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Top 10 Best Sci-fi Anime That Are Totally Worth Watching!

Best sci-fi anime
Best Science Fiction Anime.

I love it when anime series get creative and innovative. While some may land into disasters while trying something new, some end up having stunning results too. Perhaps this is why the drive for sci-fi anime just never stop increasing. Science fiction anime have trended since a long time. From Cowboy Bebop to Neon Genesis Evangelion, the 20th century had some of the best sci-fi anime ever known to anime fans. When it’s about anime, one can let their imagination free and achieve impossible plots and execute them with perfection. The demand for sci-fi anime have since grown. A lot of science fiction anime lovers seek a variation, a unique distinguished feature in the plot. Over time, many favourable sci-fi anime have been created wanting to fulfill such fans’ demands.

Are sci-fi anime really that fun? Absolutely! Experiencing the future through anime is one of the best feelings. One can go looking for hardcore fights, big robots, or scary aliens from another world in science fiction anime. Imagination is limitless, and the plot is bound by the roots of science only. Being one of the science fiction fanatics, I have realised that it is not about how accurate things are that make science fiction successful. Rather, it is about how believable the anime can be.

Best Sci-fi Anime

People often go around the internet looking for good sci-fi anime to watch. Here are my top ten best sci-fi anime that I feel everyone should watch. These anime can be found on any legal anime streaming platform, including Netflix, Crunchyroll, Funimation, or HiDive.

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Plastic memories

Plastic Memories is a romantic science fiction anime. It is more about the growing interaction between the two main characters rather than about science. However, the anime has a brilliantly created futuristic atmosphere that definitely wins it one of the spots in my list of best sci-fi anime of the 21st century. The anime is set amidst artificial intelligence and advanced technology. Along with being quite over the top, the anime is surprisingly cute and wholesome. This anime is also very moving and has made many of its viewers shed many tears. Plastic Memories has a good plot, but it binds with me on a very emotional level. However, the sci-fi content might not be up to the mark for some viewers. So is this anime worth watching? Definitely.

Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories

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From 2021, Eighty-Six is perhaps the most successful sci-fi anime. No one among those who experienced the anime’s journey would say they hated the show. The main sci-fi factor of Eighty-Six is its dystopian and mecha concepts. The anime’s weapon designs are beautiful, and I would be lying if I say I wasn’t immediately smitten by the designs. Other than the amazing sci-fi setting, the anime also addresses important issues that still lurk in the present society, like racism and sexism. Eighty-Six is a very unique piece of work. Its characters are very interesting and likable, all the while being quite strong. It has an emotional and strategic balance that makes it one of the best sci-fi anime that must not be missed.



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Code Geass

The word ‘masterpiece’ often loses its value when it is stamped for everything. However, a masterpiece is also the only word that can completely describe Code Geass in a single word. From character development to character interaction and character design to concept designs, Code Geass easily dominates much existing anime. The anime is built with so much precision that there is barely any space for loopholes in the plot. Code Geass’ prime genre can be described as psychological or political. However, for its outstanding mecha background, its sci-fi nature just cannot be overlooked. If your idea of a good sci-fi anime is a big mechanic body armor, Code Geass is what you are looking for.

Best sci-fi anime

Code Geass.

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Gantz has a very mature theme. Gore, profanity, nudity, and sexual scenes: Gantz has it all. Although this might put some fans off from continuing the show, I believe this is what makes it realistic. The anime is a big mess, but it is definitely amazing. Out of all the things that Gantz does, the one thing that it is not is generic. It is quite unique and has different (read that realistic) consequences. The anime is set in a game where the characters thrive and fight to survive. It has robots, aliens, and many other thrilling elements of science fiction. Gantz is easily one of the best sci-fi anime for me, especially because of its believable plot.

Best sci-fi anime


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Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

A very exciting show, Fluorite Eye’s Song, has managed to catch the interest of several people. The show easily switches between dark and depressing shades to cover your senses with the realism and let you know that the situation is not something you can laugh at. I think the show has a perfect flow, thanks to the well-written script. What keeps it from getting boring is that it keeps the audience on their toes, has a storyline that paces fast, and is packed with thrilling events. The visuals are stunning too. The creative artists have done an amazing job in making beautiful images which keep the show aesthetically pleasing. I mean, notice the close-up shots of Vivy’s face, how the details to every contour have been given specific attention!

You can see the hard work that was put in this magnanimous creation. There is a consistency in the way the anime has been built up, and that’s what keeps me hooked. With the top-notch quality of artists and how they have been portrayed in the show, it’s no surprise that it can take your breath away. The evidence is stronger in the intensity of action scenes that are bound to leave you in chills.


Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song.

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Dr. Stone

In all honesty, Dr. Stone is one of those shows that you can thoroughly enjoy only if you are okay with letting go of the logic behind their made-up science stuff. Of course, there’s a lot portrayed in the anime about science that is factually correct. But, there is an exaggeration attached to the understanding of this science and how the characters utilize it. One of the most important characters based on this is Senkuu, a supercomputer whose exterior is built of the skin of a human.

Senkuu looks like any normal guy but with the most brilliant mind to ever exist in the world. Dr. Stone is all about Senkuu, who manages to gather a team of science enthusiasts, each member hosting different goals and personalities. Initially, Senkuu does not have friendly relations with his team members, but as the anime develops, there is much more character growth, and they all work together to achieve Senkuu’s ultimate goal- to build a science kingdom.

Best Sci-fi Anime

Dr. Stone.

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Akudama Drive

If you like over-the-top action science thrillers, Akudama Drive has all the excitement in store for you. The base of the story is all about the inequities that exist in modern society. In most cases, it’s difficult to come up with a unique cyberpunk setting. But, Akudana Drive achieves it by providing a unique and refreshing interpretation of the niche. It makes subtle (and not-so-subtle at times) fun at the flaws in our corrupt governments and police system. The story develops in the Kansai state, which is militarized and completely controlled by a police force that is politically motivated.

Moreover, in the totalitarian state, the moves of every citizen are constantly on the watch. If a citizen resists, they die. Any hint of protest, and the police won’t wait to arrest. Instead, it will straight up slaughter. The class differences are shown obviously, and there are events of beheading enjoyed by bloodthirsty citizens. It’s a nightmare, and that’s why it’s interesting to watch.

Best sci-fi anime

Akudama Drive.

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Dennou Coil

What strikes beautifully about Dennou Coil is how the plot and the characters come together. The interactions that the characters have to show the development the anime presents in each personality. Some not-so prominent characters to play vital roles in the show. They may not be leading, but their presence in the background makes it quite wholesome.

The intricacy with which the plot is woven is commendable. Even small details from an episode can turn into huge turning points in the latter part of the series. Thus, the unpredictability of moments is very realistic and thrilling. In the beginning of the show, there is a sure establishment of the characters and how their world works, then the story begins to arch towards fillers bringing certain things to the centre. And slowly, the show takes in everything that is shown before to turn it into a darker theme that becomes quite surprising for the audience. The final few episodes are very dark and presented really well. There is this hint of trauma and depression that gave me goosebumps in the end.

Dennou Coil

Dennou Coil.

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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Solid State Society

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex TV anime series has garnered major attention from anime lovers and all for the right reasons. The thriller is completely original and yet, at the same time, a homage to Masamune Shirow’s original Ghost in the Shell manga and feature film. The anime show has not removed the important pieces of the original material. It has respected the creation of those bits. What it does is adds its own flair in an amazing manner. It also focuses on several important issues like Japan’s low birth rates, due to which there is high percentage of the elderly, sinister topics like child abuse, and contemporary issues that address race and nationality. These are some of the most concerning issues in Japan which have been neglected in the mainstream films.

Even other anime don’t dare to touch these subjects. The astonishment that comes when you watch Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex TV anime series is what’s pleasurable at the same time.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - Solid State Society

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – Solid State Society.

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Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss almost sounds like a show with naive, childlike romance plots, a story that can fit into the adventurous dreams of children. But it actually is way darker. Riko and Reg, the two main characters, are constantly struggling, stumbling over one obstacle after another. There’s no sign of a happy ending for these two. Just an endless hopelessness. Unlike many anime shows pretending to be gore and mature with a sadistic villain and self-serving themes, Made in Abyss does the job with more authenticity. There are graphic scenes, too violent and disturbing for the light-hearted. The story is about surviving on adventures and to live even beyond death.

Made in Abyss

Made in Abyss.

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