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Top 10 Best Episodes of Boruto So Far – Ranked

Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto is the Successor of the popular Anime series Naruto. It is the aftermath of the Shinobi War. It follows the Story of Naruto’s son, Boruto Uzumaki. The series started with a  Boruto confronting an opponent named Kawaki during the devastation of his town. It then moves on to a retelling of events from Boruto: Naruto the Movie with additional content.

Naruto enrages Boruto to put the village ahead of his family. Boruto joins a ninja squad lead by Naruto’s protégé Konohamaru Sarutobi, along with Sarada Uchiha, daughter of Sasuke and Sakura Uchiha, and Mitsuki, Orochimaru’s artificial kid, at that time. Sasuke returns to the village to warn Naruto of an upcoming threat involving deducing Kaguya Tsutsui’s objectives. Boruto requests that Sasuke prepare him for the next Chunin exam so that he can please his father.

After Naruto’s popularity, Boruto faced quite a backlash on the continuation of the Series. Netizens weren’t happy about a good story being stretched because of its Popularity. But after some time, things are somewhat normal now, and people are loving the show. So, here is a list of the Top 10 Best Episodes of Boruto so far.

10. Episode 23 “Bonds Come In All Shapes”

While Sarada mulls over her parents’ relationship, Sasuke sails Naruto, Sarada, and Chocho in his Susano. Naruto lays his hand on her back, and she agrees to ponder, considering it when her mother has been saved. Sasuke informs Naruto that they are nearing their goal and requests that he detects if Sakura and the enemy are present.

As he molds his numerous blades into an arm, Shin claims to be the one who will carry out Itachi’s intentions and the Uchiha name by restoring Akatsuki and rekindling the battle. Sakura is unimpressed, punching the ground and demolishing a large portion of the room.

On her way inside, Sarada sets off a trap, which Sasuke destroys. Shin throws a shuriken at Sakura, but Sasuke uses his Susanoo to intercept it. Sasuke aims to drag Shin over to Konoha for questioning. Between Shin and Sasuke sits a Shin clone, and Sasuke is ready to cut him down. Despite Sarada’s protests, Shin stabs Sasuke through the Shin clone. Sakura dashes towards Sarada, and Sasuke swaps places with her, allowing Sakura to strike Shin.

The clones are housed in Kabuto’s Konoha Orphanage, where he intends for all of them to have their persona. Chch bemoans the fact that she hasn’t found her biological father, but when they return, she notices a slimmer Choji and is startled, so she requests to learn from him. Karin chastises Suigetsu for confusing Sarada at Orochimaru’s hideout, stating that the umbilical cord he checked was Sarada’s and that she delivered her when Sakura went into labor. The next day, Sasuke departs once more, this time on better terms with Sarada.

Top 10 Best Episodes of Boruto so far, Ranked

Bonds Come in All Shapes

9. Episode 203 “Surprise Attack!”

Boruto’s body freezes up while passing through the woods, causing him to fall, much to the surprise of both he and Mitsuki. Mitsuki notices Boruto’s hand activating Karma. They believe something has happened to Kawaki because it has only awakened in battle or around him. Kawaki resumes her search for the lost vase fragment at Naruto’s house. Boruto yells at Kawaki because the vase still leaks, and Kawaki points out that comments like this are why.

Detailed Analysis

While playing cards, Inojin and Shikadai examine Kawaki’s integrity, emphasizing how their family feels about him. Shikadai admires Kawaki’s ability to shoot straight. Sarada purchases flowers from Ino because her mother requested that she do so for Sasuke, who is returning home. Koji continues to follow Kawaki through the eyes of his frogs. He feels it’s peculiar that Jigen hasn’t behaved after learning of Boruto’s karma via Delta.

Kawaki karma was awakened at that time, and Jigen appeared through it. Suddenly, it became aware of the situation and made changes for everyone. He thrashes Naruto. Using Rasengan, Konohamaru Sarutobi attempts to defend Naruto. But he was severely battered at this point. Then Kawaki became enraged because naruto had been beaten severely. With a Tsutsumi Clan horn in his head, Kawaki enters phase 3.

As Jigen’s battle with Naruto in his tailed beast phase becomes more serious. He takes advantage of his power. Kawaki gives up and trades his life for that of Naruto. However, he was found guilty by Naruto. So Jigen transports Naruto to the realm of Kara. Sasuke unleashes his space-time ninjutsu to confront Jigen about as he was about to leave Naruto.

    Top 10 Best Episodes of Boruto so far, RankedKawaki gives up to Jigen to save Naruto

8. Episode 206 “The New Team Seven”

When Team 7 and Kawaki enter Kara’s dimension, they are greeted by Boro, who is guarding the sealed Hokage. Boro reminisces with Kawaki about former times before teasing them with Naruto’s sealed bowl. Boro utilizes the distraction created by tossing the bowl at the kids to strike from below with Lava Style jutsus, though both Kawaki and Boruto can absorb it with their Karmas.

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Detailed Analysis

Boruto manages to hit Boro with his Rasengan after his Karma multiplies it, but they quickly find he can regenerate. Boro exposes his Dark Mist poison ninjutsu, which the Karma cannot absorb, and Kawaki and Boruto fall over, unable to move. Boro discloses to Boruto that the youngster is a Momoshiki Otsutsuki Vessel and that his presence has been beneficial to Kara. Mitsuki intervenes and uses snakes to distract Boro long enough for Sarada and him to flee with Kawaki and Boruto. Mitsuki injects Boro’s virus into all of his snakes’ bodies to strengthen their immunity after they bit Boro.

A confused Kawaki hypothesizes that the Karma can only absorb ninjutsu developed completely from the user’s chakra, not ninjutsu that relies on nature or one’s own body, like Water Dragon Jutsu or Boro’s virus, which is naturally produced by his body. They appoint Sarada as captain of this new Team 7 since she can make the greatest decisions in the heat of battle, and they would all have died if she hadn’t. While the others wait for Sarada’s signal, she travels alone to confront Boro.

The Inner admits that he poisons communities with the Dark Mist, then swoops in to save them, so enlisting them in his cult. Boro manages to completely engulf her in the Dark Mist before seizing her. Sarada manages to break free, revealing that they have worked out his jutsu and have become resistant, before blasting the Inner with a Fireball Jutsu and using Kawaki and Boruto’s Karma to power Boruto’s gigantic Rasengan, which obliterates the upper half of Boro. Boro’s body is easily regenerated, thus their celebrations are cut short.

Kawaki and Boruto Combined Massive Rasengan

7. Episode 192 “The Past”

Kawaki has a recurring dream about his past. He remembers cutting wood for his father but not making a lot of money because his village was in the midst of a recession. Someone sells his eye after drawing it as Goldfish. Even though he didn’t have any money, the salesman told him about a festival where he could see a lot of goldfish for free.

The Dream

One of Kawaki’s clients tells the goldfish about Kawaki’s past, including how his drunk father beats him up and spends all of Kawaki’s earnings on alcohol. When Kawaki gets home, he gives his father the alcohol he purchased. When the father discovers the leaflet about the goldfish festival, he dismisses Kawaki and refuses to let him eat. Kawaki continues to cut wood and spend the money on his father’s whiskey. Physicians collect his blood sample to check for plague infection.

Kawaki flees and is confronted by two older children who make fun of him and his father. The youngsters punch Kawaki to the ground as he protects his father. The goldfish salesman threatens them with staff before they can do anything else. The salesman claims to have a similar history as Kawaki and offers to take him along and teach him his trade. He extends a tissue to Kawaki to help him clean up his wound. Kawaki declares that he cannot abandon his father and returns home with a cracked bottle of liquor. Delta gathers the wasted tissue that contains Kawaki’s blood. When he trips, the bottle smashes.

Kawaki’s Suffering

His father imprisons him at home for breaking the bottle. Jigen shows up at his residence and offers to acquire Kawaki for a price. When Kawaki objects, his father smacks him across the face with a bottle. Jigen returns the money to the father and takes custody of Kawaki. Jigen transports Kawaki to the village’s lone exit tube. The goldfish salesman reappears, exposing himself to be a human trafficker who wants Kawaki for himself because of the trouble he went to get the youngster to trust him.

Jigen sends Kawaki outside the tube, where he subsequently reappears alone. Kawaki admits that he wished for a goldfish. He transports him to a Kara headquarters and instructs Amado to be courteous to him. He promises to offer him a nice gift. In the presence of Naruto, Shikamaru, and Konohamaru, Kawaki awakens. Naruto assures him that he is secure.

Top 10 Best Episodes of Boruto so far, Ranked

The suffering of Kawaki

6. Episode 62 “The Otsutsuki Invasion”

To the surprise of the audience, Momoshiki and Kinshiki enter the stadium. As Gaara recognizes the two based on their resemblance to the attacker, Katasuke informs them that they’re interfering with his announcement, inciting Kinshiki to attack.

The attack causes the arena to collapse, prompting numerous shinobi to assist in the protection and evacuation of the civilians. Shinki prepares to battle, but Gaara warns him not to underestimate his abilities and urges him to assist in the evacuation of people. While Momoshiki throws Naruto out of the arena, Kinshiki attacks Sarada, but Sasuke saves her. Boruto uses a variety of Kote Jutsu to strike Momoshiki, but he absorbs them all. Mitsuki then attempts to save Boruto by utilizing his Sage Transformation, but Urashiki absorbs it with his fishing hook. Urashiki pushes in on Mitsuki, but Gaara and Chjr stop him. Shikamaru uses his shadow to paralyze Momoshiki and Kinshiki, but Momoshiki quickly absorbs his Jutsu.

Top 10 Best Episodes of Boruto so far, Ranked

The Otsutsuki Invasion

5. Episode 204 “He’s a Bad News”

To inspect the battlefield, Koji slid his Frog into Jigen’s vortex. When Team 7 returns to the Uzumaki Household and Kawaki tells that Jigen has taken Naruto, Mitsuki attempts to calm them down by revealing that Kawaki’s arm is still functioning, implying that Naruto is still alive. Ino briefs Shikamaru of the scenario upon meeting him. Naruto and Sasuke suddenly notice that if they depend on taijutsu, Jigen will crush them because of him being Physically Stronger. Naruto utilizes the Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu to cover for Sasuke as he heals from Jigen, absorbing their Jutsu and cornering them.

Sasuke discovers Jigen’s talent after killing the clones: the power to shrink and increase himself as well as various things, such as the rods he uses to penetrate them on many occasions. Because of his bothersome ocular Jutsu and intellect, Jigen believes that Sasuke must be removed first. The duo charges up and begins to unleash a barrage of huge blows in an attempt to overwhelm Jigen. They corner him for a brief while, forcing him to teleport away. Jigen is enraged, and his horn sprouts from the Karma, forcing Sasuke to reveal that he knows Jigen is an Otsutsuki linked to Kaguya and that he has a juvenile Ten-Tails tethered to him.

Top 10 Best Episodes of Boruto so far, Ranked

A Bad Omen

4. Episode 207 “Regeneration”

Boro regenerates once more. From what Boruto Uzumaki said, he realizes they’ve discovered the antibodies. He discovered that Mitsuki’s attempt was not to poison him but to extract a sample of his blood to manufacture antibodies. Mitsuki explains to Boro how he creates antibodies in his body and that everybody infected with the virus must also have antibodies.

Boro is now aware of this and proceeds to the Hokage. He then dupes and attacks Kawaki. Kawaki declares that no matter what happens to him, he will save the Hokage, and Boruto and Sarada also declare that they will save the Hokage. Boruto, Mitsuki, and Kawaki are now on their way to attack Boro. At the time, Sarada discovers that he had added another substance to the virus, which caused the virus to detonate as he was hitting with shuriken. Mitsuki uses his Hidden Shadow Snake Hands to stop Boro, while Kawaki uses his karma to kill half of his body, yet he still regenerates. This goes back and forth until Boruto becomes Borushiki.

Top 10 Best Episodes of Boruto so far, Ranked

Fighting against Boro

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3. Episode 208 “Momoshiki’s Manifestation”

Boruto’s Karma has manifested Momoshiki Otsutsuki. Boro fights when he realizes Momoshiki has manifested, but the Otsutsuki destroys his remaining arm. Boruto then absorbs some of Naruto’s chakra. Then he used a Gigantic Rasengan to annihilate Boro. Boruto has no recollection of the events that occurred around him. However, karma, as well as the horn on the forehead, have vanished.

Naruto, Kawaki, and Sarada were admitted to Konoha Hospital. Hinata and Himawari are concerned about Naruto’s safety. In the meantime, Sasuke has fully healed. Sumire Kakei and Katasuke Tno watch after kawaki. Katasuke Tno reveals to Kawaki that his body has rejected the prototype hand. It may end up posing a threat to him. When Boruto said that Naruto had awoken, Kawaki came to see him.

Boruto reflects on what occurred after he demolished Momoshiki. Sarada and Mitsuki informed Sasuke about the horn growing from his forehead and the byakugan-like right eye. Sarada is concerned about Boruto’s safety. Shikadai and Inojin arrived at the hospital with tayaku to express their gratitude to Kawaki for saving the Hokage.

Top 10 Best Episodes of Boruto so far, Ranked

“Momoshiki’s Manifestation” Episode.

2. Episode 217 “Decision”

Kurma tells Naruto about the Baryon Mode in Boruto Episode 217, which could be their trump card. Naruto realizes that activating Baryon Mode will cost him Exorbitant. He might have to die to save Konohagakure.

After witnessing Naruto, Sasuke is taken aback. He had no idea Naruto possessed such Jutsu. “Sasuke said,” Sasuke said “You’re not going to do that, Naruto? How could he possibly still have a card in his sleeve?” Isshiki, on the other hand, yells angrily and resolves to defeat the Seventh Hokage. “Even so, I’ll be the one who wins!” he declared.


Naruto’s Ultimate Form

1. Episode 218 “Partner”

Momoshiki takes over Boruto’s body and stabs out Sasuke’s Rinnegan eye as they discuss the implications of the Baryon Mode, then congratulates them on their stunning defeat of Isshiki. Sasuke manages to knock Momoshiki out of the path, allowing Kawaki to escape. As Momoshiki closes in on him, Kawaki applies Fire Style to himself to force the Otsutsuki to absorb it and awaken Boruto. Boruto begins to wake up, much to Momoshiki’s chagrin, with the former successfully stopping the latter from abducting Kawaki. Before saying goodbye, Kurama warns Naruto to be careful because he won’t be as strong anymore.

Top 10 Best Episodes of Boruto so far, Ranked

Kurama’s Final Words

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