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Top 10 Best Peaky Blinders Episodes Ranked: Gets Phenomenal With Each Episode

Best Peaky Blinders Episodes
Best Peaky Blinders Episodes

Peaky Blinders finally came to an end with its Sixth Season, and this looks like the best time to rank all of the Peaky Blinders Episodes going from its First Season to its last. Although there are only 36 Episodes throughout its entire run, it would be really hard to rank them because each Episode feels like an event, one greater than the other. Fans enjoy the actors’ constant performances, twists and turns, plotlines,  and cinematography. Peaky Blinders’s finest episodes are generally those with a lot of double-hander scenes involving major characters, as well as gunfight action sprinkled throughout.

The Tommy Shelby saga has been a huge hit for the BBC. From Season one’s dark and gritty days, when The Great War had just finished, gave way to the more smooth and swaggering world of 1929, when the Shelby name had come to symbolize business and success, Tommy Shelby’s internal plan to create the future he imagined for himself has never been far from his thoughts. In the halls of Westminster Palace, the tunneller from the lines of France became an MP while maintaining his status as a brutal gang boss in the meantime. The show has received its fair share of praise and fans throughout the course of its six seasons. Fans have been charmed not just by the Shelby brothers but also by the supporting characters.

Here are the Top 10 Best Peaky Blinders Episodes Ranked:

10. The Loop – Season 5 Episode 4

It’s easy to see why Sam Claflin’s Oswald Mosley is such a convincing opponent when you witness him recite his speech with such energy and power. Tommy is presented with visions of his dead wife and almost kills himself from sadness as he amps up his friends and adversaries, keeping them close to him so he can draw them into a suitable location to strike. Throughout the fifth season, Tommy appears to be dying fast, never more so than when his visions begin to get the best of him, and we see a man beaten down by war and battle slowly break apart.

Season 5 Episode 4

Best Peaky Blinders Episodes – Season 5 Episode 4

Tommy strikes a truce with the Billy Boys, honors his responsibilities to Parliament and Mosley, and convinces Aberama Gold to refrain from taking his revenge. All of this, while psychologically haunted and making a passing mention of Alfie Solomons’s existence, would be enough to knock some people down, but Tommy proved once again that it was all in a day’s job. In retrospect, re-watching The Loop feels like the calmness before the storm, also what a storm it was.

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9. The Noose – Season 4 Episode 1

When a new season of Peaky Blinders begins, viewers can expect to see the formation of a new opponent and the beginning of the troubles that the Shelby family will encounter over the next five episodes. You don’t anticipate them to be ambushed from all sides right out of the gate, so keep an eye on them. The premiere of Season 4 was both dramatic and terrible, with John dying and Michael coming dangerously close to dying at the hands of the American Mafia.

The Noose - Season 4 Episode 1

The Noose – Season 4 Episode 1

When the Shelbys get black hands in the mail, they are unprepared for what is about to happen, a full-fledged assault on their lives. After executing a mole in his company, Tommy spreads the message, but he can’t reach John, so he sends Michael to find him. John is killed in the epic gunfight between John, Michael, and the Mafia. Tommy utilizes John’s death throughout the Season to reunite the Blinders and begin plotting his defense and tactics against Changretta and the Mafia.

8. Black Cats – Season 5 Episode 2

Season five’s set-up, Black Cats, was the igniting of the fire. Tommy no longer believes that anyone around him can be trusted, and he suspects that Michael is plotting against him to take over the Peaky Blinders, as he reveals to Arthur. Because no one can be absolutely sure Michael isn’t a rat, he’s ordered to stay at the hotel with his new wife Gina, putting him out of the way of the family until it could be proven one way or the other. After the previous season, in which Michael shows himself to be a guy of cunning and plans, the idea that Michael is constantly undermining Tommy was almost expected.

Season 5 Episode 2

Best Peaky Blinders Episodes – Season 5 Episode 2

However, Oswald Mosley’s interaction with Tommy and Arthur wins the gold medal for this episode. It’s incredible, as he effortlessly takes the upper hand on Tommy thanks to his job in Parliament, and to top it all off, Bonnie Gold is murdered in cold blood by the Billy Boys, who are actually working with Mosley. As the walls close in on Tommy, he is faced with numerous obstacles and a literal minefield to navigate, establishing the fact that Tommy is no more the man he once was and is haunted by visions of his deceased wife, Grace.

7. Season 1 Episode 6

Shelby vs. Kimber –  The first series’ finale solidified the show’s future and wonderfully built its storyline. Tommy didn’t expect Billy Kimber to bring the war to his doorstep and create a tense stand-off when it came time to make a move against him. This wasn’t a violent street fight to the death; instead, it was a one-on-one battle, with Freddie having the most powerful weapon.

Season 1 Episode 6

Season 1 Episode 6

Tommy kills Kimber in the short gunfight after Kimber hurt Tommy and kills Danny. That’s not the best part of the ending, though; that honor went to Tommy and Grace. Tommy flips a coin, the outcome of which is unknown, while Grace tells Tommy there is a way for them to be with each other and travels to London. Though the true cliffhanger was still to come, Grace & Campbell faced up in the railway station with the question of who had been shot in the head. Who was it, Grace or Campbell? Everyone asked the same question after the dust had settled.

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6. The Duel – Season 4 Episode 5

You couldn’t help but wonder if any other Drama series was this good on its best day as Luca Changretta and Tommy Shelby fought a game of cat and mouse around the back alleys of Birmingham, heavily armed and with the full motive of killing each other. Michael and Polly’s betrayal of Tommy, as well as Polly’s night with Aberama Gold, all came into focus as the fifth season of the show came to a close.

The Duel - Season 4 Episode 5

The Duel – Season 4 Episode 5

As the episode unfolded, we got as close to a full-fledged The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly-style battle as we’ve ever gotten in Peaky Blinders, with Tommy battling Luca and his accomplices around Birmingham’s streets and back buildings with nothing except his prepared skills and hidden machine gun. But, above all, the meeting between Luca Changretta and Alfie Solomons is unlike any other; Alfie reveals his own beliefs as well as his unexpected ability to speak many languages, much to Changretta’s distress. While the two establish a plan to bring Thomas Shelby to his death, Alfie understands the penalty of failure and is willing to pay it only one episode later.

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5. Mr Jones – Season 5 Episode 6

Tommy is breaking at the edges, Arthur is on his way to Nuttersville, and Oswald Mosley is growing stronger by the minute. Season five not only represents a serious failure for Tommy, but it also reveals his flaws. Tommy begins to break apart properly by the final scene, as he is unable to carry out his plan to kill Mosley. Aberama Gold is murdered by an unknown man, and Tommy is unable to carry out his plan to murder Mosley.

Peaky Blinders Episodes - Season 5 Episode 6

Best Peaky Blinders Episodes – Season 5 Episode 6

Tommy pays a visit to an old mentor and friend who was believed to be dead – one and only Alfie Solomons – which is more than just your typical plot to kill an MP. Hardy’s comeback to the series was not just memorable, but it was also for a cause that has yet to be revealed, according to Steven Knight. It was exciting to watch Tommy ultimately fail and watch his plans go up in flames; it was both unexpected and unmissable to experience. Tommy walks off into the dust with a gun to his head, angered that Mosley knew nothing about the murder, and his visions of Grace grow worse as she invites him to come and join her.

4. Heathens – Season 4 Episode 2

The Mafia and the Blinders came together to form Heathens, a brilliant meeting of minds. One of the best scenes in the Episode is when Adrien Brody’s Arnold Stallone, like Luca Changretta, invades Tommy’s office and sits down with him to discuss the conditions of his revenge. As the Second Episode in a Season that saw the death of one of the show’s primary characters, it had to get right to work and get the story moving. Because of John Shelby’s death, the surviving Blinders band together to surround the wagons and collect whatever safety they can in the shape of uncertain allies.

Peaky Blinders Episodes - Heathens - Season 4 Episode 2

Heathens – Season 4 Episode 2

When you saw John’s burial, you realized this season would be fought with the heart but instead by the mind. Nothing makes people more particularly vulnerable than sorrow, and Tommy tries to reassure the rest of the family by telling them not to make any snap decisions. Tommy gets to work battling this new threat now that the gang has reunited and agreed to a truce. The one which would take him to considerable lengths to overcome.

3. Season 3 Episode 6

The raw plotting of the third Season was similar to a John Le Carre novel, with an opponent or improvised tactic reshaping the plot in every way possible. Tommy’s return to his mining days, as well as the train incident, made for a dramatic visual and emotional tale. In a series when Tommy has suffered so much at the hands of his enemy, he maintains his composure and, even when his son is kidnapped, manages to pull everything off practically flawlessly. Then, in classic Season Finale fashion, all of them are arrested for their crimes, with the exception of Tommy.

Best Peaky Blinders Episodes

Best Peaky Blinders Episodes – Season 3 Episode 6

The best scene in the episode is Tommy’s fight with Alfie Solomons, who bounces like a fish out of water. It was very much a probability that either Michael or Alfie wouldn’t make it as the two men rumbled at each other with guns drawn, and while that situation was avoided, it did somehow bring Tommy and Alfie’s friendship to a new understanding. The majority of the characters were killed in the episode, and the few who survived were true surprises to the viewers, who couldn’t guess how it would end.

2. The Company – Season 4 Episode 6

Season 4’s finale had it all: a major death ploy, a real major death that turned out to be a ploy, a bring up of Al Capone, and a boxing match. What more could a fan ask for in a series? In fact, the Episode was outstanding because it brought a difficult and chaotic Season to an end. The Shelby family had started out on the run, split across the country, with none of them trusting the other, but when the Mafia came knocking, they had to band together for the greater good.

Peaky Blinders Episodes - Season 4 Episode 6

Best Peaky Blinders Episodes – Season 4 Episode 6

Luca Changretta came to the Shelby family as Alfie Solomons ready to screw over Tommy once more. Arthur ‘dead,’ and Tommy planning to utilize all of his knowledge and skill to his advantage, the emotion on Changretta’s face when Tommy disclosed that he was in the worse situation and when Arthur came in alive after his’ assassination’ was incredible to see. As Arthur shot Changretta, all eyes were on Alfie Solomons, the man who had let Changretta’s men inside the event. Tommy then goes after him and ‘kills’ him. Tommy returns to the business after a small break and becomes an MP, acquiring even more power in the process.

1. Season 2 Episode 6

The Epsom races are a fantastic location for a Season Finale, and it did not disappoint. Inspector Campbell, who’s been a pain in Tommy’s side for far too long, met his long-awaited fate at the hands of Polly in a powerful moment that had fans all over the world punch the sky. Tommy is able to fulfill his pledges lest he is killed by Sabini’s men, yet Tommy is nearly killed by Sabini’s men nevertheless and is only saved by Winston Churchill’s involvement.

Best Peaky Blinders Episodes

Best Peaky Blinders Episodes – Season 2 Episode 6

Because the show has a reputation for murdering characters without notice, seeing Tommy standing in his own grave and thinking that his death was finally approaching was almost pleasant. So, even though logic told you Tommy would still not die, it was stunning to watch one of the men execute the assassin instead of Tommy. There was a lot riding on this Episode to wrap up the Second Season, and with the help of Tom Hardy’s Alfie Solomons, the show grew into something much bigger than it had been previously.

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