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Top 10 Big Bang Theory Characters Adored By The Fans

Ranking The Characters Of The Big Bang Theory
From The Big Bang Theory Featuring The Characters Of Bernadette, Howard, Leonard, Penny, Sheldon Amy and Raj

Now it’s been two years since we bid adieu to our favorite long-standing sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The show transitioned from the 2000s to the 2010s decided to say farewell by the end of the decade. Like saying goodbye to other shows wasn’t enough. But let’s hold those tears since we can binge it anytime we like and revisit the show to relive all the memories. Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady created the show also producing it with Steven Molaro. Filmed in front of a live audience with all three of them serving as a head writer for a show that runs for twelve long seasons.

The Big Bang Theory originally told the story of four geeky, intelligent, and socially awkward buddies Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj. They stumble across a beautiful aspiring actress Penny as they learn from each other the slice of life. Throughout its run, the show went on to add characters such as Bernadette and Amy who fit in with the dynamics of the lead. Apart from them we also had some recurring actors who made their presence felt as well in front of the aura that the main characters brought. So while many have ranked already, here is our take on ranking the top 10 characters in The Big Bang Theory throughout its run.

10. Zack Johnson

Okay, probably the character who didn’t have many appearances but every time he did we were left rolling on the floor. So Zack Johnson appeared in the show during the third season. He came off as an on-and-off boyfriend of Penny. What made him special was his cute plus dumb nature and the way he wanted to get along the most. Most of the time we saw the muscular boyfriends of Penny bullying our main nerd characters. But not Zack. In fact, we can say the guy had heart. He really wanted to be good to them and tried to get along with the Science dudes as much as he can. Despite his lack of knowledge in any of the fields.

Zack ranks number 10 in top 10 Bang Bang theory characters

From The Big Bang Theory Featuring Zack

The crazier thing about Zack was his good intention went on to expose how dumb he can be. Just we thought that’s it, he takes it to another level and leaves us rolling on the floor. There is also an instance where Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj in a way bully him for being dumb. Only for Zack to realize later but he gets back with them on one apology and a pack of Milkdud. Thus, shows the character has a lot of fo heart.

9. Wil Wheaton

Oh, how irritating and fun this guy can go at the same time right? The only enemy Sheldon could have to struggle to face. Wil Wheaton plays the fictional character of himself who came along in the third season. More of a darker and over-exaggerated version of himself. You will find him implying his Star Trek fame around on the characters. Probably Sheldon’s greatest rival who manages to have an upper hand most of the time.

Wil Wheaton Ranks 9 On Top 10 Big Bang Theory Characters

From The Big Bang Theory Featuring Wil Wheaton

There was a scene between Wheaton and Sheldon while playing a game of cards. Wheaton talked about his grandma dying thus making Sheldon emotional in turn. But what led was Wheaton winning the game and revealing his Grandma is alive. In turn, the character establishing himself how dark he can get.

8. Stuart Bloom

Haha, Stuart Bloom was probably the most miserable character among all. While he was much similar to our main nerds, they had each other and Stuart on the other hand. Well, all he had was his comic book store. The place without which we might not have some really amazing conversation and arcs on our characters. Of course, he was quite a sweet character who found his way in one of his own pivotal arcs despite the sadness which surrounds him. For example his love for Denise or fights with Raj for an Indian girl. Then the time he was invited to the celebrity D&D game. Finally how he handled the Mark Hamil situation near to the finale.

Stuart Bloom Ranks 8 In The Top 10 Big Bang Theory Characters

From The Big Bang Theory Featuring Stuart

7. Bernadette Rostenkowski

Joining the show in the third season, Bernadette was one of the characters who went on to become a mainstay in the season. She started off as just a hookup for Howard. Thanks to the pact Howard and Leonard had. But somehow, Bernadette managed to be comfortable with our nerds. Most importantly she turned around Howard who blended and fell for her just like that.

Bernadette Ranks 7 In The Top 10 Big Bang Theory Characters

From The Big Bang Theory Featuring Bernadette

What we witnessed next was a beautiful journey of Bernadette turning her career upside down from a waitress to researcher at a pharmaceutical company and soon a mother. We gotta say her character had a fair share of hand to complete our dynamic team and of course turn the life of Howard. The character only went for his cheap tricks to actually fall for someone,

6. Rajesh Koothrapali

The character development is enough. Rajesh Koothrapali started out the show as that shy guy who had his own problem when it comes to talking to the ladies. So whenever Penny is around expect him to keep his mouth shut. But that didn’t stop him from cracking his jokes here and there as he whispered to his friends. Furthermore, the drunk Raj was enough to activate him and get the girl he wants.

Raj Ranks 6 In The Top 10 Big Bang Theory Characters

From The Big Bang Theory Featuring Raj

Eventually, throughout the coming season, Raj manages to overcome his nervousness. He actually starts opening up to girls but his awkwardness in intimacy causes the ruckus. There are times he took bad decisions leading to a beautiful story to end up just like that. For example the time he broke up with Emily for Claire. The latter one who unfortunately rejects him. In turn, he loses both the girls. Despite being a sweet guy who just wanted love, seems like it wasn’t meant for him as he ends up being the only single at the end of the show.

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5. Leonard Hofstadter

Although we have ranked him higher, Leonard is much of a character who remains the same throughout the show. The fact is he managed to stick everyone together all the time. Especially Sheldon if we talk about. Nobody ever has got along with him but Leonard cracked his way. Plus no matter how hard the situation has got. He knows to forgive and move on and never let go of his friends. Then be a loyal and cute husband made him a likable character for sure.

Leonard Ranks 5 On In The Top 10 Big Bang Theory Characters

From The Big Bang Theory Featuring Leonard

Apart from those lovely moments, most of the time he was a laid-back character whining about his life. Trying to get to Penny led him to certain measures to be a pushover. Then trying to impress his mother as well although we see the laidback attitude. Coming to the career of Leonard started out successful but didn’t much of it like others. But there is a two-way street on whether you want to like him or not. Probably he just wanted to go with the flow.

4. Amy Farrah- Fowler

Who would have thought there will be another Sheldon coming? A female Sheldon? Well, they weren’t that similar if we remember. In fact, Amy developed way quicker than Sheldon, to be honest. Coming to growth, she had immense of it if we look at. Just remember when we first met her she was all robotic and to the fact. Then in the final few seasons, we saw a more emotional and understanding version of hers than ever before. Amy Farrah-Fowler is definitely a growth goal.

Amy Ranks 4 On In The Top 10 Big Bang Theory Characters

From The Big Bang Theory Featuring Amy

Apart from that, we had moments of robotic Amy as well as the new Amy we got in the end. Remember the time she was obsessed with being friends with Penny. That painting part probably was one of the most hilarious. Coming to the finale, she became the Nobel Prize Winner she was destined to be. Plus, the only one Sheldon could ever fall. After all, he believed relationships were always a distraction when he always chooses research over his work. But Amy proved it wrong.

3. Howard Wolowitz

Gotta admit if you want to learn to crack jokes, take a class from Howard. Also, he went to space. Note that for sure. Howard started out as the funniest character but at the same time, he was damn creepy. Count the times he started to hit on Penny? Every time he doubled his creepiness. But thanks to Bernadette for changing him around. Who would have thought the creepy Howard will go on to become the responsible family man right. He did and handled it right.

Howard Ranks 3 on In The Top 10 Big Bang Theory Characters

From The Big Bang Theory Featuring Howard

Apart from that, his friendship with Raj plus an off-go battle with Sheldon were memorable for sure. Remember the time Howard dressed up as Sheldon. He executed it so well, Sheldon and Amy had to retaliate by doing the same. These were some of the funniest takes on the show. Coming to his care, we did mention space right, plus a job with US Military to close his arc.

2. Penny

The only cliche regular character joining the show initially but showed immense development throughout the run, to begin with. Penny has portrayed that character in a usual sitcom where she could hardly get along with the nerds portrayed in the show. Also, nobody expected her to in the beginning when she always chose those muscular dudes over Leonard. But look at how she changed as she got to know more about the science dudes living next door who turned out to be her best friends.

Penny Ranks 2 On In The Top 10 Big Bang Theory Characters

From The Big Bang Theory Featuring Penny

Okay, initially she had her own fair share of failures. Hoping to make it a movie star at 21 years old, working as a waitress. But look at where life took her. Remember the time she completely dominated the sales job offered to her. Then moving on to live a happily married life with Leonard which initially in the episodes we never thought could happen. Also, remember when things have gone bad for other characters, she came off as the shoulder for them. Especially Sheldon remembers which brings us to our number one.

1. Sheldon Cooper

The character has always been the centerpiece of the show. Probably no character in this show has the growth Sheldon has. If we look at him in the first season, nobody wanted to stay with him referring to him as a freak. But his friends did which is what changed it all for him as he said in his final speech. Initially, he was the most self-centered and selfish guy you could have ever met. The man learned from his mistakes and thanks to the guidance of his friends he turned himself around. Not only as a person but also when it comes to his career.

Sheldon Ranks 1 On In The Top 10 Big Bang Theory Characters

From The Big Bang Theory Featuring Sheldon

Sheldon is definitely not a relatable sitcom guy. He is one of the smartest persons in the world and has a kind of ego around him. Thus making him rigid. But who would’ve thought the heart he carries inside himself. Leonard accepted him the way he is and Penny taught him to open up. Thus leading him to get the gist of life and going on to live a happy life with Amy. The girl he loved with whom he also grabbed his dream of winning a Nobel Prize despite never believing in falling in love.

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