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Top 10 Best Simpsons Episodes That Are Extremely Hilarious

Best Simpsons Episodes
Best Simpsons Episodes

It can be challenging to select the best episodes from a beloved, long-running cartoon series. In the situation of “The Simpsons,” the process appears to be nearly impossible. “Long-running” doesn’t quite touch it; the series has been on television for longer than most of the people who are reading this have been born, running for 32 seasons and 700-plus episodes. “The Simpsons” is by far the most popular primetime scripted television show in history.

The Simpsons’ popularity is due to its core family of five different yet related characters. Marge is the housewife with a surprisingly lively personality, whereas Homer is the well-meaning doofus. Lisa is intellectual and bright, whereas Bart is an adventurous and troublemaker. Maggie, on the other hand, mostly crawls around. They make a relatable group that is prone to humor, near-disasters, and emotional good.

Of course, it’s much more than the famous family of 5 on Evergreen Avenue. Numerous other characters shine brightly, first from rude bartender Moe to the rich u.s. senator and nuclear power plant operator Montgomery Burns. There’s Sideshow Bob’s humor, Barney Gumble’s alcoholic joy, Comic Book Guy’s messy know-it-allness, Dr. Hibbert’s relentless laugh, and sisters Patty and Selma’s smoking cigars and continual smirks. It’s no surprise that celebrities have been lining up for years to appear in an episode. It’s therefore natural that entire internet publications are devoted to the series.

The Simpsons have amazing stories that were mixed with incredibly intelligent humor, especially in the first ten seasons. There’s a lot of fascinating parallel action, and most episodes teach a lesson or two in a fresh and humorous way. Only a few gifted individuals provided their voices for the entire Springfield town. We can just go on and on praising this show, so let’s talk about its best episodes.

Here are the 10 Best Simpsons Episodes That Are Extremely Hilarious.

10. The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson – Season 9 Episode 1

When “The Simpsons are traveling to…” wherever they’re going in a travel episode, it’s always a true event, setting up fish-out-of-water behavior and a chance for some ultra parody at the expense of a specific area. The Simpson family travels to New York City in “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson,” a bus ride that is day-long at the same time an inexpensive one at $9 per person. Homer is scared to go since when he was a kid, he was robbed, fell in a gutter, and was attacked by CHUDs. Most of the family has a good time once they arrive – Bart explores the colorful offices of MAD Magazine, while Marge enjoys Hollywood’s “Kickin’ It: A Musical Adventure Through the Betty Ford Center.”

The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson

Best Simpsons Episodes – The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson

Homer’s stay in New York is once again a terrible one. He’s told to wait at the World Trade Center for a cop to take the boot off the steering wheel. But then he sips too many bottles of crab juice, needs to use the restroom in one of the buildings and misses their arrival. Finally, he steals a sledgehammer from a factory worker and violently removes the boot himself, gathers his family, and flees New York, angry as garbage flies into his face through his broken windshield. “Theme from ‘New York, New York'” is, of course, playing.

9. Rosebud – Season 5 Episode 4

The 1993 episode “Rosebud,” which shares a title with the famous sled from “Citizen Kane,” fills in many gaps in Mr. Burns’ past. It parodies the 1941 Orson Welles great movie about a businessman who died wishing for the innocence of youth. Mr. Burns, now a wealthy and elderly ruler, mutters “Bobo” in his sleep within hearing distance of Smithers. According to a dream sequence, that’s the name of his long-lost relic, a teddy bear he used to have when his name was Happy. And he left his poor but adoring mom and dad to go live with the “twisted, lonely billionaire” who would shape him into the creature he became.

Best Simpsons Episodes

Best Simpsons Episodes – Rosebud

Then fans will find out what happened to Bobo. It passes through the hands of Charles Lindbergh and Adolf Hitler before landing in a block of ice at the North Pole, where it is mined and sent to Springfield’s Kwik-E-Mart. Bart purchases a bag of ice, identifies Bobo, and presents it to Maggie. Maggie delivers it over to the suffering Mr. Burns after attempting to negotiate with the Simpsons and engaging in several robbery attempts. Does he follow through on his promise to pass this goodness forward? No, of course not — he is, after all, Mr. Burns.

8. Deep Space Homer – Season 5 Episode 15

The idea of trusting someone as ignorant, self-serving, and simply stupid as Homer Simpson with billions of dollars in rocket technology and astronaut lives should be horrifying. But it’s truly hilarious also because the 1994 episode “Deep Space Homer” is one of the most popular “Simpsons” episodes. NASA sends Homer Simpson with his best buddy, Barney Gumble, into space because public interest in the space industry is decreasing. What is the deal with these two lazy people? Because Homer falsely calls NASA from Moe’s to complain about how dull their last shuttle launch was, and the agency hires Barney, whom Homer blames for the call, after tracing the connection. NASA also recruits him once he confesses.

Best Simpsons Episodes

Best Simpsons Episodes – Deep Space Homer

However, only Homer completes the preparations successfully; one taste of pre-launch party champagne sends a freshly sober Barney back into the darkness of alcoholism, and he escapes with a NASA jet pack. Homer eventually travels to space alongside real-life astronaut Buzz Aldrin, but nearly crashes the space shuttle when he opens a packet of smuggled chips and smashes an ant farm, spilling crumbs and ants into the vehicle’s crucial instrument panels. Homer and Aldrin return safely owing to quick thinking and a well-placed carbon rod… which ends up on the cover of “Time” rather than Homer.

7. Marge vs. the Monorail – Season 4 Episode 12

“Marge vs. the Monorail” is an entire package episode of this season, with everything that made an OG Simpsons episode so memorable. For example, the plot revolves around Mr. Burns doing something bad, there are numerous pop culture references, and it all culminates in a town-wide disaster. Mr. Burns is arrested and fined $3 million for dumping too many drums of dangerous waste from the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant in a park. While Marge wisely proposes that they repair a cracked and broken Main Street, the town is fooled by salesman Lyle Lanley, a parody of Howard Hill from “The Music Man,” who offers Springfield a poorly built monorail system.

Best Simpsons Episodes

Best Simpsons Episodes – Marge vs. the Monorail

Springfield citizens are lured, as they are frequently, by a spectacular Broadway-style musical performance. Lanley takes the most of the $3 million and leaves town, but not before selecting Homer as monorail conductor. The thing is in such horrible shape that a family of animals has taken up residence in the fire extinguisher cupboard, and the brakes fail during its inaugural ride. Homer yanks the “M” off the vehicle’s “Monorail” sign and uses it as a hook to latch on to the Lard Lad doughnut.

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6. You Only Move Twice – Season 8 Episode 2

The season 8 episode “You Only Move Twice” is significant for containing one of the Simpsons’ only other absences from Springfield, as well as one of the show’s most iconic supporting characters: Hank Scorpio, Homer’s new employer at the Globex Corporation. Homer persuades the family to shift to the nicer community of Cypress Creek after landing his new job. Unfortunately, almost nothing in town is as it appears, even Scorpio.

Best Simpsons Episodes

Best Simpsons Episodes – You Only Move Twice

Bart finds himself in a special needs class at his new school, and the Simpsons gradually become bored with their new community. Lisa discovers that the town’s beautiful nature preserves are useless to her because she is allergic to all animals. Marge is bored out of her brain by the family’s new self-cleaning house. Oh, and while he’s a fantastic boss who listens carefully to Homer’s ambition of one day buying the Dallas Cowboys, Scorpio turns out to be a full-fledged James Bond supervillain with plans to take over the entire East Coast. This episode is jam-packed with brilliant jokes, not the least of which is the one that concludes the episode. After Homer mournfully returns home, he discovers that Scorpio has sent him a farewell gift: the Denver Broncos, who are represented as a squad of stupid oafs.

5. Homer’s Barbershop Quartet – Season 5 Episode 1

Homer tells a story of his days in a barbershop quartet while wasting so much time after falling down on the way home from a swap meet. What a way to start one of the greatest seasons in the tv series. Everything in this episode is performed with such amazing accuracy that you spend the entire time watching it with a giant smile on your face, from the humourous asides of Principal Skinner trying to find the identical helmet he wore as a POW to the many, many Beatles references strewn throughout.

Best Simpsons Episodes

Best Simpsons Episodes – Homer’s Barbershop Quartet

The Simpsons’ adventures into the past are frequently among the program’s best, but this modifies that formula to perfection as the show swings back and forth between the red-hot pace of the show’s current humor and the show’s well-known ability for taking apart a time and place with relentless excitement. It also helps that the music, which we might tolerate if it wasn’t all that great, is some of the most catchy ever produced on the program.

4. ’22 Short Films About Springfield’ – Season 7 Episode 21

“22 Short Films About Springfield” moves across town telling the rarely-told stories of a day in the lives of the odd “Simpsons” town. For example, Bart purchases gum from Kwik-E-Mart chews it, and then mistakenly throws it into Lisa’s hair. Marge tries to get rid of it by mixing peanut butter and mayo, which invites bees, one of which flies around and stings Smithers while riding a tandem bicycle with Mr. Burns. He’s allergic to everything and manages to bike himself to the clinic, where the older, wealthier Mr. Burns is admitted.

Short Films About Springfield

Best Simpsons Episodes – Short Films About Springfield

After tossing some cash at the passed-out Smithers, whom he mistook for a drunk, the shadowy Dr. Nick enters and, after speaking before a hospital ethics commission, nearly kills Grampa Simpson back to life. Somewhere else in town, Homer ends up getting baby Maggie stuck in a daily paper box, Chief Wiggum and Snake end up suffocated in Herman’s store, Principal Skinner hosts Supervisor Chalmers for lunch and attempted to pass off Krusty Burger ticket price as homemade “steamed hams,” and Nelson starts laughing at a tall man in a tiny car who pushes the young bully to march around down with his trousers around his ankles while everyone teases him.

3. Homer’s Enemy – Season 8 Episode 23

Season 8’s “Homer’s Enemy” is without a doubt the darkest episode of the entire series, during which a new member at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Frank Grimes, begins a feud against Homer that ends… horribly for him. Grimes, a level-headed, reasonable man, grows increasingly outraged by the fact that Homer is well-liked and lives a good life despite his clear and evident failures. Grimes considers himself Homer’s enemy, but every attempt to reduce the clown backfires horribly.

Homer's Enemy

Best Simpsons Episodes – Homer’s Enemy

This results in a legendary scene late in the third act, in which Grimes goes insane in the power plant, copying and savagely criticizing Homer’s regular behaviors. His rampage continues for several moments, while his coworkers stare on in disbelief until he comes upon a set of high voltage lines. Mimicking Homer and saying, ‘What exactly are these wires?’ also the voltage was really high. “Well, I don’t really care cuz I’m an idiot, I’m Homer Simp-” He grabs the wires with his bare hands, a crackling sound is heard, and we cut to Grimes’ grave.

2. Who Shot Mr. Burns? Part One – Season 6 Episode 25

The Simpsons season 6 closed with the first installment of a two-part installment, “Who Shot Mr. Burns?”, which was inspired in part by the season 3 cliffhanger ending. Of course, the second part is fantastic as well, but part one is wonderful for how it carefully sets up the central crime, leaving clues along the way while the egotistical Mr. Burns carefully pisses off literally everyone in Springfield.

Who Shot Mr Burns Part One

Best Simpsons Episodes – Who Shot Mr Burns Part One

It all starts when Burns uses vertical drilling to extract a rich oil deposit recently discovered beneath Springfield Elementary, resulting in a ripple effect that bankrupts the school, closes Moe’s Bar, and destroys the Springfield Retirement Castle. After securing a virtual energy monopoly in town, Burns reveals his big plan: to build a massive disc that will block out the Sun, making Springfield absolutely dependent on him.

1. ‘Treehouse of Horror 5’ – Season 6 Episode 6

Many Simpsons fans would agree that each and every “Treehouse of Horror” Halloween episode, including this one from the sixth season, is one of the best ones ever. The second and third segments of the episode are definitely wonderful: in “Time and Punishment,” Homer’s toaster transforms into a time machine, allowing him to make repeated ventures into the past that mess with the current time; and in “Nightmare Cafeteria,” the Springfield Elementary staff decides to save money by eating the students. However, the opening segment, “The Shinning,” truly, um, shines.

Treehouse of Horror 5

Best Simpsons Episodes – Treehouse of Horror 5

The sequence is, of course, a parody of Stephen King’s book The Shining and Stanley Kubrick’s movie version. In it, the Simpsons are assigned to look after Mr. Burns’ lodge for the winter, but Homer, obviously, goes all Jack Torrance on his family — not only because of evil spirits but because of a lack of TV and alcohol. “Treehouse of Horror V” has been one of the heaviest, bloodiest Simpsons Halloween episodes ever, yet it goes without saying that it’s also one of the funniest.

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