according to anyone’s plans in such kinds of films or how will we be getting entertained? This is the same case with this teenager duo as the tables turn around in their face as they are stuck deeper and deeper into embarrassing situations as well as some really awkward scenarios. At the time of its release, Superbad gained a lot of critical appreciation from the watchers and the comical duo of Jonah and Michael Cera was appraised by the audience. It went on to become one of the most successful R-rated films available to watch in the entertainment industry.

Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan – Released in 2006

The lead actor of this film, that is, Sacha Baron Cohen, is surely one of the most underappreciated gems in the comical world. The man has so much experience in the field he has been working upon all these years that it just makes us be in an awe of him. Sacha has been a genius in theatres as well as films and has the kindest nature possible. This makes him an ideal guy to be working with. Now, this film has a fairly unique concept apart from the other interracial film created in the country. Borat comes off as an American tale through the eyes of a Kazakh citizen. In this movie, Sacha does the role of Borat Sagdiyev who is not a journalist but pretends to be one. The man is traveling through the States and records all of his experiences piled upon one another. He gets in touch with various Americans, takes their thoughts over various matters prevalent in the society but all of it is done in a comical way. Till this point in time, we know that Borat! is still one of the most critically acclaimed movies to be ever released and how it made a significant impact in the industry as it dropped out during the golden era of adult comedy films, that is, the 00s. Cohen was even nominated for his role in the film at an Academy Award. The tale focuses on how people around the country react to certain stuff and it still remains so funny. If you have not watched this amazing debut of Sacha Bohen who went on to win a Golden Globe for his performance in Borat, then please do so.

Horrible Bosses – Released in 2011

Well, everyone who has ever worked in an environment where you are being exploited by being overworked and underpaid, then the feelings regarding your boss will be pretty harsh in your mind. And I bet you are lying if you ever say that you have not actually dreamt about killing your boss. As we talked about above the comedy genre is so vast that it can feature literally any topic as its main theme and work a story upon it, this is exactly what we are talking about. This time, the comedy is based around the relationship between an employee as well as an employer. Well, even though we have a whole blueprint of plans on how we can kill our bosses, we often dismiss the thought as something stupid. But what if someone doesn’t? This is what happens in the film as the three friends who planned the murder of their boss and well, it did not go as well as they plan it would. The entire stretch of this film has been penned down so beautifully by the writers that we are just convinced to believe in its supremacy. Also, the cast list that the movie has employed within, provides for an ultimate watch that never fails to amaze us. Jason Bateman as well as Charlie Day and Jason Sudeikis are such talented people who have brought the entire characters to life.

American Pie – Released in 1999

This film is something you can not miss if you are a fan of adult R Rated comedy tales. I mean, this movie screams the genre and has been recognized worldwide among teenagers as well as men of all age groups. It has even received four sequels to the tale and all of them were a super hit. The main plot revolves around fresh teenagers who have just entered college and are desperate to learn more about the perfect way to hook up with people of the opposite gender. This tale has been watched so many times among the people that in 2021, it can really be dubbed as a classic. All the characters who were enlisted as the cast of this tale have gone on to achieve global fame and even have mentioned that American Pie was the major reason for boosting their careers. But of course, this is an R-Rated comedy film because of all the physical scenes that come along with loads and loads of comedy. It also, at some point, resembles the life of students who really just have started living their lives and want all the freedom in the world. If you are a fan of this genre, then I totally recommend that you check this film along with all of its sequels.

The Dictator – Released in 2012

Don’t even get me started on how every, I repeat, every list of comedy R Rated films is incomplete without the inclusion of The Dictator. The whole film is so, so funny that you will find yourself literally on the floor laughing. All this while, you guys should also know that this movie is really not for everyone. The concepts employed here are pretty offending and can hurt you at every other scene. It is another masterpiece as well as a controversial film that Sacha Bohen has worked in but at the same time, gained equal success. You all should keep in mind that almost every political outlook along with race and gender and community and country is made fun of in this film. Borat can just be dubbed as the predecessor of The Dictator. Well, if you do not mind taking a sip of the whole dark comedy scenario, then I bet you will love this film. There are pretty dank jokes and I guess, the entire population who have laughed at it despite the controversy can label themselves guilty. At this point in time, Sacha has established himself in the form of that naive comedian doing things that he feels okay to and offending everybody on screen but we can not deny that he makes us laugh all the time.

We’re the Millers – Released in 2013

In recent times, there even are various meme pages reinventing the jokes from this movie and we couldn’t be happier. It is surely rated R but when it comes to the humorous bits of the film, it provides us with the best form of comedy possible. Given the fact that We’re The Millers has actress Jennifer Aniston herself, who is the comedy queen, you should know that the film is awesome. It is just that holiday film which you watch for relaxing a little bit and having a good time with your family. In easy words, the film is about a person who deals with pot and is finding it difficult to transfer it inside the United States from Mexico. Thus, he fakes up a family in order to be able to get past the borders and continue his business. All of the funniest scenes are put together in this tale in a combined effort to unite a strip dancer as well as a pot dealer and homeless girl along with a harmless guy. But what gets to our attention is the relatable American problems that come along in this film when the four have to enact their various roles while dealing with the common American problems.

Bridesmaid – Released in 2011

This is one of the most amazing creations by Paul Feig in his directorial journey. The entire plot, at one point, gets so chaotic but at the same time is as amusing as ever. The main protagonist of the movie is Annie who is going through hurdles after hurdles when she is asked to be the maid of honor of Lillian. Lillian is her best mate whose character is enacted by Maya Rudolph. Also, the cast list is studded with stars which take the hype revolving around this film to a whole new level. It has Rose Byrne as well as Melissa McCarthy and Ellie Kemper along with Rebel Wilson among others. The film went on to get a nomination from the Academy Awards two times and is considered as one of the best movies that you must watch if comedy R Rated films are your jam. The critics were wildly appreciating McCarthy for her performance in Bridesmaids and she even bagged a nomination at the Academy Awards. This role legit boosted her career in the comedy sector of the industry and brought her even more roles. Also, no one could get over the chemistry which she shared with Kristen Wiig on the set of this film. If you are a fan of this genre, then it is my personal advice that you do not miss out on Bridesmaids.

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