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Top 10 Baseball Anime That You Should Watch

Diamond no ace
Diamond no ace

Anime that tells sports stories is always fun to follow, including baseball anime. This sport that uses a small ball and bat is not very popular in Indonesia. However, the story that is brought in an anime will still make you curious. Of course, you can not only watch the story, but you can also learn the rules of play and the enthusiasm brought by the characters through anime baseball. You may even pursue the sport after watching the anime.

Baseball is indeed one of the favorite sports of Japanese society. No wonder there are so many baseball anime there. Here is the list of the best titles that you can watch!

10. Major

One of the most used anime formulas in sports anime is a child who follows in his father’s footsteps. Yep, anime Major also uses this formula to convey the message in the story. Even cooler, this baseball anime tells a very interesting story of struggle.

A Japanese baseball veteran named Shigeharu must accept the fact that he had to quit the team due to an accident. Even though he is experiencing a downturn, the child still idolizes him and wants to continue a career in the world of baseball. You will see the relationship between father and son is very touching in this anime.

9. Ookiku Furikabutte (Big Windup!)

A young man named Ren Mishashi is a mainstay player for the baseball team at his school. However, he has not been able to bring his school team to victory. This makes him reluctant to continue his basketball career in high school.

However, that intention could not materialize when he entered high school. Mishashi is forced into the baseball team at his school. The difference is, this time, he’s on a better baseball team with a better player. Now only Mishashi’s determination to realize his dream of being the mainstay player of the baseball team at his school.

8. Diamond no Ace


It tells the story of a pitcher, the Diamond no Ace anime also tells a story similar to Ookiku Furikabutte. A middle school baseball player must lose his last match in a championship.

His determination grew stronger when he entered high school and returned to the baseball field. However, it turns out that there are still great players throughout Japan. He also had to keep honing his skills in throwing the ball.

7. One Out

The baseball story in this anime is even more interesting because the main character is fond of gambling. So, you will not only find games on the field. Even so, the main character named Toua Tokuchi is still a very powerful person on the field.

Due to gambling, too, Tokuchi had to play on a baseball team that wasn’t tough at all. This is because he lost his gamble by a baseball player at the betting table. Yep, you’ll see Tokuchi keep betting even when he’s playing baseball.

6. H2

This anime was very popular in the 90s. The story is still fun to follow until now because the H2 anime has a story that is not only about baseball. Two rivals named Hiro Kunimi and Hideo Tachibana always compete in the field.
Unfortunately, Hiro must separate them. Hiro also moved to a school that did not have a baseball club and entered a soccer club. However, his love for baseball led Hiro to return to the sport and see Hideo again on the field.

5. Touch

In baseball, a good pitcher must be accompanied by a capable catcher. A young man named Takumi Harada has actually found his partner in the field. However, he had to part with her when the Harada family had to move to another city.

In his search, Takumi felt frustrated and almost gave up on this one sport. Until one day, Takumu met Gou Nagakura and felt he was suitable to find a partner on the field. However, their journey was not that smooth because of the internal conflicts they faced together.

4. Taisho Baseball Girls

If you are bored with anime with male main characters, take a peek at the Taisho Baseball Girl anime. In this baseball anime, you will be presented with a group of kawaii girls who want to join a baseball club and play on a team.

The fun thing is that this anime is set in 1925, when baseball in Japan was not as popular as it is today. Girls also have to join the men’s baseball team to play. Even though it is difficult, this group of teenage girls keeps trying until they find something unexpected about this sport.

3. Little Busters!

Harem anime lovers will love Little Busters! this. This anime is not entirely a baseball anime because it is peppered with the fantasy story in it. The story begins with the death of a father of a young man named Riki.

Then, this child was saved by a group of springs

women from another world until they finally form a baseball team. Not only playing baseball, Riki and his gang also have to complete another mission and find a secret in that world. Are you curious?

2. Cross Game

This baseball anime is especially for teenagers who are still passionate about having a love relationship. This story brings a lot of juvenile romance to it. Kou Kitamura and Aoba Tsukishima are likened to dogs and cats who are always fighting, even though their family is very close.

The two of them are always united by baseball because Kou is a baseball player at his school, while Aoba is the son of a sports shop owner. Even though they are always together, these two teenagers do not want to admit that other feelings exist between them. You guessed it, right?

1. Moshidora

Moshidora also brings a unique story from a baseball anime. Instead of looking for an inspirational story from a baseball player on the field, you’ll find a story about a high school baseball team manager. This anime brings the story of Minami, who is a team manager at her school for the first time.

This happened because the main manager of the team had to rest due to illness. Minami also learns a lot from books and tries to get along with team members. The story gets even more exciting when he has to bring his team to compete in the championship.

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