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Top 10 BTS RM Facts that every ARMY should know

RM from BTS is someone who needs no introduction, but here are the top 10 facts about Kim Namjoon that every ARMY should know about


Kim Namjoon or RM from BTS is a man that needs no introduction at this point. The leader of the biggest boy band in the world and the creative mind behind the meaningful lyrics sung by the group is the safe space for millions of people out there. His warm words bring comfort to so many people, and his wise brain has caught us in awe countless times. As interesting as it sounds, RM has got some amazing sides to him that are worth knowing. Here we bring you the top 10 facts about RM from BTS that you should know.

RM, which was originally the acronym for “Rap Monster”, now stands for “Real Me”. The journey from Rap Monster to Real Me encompasses Namjoon’s journey from battling with criticism to finding the true meaning behind loving and accepting oneself. Kim Namjoon, as the leader of BTS, had to go through lots of negativity on a personal and professional level. But, being the strong, thoughtful person he is, he tackled all the hate while simultaneously providing strength to his group members all the time. Starting his idol career from a young age of 19 years certainly brought an unimaginable amount of burden to his shoulder, but he very well managed to fulfill the reliability entrusted to him. Let us look at the top 10 facts about BTS RM that are worth knowing.

BTS RM Fact 1: His IQ is 148

It is impossible to mention facts about RM and not talk about his IQ. While the IQ of an average person ranges somewhere between 85 to 115, his stands at 148. One of the qualities of Namjoon that makes his band members and the entire fandom look up to him is his wisdom. Even the things that he casually mentions are often so deep and meaningful that they give us a good reflective session when pondered upon. One of the reasons why his words are often so comforting is because of his approach to life and the way he views things.

There have been multiple occasions of him acting upon his great intelligence. In an episode of Run BTS, the boys were doing a task where they had to solve some complex sums verbally. And, as soon as he heard the question, Namjoon was ready with his answers. Moreover, during Namjoon’s appearance on “Problematic Men,” he kept solving the tricky puzzles back to back. It was back in 2015, Namjoon was invited as a guest on the show. He was the youngest one there among all the other cast members yet did not fail to solve the hardest of puzzles given to him while also educating other members about the ways of solving it.

Additionally, his acuity is often reflected in the way he writes the lyrics of the songs. Often after the release of any BTS album, RM comes live and shares his thoughts and the writing process of the lyrics. One of the many times RM amazed us with how he finds inspiration from his life was when he shared with us how he came up with the idea of the legendary song ‘Spring Day’.

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BTS RM Fact 2: He is a nature lover

One of the most fascinating facts about Namjoon is that he is nature’s boy. Often in his free time, RM is seen spending time around the greenery. He even has a family of bonsai trees and his house and in his studio. Namjoon even once mentioned that the nickname he would prefer being called as would be “Namu”. Namu can be taken as a short form of his name. But, an adorable addition to the name would be the Korean meaning of the word “Namu,” which would mean “Tree”.

A lot of times, when he shares the moments of him having fun and doing what he enjoys doing, he can often be seen spending time with nature. He would go on hiking, bicycling, or just sightseeing and chilling in his free time. And while he is in there, he does not only admire the beauty like a lot of us do but also interacts with it just like we would do with the person we find our comfort in.

Namjoon’s love for nature is so pure and deep that it led to the creation of the whole term “Namjooning”. Whenever he is enjoying his free time, being Kim Namjoon, a normal guy in his twenties, and not RM, he refers to the time as “Namjooning”. Ever since that day, it has been an official term in the fandom. If you are in your free time, enjoying the company of everything around you, you are Namjooning. And can we deny that nothing could be more healing than this?

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BTS RM Fact 3: He is a bibliophile

As much as he loves creativity and nature, his love for books is also something that shares a major part of his identity. One of the very unique things about the concept of BTS is that they touch upon a variety of themes. And the inspiration they find for their concepts could literally be from anywhere, psychology, mythology, even philosophy, you name it. And hearing this, it is understood how they are possibly able to find their inspiration. Along with the talented creative teams behind BTS’ concepts, RM’s readings and ideas have been an important part of the creative process. The song Magic Shop and their album Map Of The Soul could be counted as some of the significant songs and themes of BTS’ creative career. And if you google, you can easily find out about the books that have been written under similar names.

Kim Namjoon Facts

Kim Namjoon season greetings 2020

ARMYs are so fond of his recommendations that they recently sold out an out-of-print book, making it a best seller. In a Bangtan Bomb video released in August, RM was seen eating noodles. Beside him on the table, ARMY spotted a book named “Early Death”. The book had been out of print for ten long years. But, it was only a matter of time when the book became the best seller. ARMYs started buying the book, ultimately reviving the publication of the book.

Hyohyung Books, who are the publishers of the book, thanked RM and ARMY for their gesture. In an Instagram post, they mentioned that the book would be reprinted for the first time in 18 years. After all, RM has an understanding which is surely worth learning about and what could be better than reading the same books as him.

BTS RM Fact 4: He is an art and culture enthusiast

Books are a major source of learning about art and culture. But, when it comes to RM, it is never limited to books. Namjoon personally loves visiting art galleries and cultural sites in his free time. And, not only does he visit and enjoys the beauty there, but he also takes time to learn about the culture and understand its significance.

In one of his Vlive, RM was seen having a table by Nakashima Woodworkers. Not only are the Nakashima woodworkers an outstanding name in the furniture, but the founder George Nakashima was also a prominent figure in the American Furniture movement.

Apart from that, in the vlog released by each member in October of 2019 after their break earlier in that year, RM was seen spending his time at the museums and cultural sites.

BTS went to the Gyeongbokgung Palace to record their performance for BTS Week on The Jimmy Fallon Show. In a behind-the-scenes video of the shooting, RM was seen telling the story about the palace. He shared everything he knew about it, from the history of the palace to the minute details about the path which was made especially for the king to walk on.

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BTS RM Fact 5: He loves small things

RM is definitely very thoughtful about a lot of things in his life. But, one more thing to show his consideration is his love for small things. He might be six ft. tall, but when it comes to little things, his adoration knows no end. By this point, Namjoon’s love for crabs is something that need not be mentioned.


In multiple behind the scene videos of the music video shootings, RM is seen chasing after the crabs. But, he does not keep the adoration to himself. He is equally excited about sharing the joy with his members. His members are equally in love with RM as much as he loves these little things. They as well, fondly listen to what he has to share.


As much as he loves crabs, he does not like seafood. And the reason is definitely clear by now.


Apart from this, he once bought baby shoes because he thought they were cute. He very fondly shared the story with ARMY on his live and still keeps the shoes in his studio. This incident was also the pioneer of the inside joke in the fandom about RM having children.


BTS RM Fact 6: He openly supports LGBTQ+

BTS has always been loud about their support towards LGBTQ+. In their speech at the United Nations, RM said that regardless of their gender, identity, color, and race, everyone has the right to accept who they are.

In a story shared by an ARMY from a fan sign event, they shared about their coming out story in front of RM. According to the ARMY, when they went in front of RM, he complimented them that they are beautiful. The ARMY immediately corrected him and said that they prefer being called “handsome” instead of “beautiful”. After hearing this, Namjoon apologized for his mistake and corrected himself. Later, the ARMY told him that he was the first person to know about them being trans. As soon as RM heard this, he teared up. The ARMY then asked him not to cry as they wanted to see him smiling, always.

This is how much ARMYs love and trust BTS even though they are not necessarily physically close to each other.


The above still is from their music video “Persona”. Here RM can be seen rapping in front of the gradience that is the same as the color of the bisexual flag. Apart from these, RM has often shared songs that are symbols of support towards the LGBTQ+ community. One of the times was when RM shared a tweet talking about the song ‘Same Love’ by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. In his tweet, he said that the song is about homosexuality. Further, he mentioned that he likes the song even if he is not listening to the lyrics. But, the song becomes twice beautiful when he pays attention to the words.

BTS RK Fact 7: He is also a composer and producer

RM is a commendable rapper and an outstanding lyricist. His wordplay is something that you will never get enough of. Along with his amazing skills, he is also a stunning composer and music producer.

RM, before coming to the idol industry, was an underground rapper. He was known by his then stage name “Runch Randa”. Even as Runch Randa he was a renowned name among the underground rappers. This was before he joined BigHit Entertainment (now known as Hybe Entertainment) from around 2007 to 2010. He has been writing and composing from the early age of 13 years. He used to post his work on Jungle Radio, an underground hip-hop cafe.

Kim Namjoon aka RM

After he debuted as an idol, he was still a part of the creative process. Their debut track, ‘No More Dreams,’ was written by him where he talked about having no dreams as a teenager. Along with these, there are a decent number of tracks that are composed by him. In the year 2015, he released a mixtape called “RM”. Most of the tracks on the tape were produced by him. Apart from this, he has also worked as a producer on other BTS tracks like Serendipity, DNA, Boy With Luv, etc. To this date, he has a total of 160 songs on his name, which is quite a lot for an artist of his age.

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BTS RM Fact 8: His achievements

When it comes to the achievements of RM from BTS, the list is very long. Because of his crazy creativity, he has also been titled the creative titan. To talk about some of his achievements, here is a list:

  • He is a full member of KOMCA with a total of 160 credits. KOMCA stands for Korean Music Copyright Association. It is an organization that works in protecting the copyrights of the copyright holders in music. He ranks number 5 in the list of top Korean idol producers. And, among those top 5, RM is the youngest. The credits of his songs take up to sixteen pages in the KOMCA list!
  • In 2019 he broke the record for any Korean solo artist with several about 7 million monthly listeners on Spotify.
  • He has also broken various charting records with his songs moonchild, Persona, Winter Flower, Champions on both Korean and world charts.

Kim Namjoon achievements

All of these are literally the tip of an iceberg when it comes to his achievements. The things he has accomplished cannot be listed out in a section of a short article like this.

BTS RM Fact 9: He has given a speech at the United Nations

One of the most legendary and proud moments that no ARMY will ever shut up about. It was back in 2018 when BTS gave their first speech at the United Nations. Yes, I mentioned “first” because it was in 2020 at the 75th UN General Assembly when BTS was invited to give a speech.


In 2018 BTS was invited to the launch of the Generation Unlimited campaign, which was about empowering the youth in terms of education, training, and employment. There BTS also launched their Love Myself campaign, a campaign about empowering the voices of the youth. Back then, RM was the only spokesperson of the group. Gradually the group started being a part of the speeches and started talking in Korean on all occasions. But, RM being the leader and speaker of the group, bore the responsibility of speaking at the world stage of the United Nations.

The words delivered by RM urged the youth to come forth and speak themselves. He said that every person should be able to love and accept who they are, regardless of their identities. He shared his own story and said how he accepts himself with whatever mistakes he has made in the past. Similarly, he invited all the youth to come forward and accept themselves for who they are.

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BTS RM Fact 10: He is a polyglot

The multi-talented, wise, responsible, mature, considerate, and thoughtful leader is also a polyglot. He is capable of speaking a total of four languages so far. Korean being his mother tongue, is also very fluent in Japanese. When BTS appeared on Ellen’s show, RM mentioned that he could speak decent Japanese and Mandarin. Even though fans did not have a lot of occasions to hear RM speak in Mandarin, he has been spotted speaking Japanese multiple times.

BTS RM Facts

BTS, along with being signed under their original Korean label BigHit Music, are also functioning as artists under the Japanese label Universal Music Japan. They have had multiple albums released in Japanese.

Apart from Korean, Japanese, and Mandarin, RM is also very fluent in English. Being multilingual is one of the reasons why he is the official spokesperson of BTS. On the same appearance on Ellen Show, he mentioned that he learned to speak English by watching the sitcom ‘FRIENDS‘. He shared that his mom had got him DVDs of all the seasons, and he watched it multiple times with Korean, then English, and then without subtitles to practice the language. Along with it, he keeps reading books to improve his vocabulary.

RM’s English is truly so great that he scored 915/990 on the TOEIC test. It was in July 2020 that he shared with ARMY about him taking the test. He took the test “just for fun,” as he mentioned in his weverse post. Later he shared the update about the score, which blew ARMY’s minds away. He had scored 850. But, this wasn’t the end. He took the test again, and in one of his live broadcasts, he shared that he had scored 915 out of 990 on TOEIC. The average score for a Korean student is estimated somewhere around 670.


The Best Leader

Jungkook has already deemed RM to be the leader of his life. And so many ARMYs themselves look up to RM as their role model, comfort space, idol, and whatnot. RM has also proved on multiple occasions that he will always choose BTS over himself. In one of the hidden camera pranks, their producer Bang Si-Hyuk asked him if he would want to pursue a solo career, and within a heartbeat, Namjoon chose BTS over solo.

BTS RM Facts

In their rookie days, BTS used to get a lot of hate comments. For the English ones, RM used to translate the hate comments into positive words for his members, taking all the hate on himself. On award shows, he is also seen pushing members ahead to go forward and talk on the mic.

No matter what we talk about, one fact about RM from BTS that will forever be mentioned is that he is certainly the best leader a group can have.

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