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Top 10 Best Horror Anime To Watch – 2021 List

best horror anime
Top Ten Best Horror Anime.

That tingling feeling and the loud thumping heart are some of the best after-effects of watching a sensational horror anime. Craving for the feeling, I have found myself repeatedly scrolling through the list of every horror anime only to return, not knowing where to begin. Horror is probably not everyone’s cup of tea. However, horror anime has its own fanbase. Horror anime are always intriguing. Despite the fearful consequences, the genre continues to thrive as new fans enter the fandom through its open door. Several horror anime have been released, each of which has its unique plots and twists.

There are many ways to deliver an eerie aura to the audience. While some horror anime draw out violent means, others resort to silence and muffled screams. Either way, each has its own creeping effects. Yet, not many anime delivers the context as much as a viewer expects from it, and no one likes being let down.

Best Horror Anime To Watch

Whether you want to watch a horror anime to keep yourself up all night or to scare a friend, here are some of the best horror anime that you must watch. These are absolutely amazing anime but do not go by word. Instead, watch them and be the judge!


Inuyashiki is the first in our list of Best Horror Anime To Watch, this is an excellent yet mostly overlooked anime. The anime has a lot of gore content and body horror. Along with its psychological and mecha parts, the anime has scenes that would creep you to the soul. Inuyashiki has a unique and interesting plot. The characters, be they the protagonist or the antagonist, are very intriguing. It has an interesting take on the idea of justice and gives its audience a lot to think about. Inuyashiki has a talent for making its audience feel absolutely horror-struck without using jump scares. It is not especially long and concludes quickly but satisfactorily. In anime like Inuyashiki, it’s difficult to point out why the anime’s horror makes the skin crawl. Instead, I would like you to be my guest, experience the anime, and make your judgment about it.



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Blood-C might have been lacking in many areas. In my opinion, a lot of times, it seemed like a lot of things were missing in the anime. However, from a horror standpoint, Blood-C was no less than a masterpiece. The anime shifts vigorously through violent and gore cut scenes that make it an absolute treat for those like me who like to torture themselves by getting scared at 3 am. It is almost impossible to continue at times, not that the story is intolerable but simply because the scenes get too graphic. The plot of the anime as a whole is pretty much bland. It is neither a complete failure nor an absolute genius of creation. But, Blood-C’s completely nerve-wracking gore makes it one of the best horror anime available at the time of writing.




From the studios of MAPPA, Dorohedoro is a very interesting anime. From the very first scene, the anime constantly makes its point: one needs to be mentally prepared to continue. Without the enjoyable humor, Dorohedoro could have been the darkest horror anime on the list. The anime’s mystery builds a thrilling anxiousness in the viewers. If you haven’t already watched it, I would highly recommend Dorohedoro if you are a dark fantasy and horror genre fan. The anime’s dark setting and fitting art style make it even more enjoyable. 




Monster is an exceptionally well-written anime. The anime is 74 episodes long and moves at a gradual pace. It takes time to take over the audience emotionally and mentally. Through the first few episodes, the anime builds its stage, preparing for the show that it’s about to put on display. Once the mood is set, Monster reveals its wrath upon its viewers. From thrill and suspense to intimidating characters, Monster opens doors to all the elements of horror for its audience. The anime uses powerful tools of storytelling to deliver deep psychological and philosophical messages. If you are expecting a series with some flashy details, Monster might not be the best horror anime for you. But if you are looking for an anime that leaves a deep imprint, missing out on this anime might be a mistake. 

best horror anime


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Promised Neverland: Season 1

Although the second season was a big disaster, Promised Neverland season 1 was a big success. The very idea of children eating monsters is shuddering. Promised Neverland starts off making its viewers think it’s a slice-of-life anime until the brutal truth makes an appearance. The very thought of knowing that one could die and have been brought up like nothing but poultry is scary. Once the main characters find out the truth, they live on the farm, pretending everything is okay, knowing that someday it will be their turn. The anime is all about a big escape plan, upon which the characters’ lives depend. Promised Neverland continuously keeps the viewers on their toes as they root for the characters to escape successfully. 

best horror anime

Promised Neverland.

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

This is undoubtedly one of the best horror anime one could encounter. Corpse Party is a short anime with only 4 episodes. The base of its horror is ghosts of children that haunt an elementary school named Heavenly Host. As ghosts of small children who were murdered infiltrate the episodes, the audience is left in awe and fear of what is going to happen next. The anime is so disturbing that any horror fanatic would love to sit through the experience. While the eerie beat continues to drop from time to time, it is accompanied by some of the most graphic and grotesque scenes. A lot of things were unpredictable that made it so much more fun to watch. 

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls.

Elfen Lied

A gory mess, Elfen Lied is yet another great horror anime. It revolves around Lucy, a creature called Diclonius. A Diclonius is rumored to be the end of humanity. It is violent. The only remarkable feature of a Diclonius is its extended skulls that make it look like a pair of horns. Elfen Lied switches its mode from fluff at times to completely gore at others. What I find the scariest thing about Elfen Lied is how the anime just does not hold back from depicting graphic content. Characters often mutilate each other’s body parts, and such scenes are delivered quite bluntly.

best horror anime

Elfen Lied.


Mononoke has a different style of representation, which often leads anime watchers to ignore the series. However, the anime is, in fact, a masterpiece. While horror is often correlated to gore and bloodshed, Mononoke takes a more humble path into raising fear in the audience and making their hearts race faster. Horror in this anime comes hand in hand with the build-up. Even in silence, an uncanny evil creeps in that makes the air go heavy. The anime makes use of eerie sound effects that add up to the overall thrill of watching it. Mononoke is not deprived of action. But its limitation of horror walks past beyond just bloodshed or demons. This is one of the major reasons why Mononoke is one of the best horror anime to have ever been created.



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Jigoku Shoujo

Perhaps one of the most intriguing messages in Jigoku Shoujo was the depiction of the karmic cycle. When someone used Jigoku Shoujo to exact their revenge, they were sent to hell. The anime is a gem that does not get much recognition. Any horror fanatic would be satisfied with the tension in the anime and the dark setting. It has great characters and conflicting morals. The art style looks fitting for an anime of the genre as well. Instead of loud crashing horror and too much action, Jigoku Shoujo manages to creep its audience out with silence.

Jigoku Shoujo

Jigoku Shoujo

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

The last in our list of Best Horror Anime To Watch is ‘Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni’. In the horror genre, this is one of the most popular anime. With repeated loops, the anime inflicts a certain pressure on the viewer’s mentality. While this may come off as a major turn-off, horror fanatics dig this feeling. The anime is disturbing at many points with its violent outbursts and unsettling aura. While the gore-filled scenes may not trigger you, the psychological games of the plot will definitely catch you off guard. The anime plays with the audience’s head in the most horrific manner, for which it is always appreciated.

best horror anime

Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni.

Most anime on the list are available for streaming on Crunchyroll, Netflix, or Funimation.

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