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Top 10 Best Apps for People who Love to Stream Music Offline in 2021

Which are the Top 10 Best Apps for people who love to stream music Offline in 2021? Music is considered an art that deals with arranging sounds to produce a composition with several aspects included, such as melody, rhythm, harmony, and timbre. Music is considered as one of the aspects that are considered pleasant in every country or culture. Some definitions that are included in music are pitch, harmony, rhythm, dynamics, tempo, meter, texture, and many more. Music can be presented in the form of rapping, simple singing or basic instrument pieces or vocal pieces, and also a combination of both of them.

Music is an essential part of life, and it eases an already very stressful life. Many people often feel the need to listen to music and remember the old days of listening and downloading songs from websites for free. Nowadays, there are several platforms like Spotify that have taken over the market, and listening offline on them is not quite possible. Some people still have not gotten used to using these apps and sites in which a person has to go online just to stream his/her favorite music or tune.

Although these apps and sites are widely used, there are still some great apps that allow users to stream music offline. Below is the list of some of the popular alternatives or options that a user can refer to if they want to listen to music offline. This entire list is based on searches on the App Store and Play Store.

1. Musify

Many apps will either charge a fee for additional features or either will charge for a more premium version, but Musify is not one of them. All the content possessed within the app is completely free to download and stream. The music can be downloaded and listened to offline without interruptions.

This app is a community for various artists and music lovers to share the music creation among the community of music enthusiasts. The app started as a place where one can download free ringtones, users getting o know both the new genre and new music type.


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2. Google Play Music

The native player for Android is also a great source for streaming music and proves an excellent alternative to people who want to listen to music offline and for free. This app even works, even if the user is not subscribed. The audio files stored in the device can easily be played.

The app will only work if there is the availability of any music on the device. The app can be accessed on Android devices on the Play Store specifically and also on the ioS device available on App Store.

10 Best App To Listen To Music Offline

Google Play Music

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The app is very good if equalization or some changes are needed to be made to the music user possesses. AIMP app is primarily focused on playing songs that are already in the library. The app can play all kinds of formats such as MP3, WMA, OGG, and others.

The platform has 29 different types of equalizers for frequency, which makes listening to music in several ways. The interface is very user-friendly, and all options are easy to use.

10 Best App To Listen To Music Offline

AIMP on Android

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4. Music Player

This application has a very obvious name and is probably one of the best ones to feature on this list. The interface is very well sorted and user-friendly. The application is developed by InShot, which is very well established.

The platform has an equalizer and allows the playing of all kinds of music formats such as MP3, MIDI, WAV, FLAC, AAC, APE, and many others. The application also offers widgets, a timer for sleep, search function.

10 Best App To Listen To Music Offline

Music Player

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5. Shazam

This is probably one of the oldest and most popular applications on the list. It is not an app to play music like all the other apps on the list, but it’s an app that will recognize the tune or song that is playing around you. It is really handy when a person cannot remember the artist or song name.

In some scenarios like the above, this app can be used to listen to and identify the song. The app will listen and recognize the song and give all the details regarding it. Then the person can access the song from any platform. Shazam is available on Android and App store.

10 Best App To Listen To Music Offline

Shazam on Android and iOS

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6. JetAudio

The song player is probably one of the most popular choices which can be used to listen to songs offline. The app is completely free to access. It allows listening to music in a compact file, which reduces storage size and takes less space.

The application also has an equalizer that has about ten bands, and 32 presets incorporated in it. The playback speed is also adjustable.

Jet Audio Equalizer

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7. YouTube Go

This app is very unique and only for Android users as it allows for downloading YouTube videos so that they can be viewed offline.

The app was not specifically made for music listening, but it can be used as one, so it is worth mentioning. As the collection, YouTube is humongous, so the app is very useful for offline streaming. The videos can be downloaded in preferred quality, and the cost of accessing the app is also absolutely free.

10 Best App To Listen To Music Offline

YouTube Go

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8. Poweramp

This is also a very viable option for offline music streaming. This is highly popular among various users. It is exclusive to Android users. The users can access its 10 band equalizer and adjustable high and lows of songs.

The app supports many different types of formats such as WAV, MP4, MP3, FLAC, and others.

10 Best App To Listen To Music Offline


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9. Pulsar

This is one of the best alternatives for people for offline music streaming. It is considered as one of the competitors to Poweramp. The app is hugely popular among various users and has a good interface, and has various features. The app also supports Chromecast from Google.

10 Best App To Listen To Music Offline

Pulsar Music Player

The app has a unique feature of inclusion of lyrics in the song, speed of playback for the song, and controlling the songs via voice commands. The app is available on the Play Store.

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10. Rocket Player

The platform is considered one of the oldest working platforms on the list. The app helps to listen to songs and music offline for free. It features a 10 band equalizer and has various present incorporated within. The app is also supported by Chromecast.

Rocket Player APK

This app also has a premium version which is not free and is available at a very affordable and low price. The premium version offers no ads and also has some extra features like tracks and volume adjusting, and transitions.

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